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A New Year's Tale

Once upon a time, a year came loaded, pressured, evolved and designed to give you one of the most important lessons of your life!

This time, it was not only one lesson, but a set of them united by the strongest union that can exist in the Universe, Love!

Each of the experiences that we all had in 2021, felt stronger, practically to the center of your core, heart, or your being!

Why? Because life is asking you to take a "look", but not really just a glimpse, even though it may seem like it! It is asking you, that just as in every experience you have had, and that it has left you a mark and a learning lesson, you get fully involved! Or as many people would say, you “take a plunge” and go deep, put fear aside, leave the excuses, apathy, sadness and immerse yourself in your many facets to “be curious”, to commit yourself, with the most important person that is you!

So that, through seeing, for example, your emotions that you had much of this 2021, you realize the reflection, the impact there was in all your relationships. And I am not only referring to your intimate relationships, but also to your friends or people who crossed your life, in a sometimes fleeting way and they taught you a lesson!

Perhaps, it is not even that they were close to you, perhaps it was in a digital way, and driven by a vibration, an energy that goes beyond the basic senses, but that is an energy that we are all constantly sharing and we do not even realize it, if we are not connected with ourselves!

If you had strong, hard, aggressive, shocking lessons, thank each and every one of them, because that means, that if you are still alive, it is because you are on a continuous mission, each of us know what it is, but the way in that it is revealed, is largely through your experiences, your relationships and your "setbacks".

When you give yourself permission to be vulnerable, to see the pain of the wounds, of the patterns, of the stones and you also observe the path that you have traveled, which may be dark, where there may be pain, but once you go through it, you may realize that you really have learned! You may also be surprised that if you do have “the answer”, that you really know what to do and that also that beautiful voice within you, has been telling you with subtle words, which many times might sound like criticism, sound like scolding or other times sound like love and are disguised as sadness, loneliness, or that feeling of anxiety, when in reality they are simply the way you want to interpret them and if you let them lead you to get to the root of what hurts you, you’ll be able to give origin to true love!

A love that will be felt inside of you first, of course, and that little by little will make you feel lighter, freer , stronger, more resilient, more capable, more vulnerable, but above all, more real!

And that dear friend is the lesson that comes in layers, which can not only be reflected in the relationships you have with others, but also in the relationship you have with yourself! With your health, with the love you gave yourself, because that is the measure that will be reflected in the relationship with others!

On December, 31st at 2:45 am I felt an impulse, a pain disguised as sadness and accompanied by tears and anxiety to write!, This little reflection.

And if there’s something that 2021 left me, it was the wisdom to listen to me more, to pay attention to that great heart that I have and that you also have!

To recognize that although there were many "errors", there were also many "encounters" with a truer reality! Which I was able to recognize more. All just, for the fact of learning to listen more to my body, my soul and my heart!

Today I know that this message, to some people will make them remember their lives during 2021, and perhaps it is my wish that you want to take one last “dive” in 2021. Because, I know and feel, that it made us all globally vibrate more intensely!

And that's why so many of us feel exhausted, stuck, overwhelmed; because it was a revealing year, mainly of what you need to continue learning, integrating and, above all, sharing!

Dare now! To make yourself unique, to give yourself permission to look inside, to give yourself that “last dive”, and that each of these days that come fresh from 2022, you’re ready to give it all! Regarding love for yourself, fill your being with so much love, that you can spread it out and still have more to give yourself over to improve your health, to renew your cells and your genes, to fly with your emotions and fill your relationships of care, appreciation, to share experiences and to be more reciprocal, with those people who have shown you in one way or another that they are there!

And don't stay on the surface, look for them more, share more and you just dedicate yourself to giving more!

Keep giving yourself love at a level of more awareness, more reflection, more loneliness, the one that makes you think and integrate the lessons.

So that, finally you would be more nourished, with each one of these actions, your spirit will grow more and each time that beautiful voice within you, eventually will become clearer and sharper.

All of this, will only have one more consequence in your life, which I can assure you!

The life that waits for you in 2022 will be more abundant, in all aspects!

Because that is how you have done it, that is how you have worked for it! in every thought, emotion and action that you have completed. And the Universe, only always gives you what you have vibrated, what you have given, what you have thought and what you have felt!

I wish you a 2022, full of Love, Wisdom and as a consequence full of Abundance in each of your five pillars! That in case you forgot:

In your Nutrition & Metabolism (body), in your Emotions & your Consciousness (Body, Mind and Spirit), giving you as a result full Abundance!

Because, remember, you are not just flesh and blood! You are spirit and mind! You are an infinite valuable being who came here to live to the fullest and give with all your heart!

A Million Thanks for everything we shared in 2021!

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