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Are You Learning the Lessons of Your Life?

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Do you think that all the lessons come from external experiences? What are the things that you can learn from your own life? Is it someone's fault what you are experiencing in your life?

For so long, people have always wanted to look outside, without stopping for a moment to witness what they're doing with their lives! It is always a constant rush for the next desire, for the next experience, for engaging with empty texting experiences or scrolling to compare and feel more devoid of your own value, for that person to complete you, etc.

We've been program and imbued into a culture of constantly be doing and if you're not moving, speaking, buying, comparing, complaining, etc. You're perceived as the boring person, mediocre, dumb, indifferent, weird, and so many more labels!

The mainstream culture is obsessed with the pursuit of something, so much that many of the people that called themselves enlightened, advanced, spiritual are many times the ones finding themselves creating pressure on others to follow what they say, to enroll in their way of thinking and whenever there's a conflict/polemic situation they're the first ones to shout out their contradictory beliefs!

Hence, many people that were already immersed with their beliefs start questioning, feeling disappointed and of course step-in away from the practices that they're teaching! But is that the solution? Is that the way you're going to find what you're really looking for?

What then shall we do in order to find our direction, to finally stop the auto sabotage? That many times is triggered by old patterns, beliefs, and conditioned examples that we witnessed many times in our childhood stage!

Have you ever had some hard experience in your life such as a painful illness, an accident, the death of a loved one, breaking up with your partner or losing your job?

After the struggle that you experience, the hardship and sadness is followed by moments of reflection, where if you’re patient, you'll find the clarity to see that your life is not as you planned it to be, or there are some things that now you can see they have to be changed, you finally are also able to take those hard decisions that were waiting for you to "have the time" to do them!

Why after the storm comes the calm and clarity? Simple, you were able to finally push the pause button or your own life forced you to do it with the event! Whatever the reason, you're being given a chance to recalibrate and straighten up!

And, is this the only way you're able to adjust things in your life? Are you willing to wait until the next tragic event or disease?

I will assume that anyone likes to live hypnotized or driven by inertia (your default network), then if you were already able to see what is the trick, why not doing it more often?

Every single day that you wake up you have the chance to implement a simple practice in your life that will let you see the eye bird view of the events of one day, one week, one month! To start creating a habit that allows you to design a life with a more conscious way of deciding, with choices that are inspired by your own heart, your own wisdom and your intuition voice that is always connected to the source!

You don't need to be distracted by the lives of other people, you're not able to change the decisions or choices of anyone else, let alone you don't win anything by judging them, instead you can start to recognize that you are always the owner of what you do and choose in your life!

By simply acknowledge that fact, you will be able to start producing, editing, and creating the script that you want for your next stage, for the next chapter. You will be able to start going deep into the layers of those old patterns, beliefs, trauma or conditioned way of living by the inertia of the demands of everyone but every day silencing the voice of your heart and stepping away of from the light of your soul!

There are no magic tricks, no secret paths, and for sure no shortcuts! But, there's a clear path towards your freedom of feeling at peace with yourself, fulfilled with what you're doing and satisfied by the decisions you are going to take!

  • One of the first ways to step into your own story is simply to allow yourself to have a diary, where you're going to start journaling practically all your life with the detail that you feel comfortable to write about but having special awareness and consciousness in the events that emotionally have mark you or that you keep some kind of phrase or poor example from your parents.

  • Let yourself be driven by the energy of your heart and let your inner voice be louder giving you all those hints that you will then need to assemble the next part of your story, once you start feeling the rhythm of your scenes, the background music, that's when you will start accessing the deepest and darkest places of your journey!

  • While diving in deeper waters you will then be able to see that you're repeating certain stories, examples, arguments and even characters of your past! Whether they were from your parents or from people that had a strong influence in your life. Many of those crust layers are embedded deep in the DNA of your life and if they're not taken care of, they will start to give subtle signals in the kind of thoughts, the profile of your emotions and then for sure they will have an effect in the behaviors that you will have in your life!

  • If you decide to ignore all of those subtle signals, then they will start to replicate and spread across your inner molecules until you will start developing stronger symptoms expressed in repetitive diseases, apparent synchronicity of negative events or the attraction of certain kind of people that will reflect more and more the exact same patterns and behaviors that you need to work on!

  • Once you have arrived to that level you just have two choices: either you start accepting that there's a common denominator and go back to your descriptive notes about your life to identify the repeated scenes and start taking action or unfortunately something stronger will start to be created in order for you to pay attention and being able to accept that you really need to let the past go!

  • Life is school room where you will start choosing your own subjects that you need to pass, learn and master the different aspects that you came here to learn, however if you don't want to learn, you will then have to pass some exams, you will have extraordinary opportunities to be more conscious in spite of not having pass the subject at the first try, but of course, just as a consequence you will have to now demonstrate with harder obstacles that you really have studied, you have invest time into knowing more about you and now you're finally ready to overcome the obstacle and move on!

  • If you're patient enough, if you really want to design that new life you will then start to experience almost immediately a set of different circumstances, that will show that things finally are changing, you will start attracting new people, events, opportunities that are the signals that give you the clue that now you're on the right path and that's the way is supposed to continue.

  • In the end as you can see is all about you! The external circumstances are just there topping you in the right direction and a good while they're subtle, soft and easy so that you just recognize them, learn and adjust the direction. Otherwise, if you decide to let yourself be controlled by impulses, reactions, external demands and are irresponsible with the kind of stimuli that you're consuming then things will start to appear more challenging louder but they will still be there for you!

Whether you want to accept the easy path or the harder choice, you can nowise there's no magic, there are no tricks and every time you want to look for the shortcut, you're just being lazy and choosing to have a harder test!

Open yourself to be humble, to accept your flaws, to witness that many of these patterns or beliefs are just crust layers that need to be dissolved with love, patience and compassion in order to generate the light that you deserve in your life!

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