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Assembling Your New Life: Making The Right Choices!

How often do you stop to reflect and really put some time over the decisions that you take in your life? What kind of critical turning points have you had in terms of picking the right choices?

Life is not just a sequence of random unfolding events, it is more the conscious or unconscious way that you have attached to choose the everything that has happened in your life.

Many times we can see life as a series of steps, that will appear once you take the next step forward, backward or sideways, depending where you decide to move and what choice you are taking is the path that will become clear and manifest in your life.

When we are children certainly we are more akin to sense the choices by listening more to our intuition, to our bodies, guided of course by curiosity and the universe clear messages. As we start to grow and we are more influenced by the perception that we have of the people around us, we start picking certain traits and also witnessing what are the behaviors and choices that the "adults" are taking.

I purposefully quoted the word "adults" because many times sadly those role models for children are not exactly acting as adults, they are more immersed in every day choices, ironically, that keep them busy but unconscious to a wide range of thought patterns, beliefs and many times poor behaviors that just give the wrong impression to the next generation!

Is amazing how the environment that we have grew up in has such a strong impact the life that we're going to choose later, as well as the choices that we have available.

How many times in your life have you felt that you're being driven by inertia?

Whenever we let ourselves be trapped by that train of busyness and hectic lifestyles that keep being promoted as the "only" way to achieve things, to be successful, to acquire more in life to be placed under a certain category of status! We are also giving away the power of our choices!

We're constantly pursuing something external that seems to be the source of our happiness and peace, when in fact every time we pick that path, we step farther from the real place where peace and happiness is!

If children where exposed to more empowering examples of taking choices, if they were more guided to paths of self reflection and discovering by themselves how tot are the best choices and even how to create new ones in their lives! For sure, we would have completely different kinds of people that would be more self-aware of the treasure that is "hidden" within them!

We certainly have been raised to believe that our choices are not as powerful to affect what happens around, that we completely forget at some point in life that our lives have been designed only by us! The effect and consequences that every choice we make is a ripple effect that contains a huge amount of energy.

Today, we ought to be more aware of that fact, as we also are witnessing how a choice made in China, already affected the whole world, and history should also taught us that this effect has happened always, the difference is that now a great number of people moves from one country to other, taking with them the energy and of course their biology within them!

Hence, let's use a very illustrative example of how your choices can affect someone that might be thousand of miles away from you! If a person is being sponsored by his company or doing a scholarship program, and due to the fact that he is in a first world country where he has more access to some resources, he recklessly spends them, just as keeping water running while brushing his teeth, throwing garbage in the street because he knows that in the country he is right now, there's a cleaning regular service and they will pick it up later, and using a car to get to walking distance places!

Then all of these choices he is making for his "short" stay will definitely have an impact on the environment of that country, in addition to give a terrible example to people coming to use the services of that country!

Our convenient ignorance or reckless behaviors that we perform always have an impact, now is also a fact that we're facing terrible natural balancing ways that the earth has to take as desperate measures, because we don't seem to get the clear and hard truth!

We need to change the way we think, decide and act! We better start understanding the whole chain reaction of energy fields before its too late! Or nature will do its job to survive and of course evolution will leave us behind creating a human free world where all its living beings now already they need each other, they understand the concept of cooperation and they care for each other!

Countless times, there's been examples of how many animals, insects, plants and if we were able to see them we for sure should be able to appreciate that bacteria, fungi, and viruses also cooperate with each other to create a more enjoyable environment to survive and thrive!

Proof of that is right in your gut microbiota, where you have an amazing ecosystem that allows you to degrade, absorb, and produce many of your nutrients and chemical messengers that are needed for your cognitive functions, immune system and mood balance!

For that reason, is about time you start embracing the whole concept of the choices you have in your life, educating more people to realize the amazing power and impact that they have with every choice they're making. Paying more attention to the type of thoughts that they are having, recognizing the value of their perception and how to maintain it aligned instead of just following what is trendy or being offered in social platforms or media outlets, creating more congruent actions and behaviors that lead them to really have the life that they wanted, promoting reflective activities that help them creating a space in their minds to be able to practically stop the time and seeing in slow motion the kind of stimuli they are receiving, the toxic mental patterns they are choosing to engage with and the kind of social circles that they are following that probably are creating that toxic lifestyle without of course recognizing that the whole power lies in them!

In order to begin this new journey where you will be able to literally assemble your life the way you've always wanted. You need to be aware of the power of meditating, journaling, cultivating curiosity, creating from scratch something which are some of the most amazing and powerful activities, that you can start practicing and immersing yourself with, in order to witness the benefits and then just becoming a healthier example and stronger resilient model to you, your family and of course your community.

Let's now dive more in how we can be able at any time to change the outcome of the things that have been showing up in our lives, just by simply placing more attention in the root cause and letting the power of our intuition guide us.

Meditating. This technique, whether you want to accept it or not, is one of the most powerful tools that can reshape your mind, by allowing more space in the train of thoughts that you have, creating more awareness of the kind of content you have inside of you, giving you more consciousness in the kind of emotions and actions that you decide to engage with. In addition to also helping you to be more in touch with your inner voice, inner sensations and body messages (interoception), and aiding you to be in touch with a higher force within you, that will be the one that guides you through the journey of aligning your heart and your brain, creating that amazing link of pure energy that will literally boost a whole wave of homeostatic changes within you to enhance practically every function in your body and mind.

You will literally feel that you have been rebooted to your original settings, back to the basics where you can harness the power of your imagination and creation to design a new life based on more solid ground.

Journaling. Another ancient technique that connects thoughts, consciousness and actions as you're writing what you have in your mind, in fact this practical activity will also give you the plus benefit of placing yourself as an observer and seeing in paper, the kind of thoughts that you have, elucidating solutions, practicing some scenarios as well as expanding the view that you have about any kind of problem in your life!

With this activity you will also be able to encourage your inner voice to speak louder to give the information you need! In my humble point of view, it is like asking your divine oracle for guidance, connecting yourself again with that higher universal power that will willingly help you to find the best choice that you have to make! In fact, it will give you such good hints that you will be able now to see that you have more than one correct choice to do everything! From there, you will be able to access that level of wisdom at any time you want and just plug into the matrix of your inner life and receive the proper training that you need to develop the behaviors you want to display!

Cultivating curiosity. Here we go, picking a nice rhythm to start setting the blocks of your new life, this activity or asset has been inside you since you were born, it is part of your inner nature, and I'm sure you still remember how you use to ask a lot of questions when you were a child! Well, turns out that asking questions to everything and more importantly, improving the assertiveness of your questions will become of paramount relevance in terms of first detaching the emotional and negative content of repetitive thought patterns, finding out in an easier way how your brain is creating fake scenarios or illusions that are of course not real, based just on fear and limiting beliefs!

This activity of promoting curiosity in your life will also give you a wider perspective of everything around you, it will boost the ability of your mind to see beyond the bushes and access a panoramic view of the whole forest to be able to generate a wiser and more practical way of living! It will also refuel your motivation to become more connected with your inner assets and develop a more real purpose in your life, instead of just being driven by the herd or media trends!

Creating from Scratch. Many people is afraid of new beginnings, change and shifting into new paradigms. Well, as we have tirelessly heard, the only constant in life is change, so we better adapt to it, instead of creating resistance!

New paths, new beginnings, new ways of doing things is what will keep your brain alive to start rewiring your neural pathways, discovering your true mental power and boosting the release of neurotransmitters to give you a more optimistic outlook for your life as well as guiding into the new direction that now you have decide to embark upon!

Having the opportunity to start over is something that practically every new day you have, and committing to that new beam of light that you develop by the activity of curiosity is what will keep the engines on and generating the right amount of energy to move you forward.

Thus, don't let your old beliefs or past patterns to drag you again, and start shaking off those spider webs from your brain to develop powerful connections and surprisingly high amount of your magical chemical brain boosters to maintain your new rhythm and arrive to your desired destination.

We are part of a much wider and expansive journey that we can think of and now is time to own our true essence of creators and guide the power of your choices to a higher level where we really connect with our divine nature!

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