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Evolving With a New Purpose in Mind!

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Moving along with life means dealing with the different kind of reality that you created inside of you by knowing how your inner wisdom works, by scaling up your vibrations, by owning the fact that you're the only one responsible of how you think, feel and act! Instead of just reacting towards what is offered outside, keeping yourself stuck in a mindset of primitive/monkey brain which will stuck you in lower vibrational emotions which in the end of course will lead you to be reactive.

In spite of sometimes having to face people that are still choosing to live in that kind of external reactivity you can take a higher choice by not engaging in mindless conversation, changing the topic or simply reflecting about how simple life can be if you just start finding the meaning of what you want to do with your life!

By now, the way you should be thinking about life is by embracing each moment as it unfolds, acquiring that set of qualities that will take you further down the "rabbit hole" into your unknown realms of your magical assets that lie within your metabolic functions, the way your brain constructs new networks, the way to sustain those new neural pathways, how to pursue and empower your positive emotions simply by choosing the right activities.

It is clear that our lives should not have been made complicated by all the "digital era" but instead it should have used as our ally, then What happened? Where did we loose control of everything? How can we start steering the wheel towards a much healthier way of living without of course neglecting that digital devices are just a tool for us instead of a liability!

1. To start with, it all comes down to cultivating the right emotions as soon as you start your days, if during the first hours of your days you simply create a short mourning routine to empower the rest of your day, to be clear in the activities that you're supposed to achieve for that day, that would give you purpose for one day, for that small piece of your time that will start to create momentum.

2. Then, of course what should be enhanced is your physical energy and that won't be achieved by immersing yourself in social media, in answering mails, in responding to the external emotions generated by the world! on the opposite side, that will turn your physical and cognitive skills more! One of the second powerful basic tools to boost your energy and generate a great amount of inner natural enhancers is simply by doing exercise! Just with 20 to 30 minutes of exercise every 4-5 days per week your life can completely change!

Science, research and common sense has proof over and over that doing physical activity is one of the most amazing pharmacy regulators and healers in terms of boosting your immune system, allowing you to release a whole array of neurotransmitters such as: dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin, BDNF. Moreover, lowering cortisol, adrenaline and other draining energy hormones.

3. Next, engage yourself in one activity that creates cognition power such as meditating, journaling or reading something inspiring. Just 15-20 minutes can make a great difference in your life, as we read something that inspires us, something that awakens our consciousness towards a different kind of mindset will leverage the power of your neural circuits, awakening your creativity, enlightening your curiosity and giving you a broader perspective of your life, instead of placing yourself as a victim of any external circumstances.

As you can see these are three powerful, yet basic rules that everyone can apply in their lives and that will just take 50 to 70 minutes everyday, instead of wasting two or three times that amount of time into scrolling over a thousands meaningless posts, videos, stories or even worse news in your mobile device. And don't even try to look for an excuse because if you just review your screen time you will notice that at least you spend 60 to 120 minutes everyday in those activities which are not contributing at all with your basic human functions.

A new year not only means, moving with the wave of trending shortcuts, it is more using the society and now circadian way of thinking and using the time wisely as nature does it all the time, I have never seen in my life, nor anyone else wasting energy by a plant, by a tree, by the sun not even the supposedly "lower evolved species" engage in meaningless activities, they follow the vibrational field of the earth! By allowing, movement, nurturing activities and of course repairing their bodies with the right amount of sleep and rest to continue with the continuous motion of life!

It is just us the supposedly more "evolved species", the ones that have lost their meaning in life, just because more than 90% of the population prefers living the "comforting driven external life" that is just leading to be more a puppet of society desires and needs than your own.

Probably for many people that read these lines, will even start to create some resistance seeing the truth from a third party observer place and realizing that resistance comes from simply letting yourself be programmed by external stimuli which now you can recognize it is not the way you think.

Using the example of technology, let's just picture one example that can illustrate the way our mind works whenever when shut down the only human region of the brain that distinguishes us from other mammals, which is the prefrontal cortex, when you let yourself be driven by external noise, by imposed emotions triggered by a cascade of digital stimuli tailored, so that your default mode of your brain starts allowing digital programmers, investors of those huge companies social media companies, the pharma industry and of course food industry to make you one more of the herd following the instructions to produce low vibrations emotions which in the end will lead you to consume more of their products.

Which for sure include all the processed toxic food, that will create draining energy behaviors that will disrupt your internal system to make space for you to develop certain kind of chronic diseases which eventually will make one more consumer of their pharmaceutical drugs and keep you in the low vibration life to repeat the cycle with a new toxic stimuli to develo the next disease and keep you more disempowered to be an easier prey of their marketing and manipulative tricks and be one more contributor of their wealth and power.

All those emotions and behaviors which are part of the majority of the population will keep you hooked in the right "wifi channel" or "low frequency" which will given them all the access and leverage over every aspect of your life, including for sure the way you decide your life in the most simple choices! Characterized by the way of thinking that chit chats in your mind phrases such as "I don't have time" "Is not my fault" "life is difficult" "God/Universe is against me" "Is the story of my life", etc.

On the other hand, when you let your inner spark talk, raise its voice and simply become more conscious of what every inner organ inside of you and signal is yelling at you and you decide to start changing your frequency then the "good stuff" is about to start in your life! Simply, because you decided that enough is enough! And start to create a different kind of life. That can simply start with the behaviors listed above, with listening to your higher voice which now you're able to listen, which now you have more clarity in the words that are being spoken to you!

Meaning that all those starting words are going to create the first kind of empowering thoughts that will awaken you prefrontal cortex, leading to generate a different profile of emotions, that will steer the wheel in a whole different direction that will start to enlighten your life with the right chemical setting that will turn on all your engines to pursue a different kind of life, that will be more about owning every thought, emotion and actions slowly but steadily to generate the next one, to start creating a chain reaction in your vibrational level that will allow you to see a different outlook, a much brighter present moment and hence uplift you to be able to see also a new future for you, by believing in yourself, by creating self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance and for sure one of the most powerful setting for your new life ..Resilience!

Now, you're picking up the right frequency, now you’re tuned in with your higher self, now you have a direct connection with the universal power of creating infinite possibilities, developing a new way of thinking that will open your eyes to new roads, to unknown wisdom, to powerful neural connections that as you practice more, you will start to strengthen them more and more until they just become the new way of living, your new lifestyle and you will be in a vibrational level where your life is created by you, is decided by you, is enhanced by you and it will simply become your heaven on earth as it was supposed to be all along, as you it was when you were a child and your mind was in the right frequency to begin with!

It is just all the inherited, learned behaviors that started to create interference with your higher connection, it is many of the "society standards" that created noise in your high fidelity energy connection with the divine energy that we all share and we're individually responsible for! Hence, let your life flourish, decide that is enough to live in default mode and try & test a new way of living where you just listen to your most powerful tool to create the owner within you.. Your Heart!


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