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How Much Do You Know Yourself?: Your Inner World!

What is the level of awareness that you have of your intentions? What is your attention directed to? Do you wait for stimuli to prime your mind?

In a digital world, where we are experiencing more and more a new level of control, where outside it all appears to be uncertain, chaotic or reckless! There's an opportunity for you to go inside, to question how you have lived your life so far, what kind of expectations do you have for yourself?

We have never been able to control anything outside, whatever has happened throughout the ages is something that many times is already planned, it was supposed to happen like this due to some major actors and due to the availability of data that has been gathered since everything started to be controlled by certain monopoly enterprises that have been so interested in knowing us, more than we have been interested in knowing ourselves!

In the actual world there's still people that think that life just keeps happening to them, that everything they're living sometimes is a punishment, sometimes is sent to them to start behaving the way certain groups want you to behave!

By believing that, by releasing completely your power to random things that might be happening in the external world, you will always be at the mercy of consumerism, looking for shortcuts, trying to survive and many times just passing by this physical experience!

That is the risk of living unaware, dormant and controlled by everything that is happening outside, not even wanting to go inside, because you're afraid of what you have been accumulating, and knowing it will hurt to go inside, because you can feel some type of overwhelm due to all the emotional burden that you have!

Nevertheless, it is something that you will have to deal with, at some point in your life whether you want to see it as a reality or you just want to think that time will heal it by itself!

The more you wait to start knowing yourself, to start conquering your inner world, mastering your divine assets, opening your heart to expand all the love that it has inside and that probably has been repressing due to those wounds! The sooner all those negative or toxic emotions will haunt you by giving you each time more and more physical symptoms.

Why is it that all those emotions or lack of interest can cause you so much damage?

Letting yourself be driven by everything that happens outside, keep thinking that everything happens to you because you deserve that or because life is unfair is exactly the place where in your vibrational scale is placed at the lowest. You're completely thinking that you're powerless, when in fact all the power has, is and will be inside of you!

It is just a matter of taking the decision to care for it! It is starting, even with tiny little baby steps, but doing some actions, raising the level of vibrations that you have within you! Stepping into the inner connection that has been lost inside of you since a long time ago!

You can even begin with placing yourself in those moments, when you were a child, and everything seem doable, achievable, you were fearless, you tried everything, you were amazed by every new thing that came into your awareness!

It is going back to the basics, giving yourself some time to reflect, to ponder your life, to journal about the things that keep repeating in your life in order to identify what is happening!

If you don't dare to do it, companies, digital tracking and every external stimuli will be very ease to access your mind and lead you to where they want or need you to be!

Do you really think that is a coincidence that you keep receiving mails, advertisements, pop up windows that know exactly what you need and how you feel?

Of course not, as mentioned before, digital technology is knowing you now better than yourself, it is completely aware of everything you need! All the searches that you have engaged in, all the products that you have bought in the past few years or even before, if they know start gathering data.

Matching your data with the ones of your family, knowing your interests, likes or dislikes, harnessing your emotions from those songs that you're playing while you feel "down", sometimes even some conversations that you have been having are now at will from all the digital world!

And this is not to scare you or make you paranoid, it is just to give you a hint that if you don't care about how you feel, what you eat, what you do in your life! Someone that, of course doesn't need to have the best motives, is caring to know you but with the sole purpose of driving you to where they want!

What is the alternative in this digital space that we're cohabitating now?

Of course, that it is not detaching yourself completely from technology, media or devices. But it is, being more concerned with what happens within you than for what happens outside of you!

The digital era will keep moving forward, and we will have to adapt to it, as much as possible, but if you are completely responsible of who you are, what do you want to happen in your life, having a clear direction, finding those spaces to reflect in you, immersing yourself in the knowledge of your only home (your body), taking care of it of its energy, of all the essential functions that not only control the physiology, but they also control the stamina that impacts your mood, they also control all the inner chemical world inside you that is producing many of your emotions, your bacterial world that is in charge also from your mental health, immunity and mood.

Reflecting in the deep questions of who you are?, how do you want your future to look? , what is the level of consciousness that you want to acquire?, what skills do you need to start building?.

All of those topics, questions, inquiries about your inner world are essential to better adapt to a digital era that can give you access to expand them or simply can drive you to a place of victimhood, consumerism and despair.

In the end it is still your choice, you're the only one responsible for setting your control off, or harness it as much as possible.

Your perception as we have continuously mentioned is something no one can take you away unless you give it up.

Having said that...

What are the steps to create a more conscious, knowledgeable, creative, expanded, neuro-adaptive and open mindset?

Well, you can start by describing your life in your five core areas of health and what is the level of control that you want to have in them?, what is the balance you're looking for?, what is the appreciation level you want to have?, how do you want to shift them?

So, take out a notebook and start designing your new life, start owning your inner world, that has been patiently waiting for you to start caring for it!

- Write down three goals that you want to achieve in terms of your nutrition. How clean do you want your food to be? What kind of adaptive regimen or meal plan you can start committing with? How many times you want to reduce your meals? How long you want your fasting period do you desire?

- In terms of your metabolism, what can you do to start increasing the time you sleep?, do you really rest?, what are some behaviors that probably are affecting your sleep patterns?, how much exercise are you performing?, how many hours do you spend sitting?, how many hours do you spend in front of a screen? How much rest are you giving to your hunger and metabolic hormones? Are you constantly snacking (even if it is healthy)?

- Your emotions. What type of emotions are you constantly having?, Why are you feeling like that?, Which was the triggering event?, How do you feel in terms of your love life?, What kind of parenting style are you having?, How much are your childhood wounds or beliefs still shaping your current life?

- What about your consciousness and awareness? How are you directing your life? What is the peace, patience and wisdom that you want to achieve? How often do you find yourself reacting to everything? Would you like a life that is more in tune with your inner desires and voice within?

- Finally, What is going on with your financial wellness? How are you spending your money? Is what you earn something comfortable for you? Or Would you like to be able to earn more and spend less? What are the scarcity beliefs that you're still believing? What is the level of awareness that you have of the place you want to arrive? Are you grateful with what you have?

All of these areas of your inner health, need to be questioned, need to be addressed, and of course might look overwhelming if you see it as something immediate or that needs to be changed from one day to the next week.

But, it is not about that at all, it is more about playing the long term, growing mindset, where you will now set some specific goals, where now you're going to detail all that you want with those questions pondered above, and ideally you will put a date on every item!

Once you get to where you wanted to be, it will be time to put the next steps in the ladder, and keep living with momentum, with purpose, with a clear direction!

Even if at some points, you feel some discomfort, overwhelm, disconnection or stress! It is normal, you might just need to pause, breathe and take more air to continue, but always keeping in mind that there are no shortcuts to living a more homeostatic, balanced but challenging world within you than becoming the only sole responsible for the progress you're making in your life!

Leaving behind all those limiting constructs, beliefs, patterns and embracing the new reshaped and improved model that only needed some work to get out in the world and shine!

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