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Living & Thriving Without Fear!

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Living in these times, having the possibility of connecting with nature, enjoying the roof that you have, reconnecting with your inner source, isolating yourself from toxic external triggers is ironically going back to the basics!

It had to be nature using its infinite wisdom that practically force all humanity to go within, to start appreciating all that we have and is not material, being grateful for our loved ones, being able to enjoy our health, raising your awareness that we are fragile if we don't pursue a longterm practice and rituals to care for our physical, mental and spiritual health!

Instead of posting, watching or complaining about these past years, instead you can appreciate that you have been given a huge lesson, take time to keep your rhythm constant, at a moderate pace, take time to clean yourself from every toxic external source that has been for sure intoxicating you, without you being conscious about it!

But guess what, our Mother Nature is just like every human mother, she's wise, she's loving, she's tender, she's smart and practical to send you a flying message through the air that can travel across the globe and whisper in everyone's ear "This is just a reminder that you needed to rest, take care of you, eat better, exercise, keep reflecting more about your life and connecting with the people again, being joyful with the marvels that she has created for you"

If you are awake you'll be able to listen to the message and use it as your guidance during these new era in spite of the still incongruent measures, of the constant distractions that media and trending news want to generate, all of them are just excuses to implement their planned "hidden" agenda!

Why is this happening now, what type of vibration did we create to generate this event?

It's not that difficult to figure out that we have been so messy, reckless, indifferent and selfish with Mother Nature and with many of the living beings in our Home.

So it's just a wise response from them, telling us to pay attention, to the way they live, how they interact, how they work together as a perfect symphony!

Every living being now, has proven to be wiser than the species that was supposed to have more traits and assets to do a better job! Why? Where is the missing link or message that any of us, is still not able to see?

In my humble point of view, we let some people that are just attached to material wealth, competitiveness, sometimes sadly destruction, control our lives! They have been building companies, empires, "technological advancements", "health hacking" drugs, shortcuts for practically everything with the sole purpose of "making your life more comfortable and easier" with a huge price pulling you away from your true power, misguiding you to believe you need something from outside to make you feel whole, better or "powerful"!

Now, we have plenty of evidence that this whole "reset" had already been planned, was manipulated and had a clear strategy! Reducing the excessive amount of population, because the puppeteers couldn't find a wiser way to implement their new world order!

When in fact, the underlying subliminal message that is entering in your mind is that you're powerless, is that you need some kind of device, pill, injection, material aid in order to be able to thrive in your life!

However, if during these past days that you've been secured and forced to go within, you have paid attention to any child in your life or to any other living being (not human) and watch how they took the message! That's all you need to do, relax, stop thinking that it is the end of the world (it isn't yet), use this time to ingrain the growth, to care, to raise your compassion, your empathy, your love!

Take out a notebook or buy a notebook designated exclusively to reflect, to journal your thoughts, your worries, your emotions that sometimes are just haunting you!

Write how are you feeling, write about the people that you have hurt or that have hurt you, start reflecting as a third party and seeing things with a calm mind, to be able to pick the message, to be able to generate compassion, to be able to dissect the important events in your life that have shaped who you are!

Break down your inflection points either to make you grow or that have sabotage you, throughout your life!

Many ancient societies, such as the greeks, romans, buddhist, great thinkers from every past episode in history have emphasized the importance of having time to reflect, having time to wake up our imagination and supposedly our trait that give us "advantage" over other thinking species, our prefrontal cortex, is not an ornament, is not there just to be used for selfish purposes but in these times is when you can turn it on!

And most likely you'll be able to figure out your own answers, you'll be able to navigate your own journey, you'll be able to create a new ritual protocol that hopefully you'll be able to implement once this "break" stops and now you'll be able to notice what and who are the most important things and persons in your life!

You will finally be able to sort your priorities in the order that they were supposed to be since a long time ago, but you didn't "have time", but you were "too busy" to pay attention to the "million signals" without exaggerating that you have had during your life!

Do you honestly feel that the last ten years of your life you have lived to what you wanted and thought it was going to happen in your life?

If your answer is yes! Congratulations, you certainly have learned the lesson that being awake, means living your life under your conditions and expectations!

If your answer is no! Don't worry, thank God, the Universe or Mother Nature that gave you this "shaking experience" so that you were able to pause, look at your life and witness what you have done without the rush of not having enough time!

This is the opportunity for you to straight up your life, and literally just like a butterfly transform yourself into a new version that for sure will be stronger, that for sure will be conscious of his/her health as a priority, that will be mindful with the emotions and thoughts that is generating, that will make time to pause, meditate, journal and reflect of the steps that are being taken!

Perhaps, with all the massive rhythm that we were taking, without stopping and detaching from many external influences we were not really living consciously, being able to savor the experiences to the level that were supposed to be, we were being mediocre with the divine gifts that were given to us, to use them to their maximum capacity, and we were just living in "neutral" or "automatic pilot", letting ourselves being taken to roads that probably we would not have chosen, if we would be fully awake and independently decide our own destiny!

I can bet that during these last ten years, if you take a dive in your life, and start making an effort to remember important events, important turn around moments, important lessons brought by many people that were "suddenly" in your life but you were not able to see them or listen to them! You'll find that the signals were clear, that the path for you probably was another or maybe you chose accurately but you would have liked to do certain things in a different way! Without meaning that they could have been better!

This type of reflection, of how we are choosing to live is not supposed to generate feelings of regret or anything else, is just meant to allow an exercise for you to decide more carefully, to really take the time to seize and evaluate the important decisions that you will have to take in your life!

Without using lame excuses such as "I don't have time", "I'm too busy", because that just shows that you really don't care for your life and just being driven by the inertia of "surviving". And I mean this respectfully, without thinking or saying that is not important to earn the money to be able to pay the basic needs!

However, "forced pauses" in our lives, or "tragic events" are meant to give you, sadly a harder lesson, but also are giving you an opportunity to install, implement and design a new life style, a new way to live, that of course, will include the things that you do to earn your life, but now it will also include behaviors, routines and time to be able to care for you!, be able to love your body, your mind and your spirit with mindful behaviors and simple techniques that you can integrate in your life!

Moreover, all of these new rituals, techniques or practical steps that you are going to be able to test, to prove and to enjoy are going to be designed with a core belief that is the most important that you can have! You are worthy! You matter!

Your body deserves to be taken care of, just the way it has been taking care of you since you were born!

Your mind deserves peace, pauses, silence, reflection and detoxification because it is another very important asset that will lead your way to your best choices and decisions!

Your spirit or soul, deserves to be awaken, to be able to open its eyes, to be able to be your guiding light, to be able to be your divine whispering voice with the most powerful guidance that is your inner source!

Do you feel connected with you? How many times during this past time have you connected with nature, with your own inner voice, allow a true connection with your heart?

Connection doesn't mean having wifi data, doesn't mean having access to Netflix, Youtube or any other social entertainment platform!

Connection means with your own inner features, internal abilities, and infinite wisdom that is trying to speak to you everyday and in many ways, but you're not being able to pay attention because you're immersed in someone's else's life, in other external triggers and messages that are just telling you to what is important, what is missing in your life, what is the newest hacking device or shortcut to do less effort and being trendy or updated!

All that sea of information that is constantly luring you to be distracted, to be misguided is what pulls you out of your true connection!

Therefore, now more than ever take this time to connect with your heart, to connect with your inner voice, connect with your intuition and interoception!

Allow yourself to have all ears for the messages that your body, your heart and your mind are giving you to practically take all of the decisions, to asses more wisely all your choices, to care for certain body messages that your interoceptive abilities are giving you (3).

Even if you don't believe it, your body is always trying to reach you, just to give you an update of how's everything going on inside of you, they're subtle messages, sometimes clues into what are the things that you should stop doing or start incorporating in your life! Hence if you really listen you'll be able to guide your physical health a lot more mindfully, consciously and embrace a whole different concept of your energy and health!

Your mind communicates with you all the time with the type of thoughts that are surrounding you, with the perceptions that you're allowing yourself to have, with the feelings and emotions that you're generating. Thus, how much attention are you giving to toxic thoughts, how much attention are you giving to fake scenarios or past stories based on pain, and many times triggering you to create more discouraging scenarios to not do something, to devalue yourself or to be constantly imprisoned in toxic loops of rumination! (4).

Finally, your Spirit or Soul is guiding you every step of the way, nevertheless, you don't seem to believe it is there, and ironically, is the whole energy that gives life to all of the other parts that assemble you! Moreover it has the most pure, clean and powerful voice and connection with your higher self and true source! The way it communicates with you is by giving you neat hints that you're being guided by selfish feelings, by the ego voice, or sadly by the voice of any external tendency or "character" outside from you that many times is taking you in the direction that they want but is deviating you from your divine destiny!

The way to reclaim your own true soul power is to isolate yourself from external voices, from external triggers, go back to the basics of grounding with nature, letting the most powerful connection to flow within you and start living the life you were meant to live!

Thrive, Live and Connect during these forty days, aim to look within you, to know more about yourself in all the Pillars of your Integral Health! And simply enjoy the ride!


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