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Master your Clarity & Boost your Energy!

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Clarity will be the most precious gift during this coming decade, as the last decade was for many people left behind with the intention of forgetting many of the things that happened, old beliefs challenged, regrets of not achieving some things.

Now, is coming a time to build a new vision based on more conscious values! Based on new paradigms where spirituality and science each day come together in a compassionate way to work together and to allow people to stop the separation dogma of all individuals, spiritual beliefs and social classes.

Many concepts were introduced during the last ten years that passed with the only intent to still grow (in terms of material wealth), wrong messages installed in many people that having a lot of things to do in your life was rewarded, eating five or more times a day was the best for your metabolic output, achieve and don’t sleep, buy to upgrade your status, etc.

Currently many of these messages are falling apart by their own weight due to false baseline that were built in, giving us consciousness, awareness and accountability which we can us to leverage the next ten years and being able to finally go within and find our own answers, learn to be independent and more self-driven rather than just believing what a trend says or what the marketing wants.

Moreover, being able to disagree with many of the so called “society beliefs”, because they don’t adapt to your wellbeing or more importantly because the underlying principle is not an inclusive one but it is more a exclusive, in addition to be created just to satisfy a personal need of the person or company that wanted to produce an effect in you, that wanted to hijack your attention, your intention and start controlling some of your internal impulses.

That is the dark side of marketing, when a company wants you to consume something, to believe that something is good for you. The formula is pretty easy, studies the way you behave, your likes, your dislikes through all the prompts that you're now constantly responding through the web and then matches that with a powerful campaign that will be almost tailor made, so that you that you belong to a group, to an elite, to a higher class, then you almost there eager to buy, and the "nicest" touch of the individual/company is that it gives something free, it sends you a promotion, it entices you to buy and believe that you really need their product, their offer, their course and on top of that it tells you that a million already bought it and they are now enjoying a wonderful life, they are now part of the 1% of people that has a successful road and you're being left behind. Then, there is just missing a kind little touch that says "We can personalize your experience and give you the glass, the phone, the pencil, the headphones engraved with your name" or they launch a "unique" special version of the product they want you to buy or consume so that you are one of a kind in having it, and of course you can be seen as a "special" person.

Many of these marketing campaigns are so dangerous in terms of how they hack your attention, your life, your free will and manipulate almost to do whatever they want!

Now, let's dive a little deeper in how getting stronger in terms of your attention, of allowing you more common sense and not get driven by any stimuli?

Attention, is the first baseline to start creating your realm of clarity, and here you'll need to ask yourself a very simple question: Where are you placing your attention?

We lose the beacon of our attention due to the fact that our attention is completely messed up, due to the enormous amount of information, stimuli and distractions that we are receiving from external sources. No wonder, it is difficult to find clarity, if we are filling our heads with the wrong kind of information or just with mindlessly distractions then there's no space for the important things in your life and little by little you start feeling drained in your energy levels.

Maybe an analogy with food will allow you to get the point on how important is your attention. Let's picture and place you in a scenery where you are really hungry, but luckily you are given the chance to go to a restaurant, with an incredible amount of food, all kinds of entrée dishes, main courses, desserts, beverages and why not even digestive drinks, just in case you stuffed up until you can't even breathe normally. Most of the people, would get to the point where they physically can't eat more and they even feel foggy, sleepy and of course tired due to the amount of food they just consumed.

However right after that "treat", you have a once in lifetime opportunity to being given a free pass to assist to your favorite place in terms of scenery, music, mood setting and of course with all your favorite dishes, of course this place is really classy and is a really good chance. But guess what, you need to go right after you stuffed up in the buffet, that is the requirement, you didn't know about that but you fall for the opportunity to eat as if there's no tomorrow!

Of course, only if you're a real glutton, you would accept the "free pass", many conscious people wouldn't accept but they would end up feeling sorry for wasting that chance and mostly for being so unconscious in the way they ate at the buffet. And they would probably experience negative and ruminating feelings for doing that!

Well, this analogy explains it all, in terms of your attention, something very similar is going to happen, if you're constantly at the "buffet" feeding your mind with hollow content, with superficial stuff, or even worst with pure mindless entertainment, then your mind is full, is stuffed and is completely tired and exhausted, sadly with the wrong kind of information.

Hence, it is obvious that you won't even be able to perceive and pay attention to the important things that would start moving the needle in your life! And you most likely would be self-creating and self-replicating a vicious cycle of falling for the wrong paths, the wrong courses (or the ones that will just give you satisfaction while you take it) but with very poor content and of course zero follow up, the wrong people to follow, probably you fall for that "person" that promises that you will really change with his/her product, diet, plan, program, course, conference, etc.. and it is proven and it only takes eight hours or sometimes four hours depending on the ability of them to manipulate your mind to buy it! And the hunger and desperation for you to change!

The second pillar for clarity, would be your intention, meaning what is the level of commitment that you really have to, first analyze your life and reflect on it more deeply, so that are able to see that you have been dragging a very poor attitude and energy levels since a good while and nothing seems to change!

Can we agree, that only the people really committed with their health, are the ones that have in their agendas a block of time to exercise? All other people are just playing the game of the new year and writing resolutions that they really were never meant to be accomplished! That's why they keep reliving their years over and over again until they just give up and they don't even write goals, objectives, resolutions and much less they stop to think about their lives, they're "fine", "comfortable" and "happy" with their lives in the outside but inside they know they're craving to change, however sadly they're just too tired to do it one more time!

And they don't seem to realize that the issue, is not at all that they are not able to perform a change, but that they are not installing the intention appropriately, they're just leaving things to the random law of attraction, and thinking that it is just enough with wishing a change, it is just enough with writing it once in the new year or one day before, and then just forget about it until they feel that they have failed again or a better excuse comes in!

Intention is born out of your awareness, out of a peaceful mind that develops patience, that creates spaces to reflect on the real things that you want, the real changes that you want to experience and it is also fed by your inner inspiration to become a better version of yourself, intention will never be triggered or sustained by a trending change, by fashion or by a trivial underlying root such as fitting in a dress, looking better for the party, surprising or pleasing someone else, posting a better instagram feed, etc.

Your intention is something that needs to be awaken every day by your ease to maintain a peaceful mind even when things get harder, even when you're faced with challenges, even when you think you were wrong again, a true intention will always remain powerful because it is feed by your self love that you have for yourself, because it relies in a higher root, which is maintaining yourself in a homeostatic, balanced and peaceful state!

Without meaning that you will always remain calm, peaceful or motivated, in the end you will get there but in the meantime you might fall many times into desperation, frustration or struggling with some of the paths or consequences of achieving something that is going to be a real change, that will create a lifestyle! That is the price, but believe me if your intention is based on your inner love and a sense of gratitude for your life you won't have many problems to turn it around and making it higher and wiser!

Your third pillar, would be your actions! What are the real facts that you're producing in your life? What are the steps that you're following? What are all those daily "micro" decisions that you're taking towards what you want?

Now, we are talking about the doing! About the products, and all the series of assembly parts that you said you were going to do, and here what counts is that you did something, not that you always finished it! Or that you always succeed, your actions will be composed of all your failures, will be perpetuated by your discipline that you're able to sustain, and will be enlightened by all the "small" changes in your neural network that will be constructing new pathways of thought, that will be wiring new ways to solve your challenges, that will consolidate the memory that you can do it, that you are getting closer and that you will get to where you want to be or you will achieve what you set your mind to!

That's why is of paramount relevance that you don't get disappointed if something fails, that you be bold to release and perform new things, that you can figure out a way out every time you face a challenge and least but not last that you're able to reward yourself for those "small" wins that you will be having!

Your brain needs those prices, your body needs those rewards and it is one of the main ways to start growing your confidence to be hungrier, to want more and to be able to feel that you're really moving in the right direction!

Therefore keep in your mind a tracking notebook, a way to record your steps and advancements that you've had, and give yourself the time, really create the space in your agenda to reflect at least 10-15 minutes every other day or every week about the tings that you already did, about the changes that were able to perform, and about the solutions that you found along the way!

By doing that, you will be able to savor your journey, you'll be able to give flavor to your experiences as well as maintaining your inspiration, motivation and interest towards your goal!

In summary, clarity is something that is born with your attention, is inspired by your intention and is perpetuated by your actions!

You need to apply that triad in order to have a crystal clear vision of your future and why not in order to visualize it and access to it right before it becomes manifested. Therefore, try to enjoy the journey as much as the expectation for the outcome becomes is during that journey that you’ll fall in love with the life that you’re building!

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