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The Power of Your Inner Movie!

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

We are a complex mixture of images, subconscious programs, past experiences, patterns and some even epigenetic traits, that we are carrying them around.

Consequently, the manifestation of all those complex variables impacts and creates our reality!

We have seen it, whether we sometimes are conscious of what happened or whether we want to think that some external event, factor or person cause the “problem”.

This phenomena of not being responsible usually happens with the negative consequences of the things that happen in our lives.

However when something positive happens we usually acknowledge that it happened just because we created it, when in fact, also the positive things that have happened in our life are a consequence of many positives vibrational, subatomic possibilities that you with the help of your environment created.

So why not to also accepting that is something turns out bad, it is mainly due to our inner environment that we are allowing?

When we were children, we definitely expressed the quality of our imagination in all its extension, being able to create stories, characters, sometimes a very coherent sequence of events that made up a pretty believable tale.

Sadly, many parents stop or fail to motivate and conduce those imaginative behaviors into a more productive way of allowing children to use them for their benefit.

Imagination is the ability to conjure new realities and possibilities (Liu and Noppe-Brandon, 2009). It is the power to see beyond the present moment and our immediate environment. It is the capacity to transcend the actual and to construct the possible. In imagination we can ‘‘bring to mind things that are not present to our senses’’ (Robinson, 2011). We can visit the past and can reinterpret the past. We can anticipate many possible futures (1).

As stated by these definitions, our imagination is the “hidden” power we have to transcend our current reality and gather the pieces of images that we would like to assemble for the puzzle and the new reality that we want to create.

Many of us, if not all, have experienced this power when we wanted to achieve something in our lives, when we wanted so bad and where really committed to get or achieve a result in any of the fields that you wanted it.

When we dream of our first toy and it manifested in christmas, when we pictured our first party, when we envisioned our first romantic conquest, when we visualized our first job or just as simple as imagining you were playing with that special friend you had in your childhood, and then everything gathered from the environment to allow you to have that experience.

Those déjà vus that we experienced many times, are part of the power of your imagination, and actually are brought also to life because you’re dragging some past experiences from another life to this one, this reflects the power of the quantum world, where time can be stopped and accessed to allow you to create a new future very different from the one you have now.

Starting with being able to stand in your present moment, accepting what your life is, being grateful for all the things that you do have and engaging in the amazing experience of manifesting your reality as you have imagined before, as you deserve it to be, as you have now being able to see it.

In the sports world this process of visualization, this recreation, gathering of images, succession of moments, is encouraged, and many elote athletes perform this process every time they are engaging in a competitive experience which for many of them turns out well and gives them the result they expected.

Sometimes of course, and more in those demanding environments, a simple distraction can mess up everything you had work for, why does this happen and sometimes apparently you are taken to another result?

As many things in our ritualistic lives, is a matter of repetition, is a matter of being completely engage with the result, is a matter of aligning all your attention, that can be compared as laser beam into one single result, if you by any means, get distracted, get fearful, doubtful, that’s it, you start losing the grip and the power to sustain the result and that of course will be reflected in your reality.

That is why, we as parents, should encourage our children to hang on to their imagination, to play with it, and we are able also to direct them to learn how to use it to achieve what they want by engaging them into games of creating stories that they want to be manifested. Or sometimes by using those tools to achieve a better scenario to a problem they are facing.

Without a robust imagination, there is no creativity or innovation. It is by exercising our imagination that we find a better outcome the smarter way, a simpler solution, or a brighter future. It is the source of our hopes, optimism, and purpose.

It is the essential ingredient in our strategies and plans and it is the first step toward any real difference we want to make. It is the very basis from which we make the future. We may not be able to predict the future but we can help shape it.

No wonder Einstein said that ‘‘imagination is more important than knowledge’’ (Pratt, 2007: 82) (1).

Thus, let’s call the imagination the key holder, as it keeps hopes, optimism and purpose together, blends them into a perfect mix and allows you to access all the other ingredients which will propel your creativity, will enhance innovation and will give you access to the door of endless possibilities where you’re going to be able to create your new reality by now having clarity, energy and having a huge amount of concentrated attention into those pieces that seem to be missing for your “perfect” reality.

It’s a Tetris game, many of us have played that, and the analogy fits perfectly here, every piece you’re given in the game has to be matched in order to be able to complete a ground basis, every piece of course gives you “points” and the harder the shape it is the more value it has, that’s exactly what happens when you activate your imagination, when you commit to train everyday into the field of possibilities, however in order to create your best inner movie and give you the result you want.

Let’s say you need an entry level access that is composed by the following ingredients:

  • Commitment and a vision, even if at the beginning is not your best draft of what you want;

  • Purpose and discipline to engage in the experience;

  • Gratitude for all the things that you already have and of course for the opportunity to be a part of the creation;

  • Imagination to be able to see the pieces that you need to create your “perfect” castle;

  • Egoless attitude to be able to stop your selfishness during the visualization, there’s plenty of everything for everyone;

  • A place and time where your senses are not distracted, meaning try to find a quite space and close your eyes;

  • If you encounter anxiety, to do’s surrounding your thoughts, just let them pass don’t give them attention;

If you really follow the steps enlisted above and have a real commitment with yourself and the way you want to recreate your life, this exercise can be repeated as many times as possible, in order to master your attention, your power to focus, your ability to be grateful and of course the capacity to leave your ego out of this game, because it will just crash your party and hijack you from the space that you’re creating.

Gandhi first imagined the creative vision of active non-violent resistance, or ‘‘staya-graha’’, when all around him in India was only the repressive and discriminatory foreign regime (Merton, 2007).

Then he put his vision into practice when he launched the innovative campaign of deliberate non-cooperation to liberate India from British rule. Martin Luther King first imagined a peaceful and inclusive world where the people will ‘‘not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character’’ (Washington, 1986).

Then he embarked upon the civil rights movement to promote tolerance and racial equality.

Imagination is the source of all divergent thinking and it demands of us intentional, mindful cultivation (1).

Guilford and Torrance’s work outlines the classic four creative abilities: fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration, which are all measured by the Guilford tests (Guilford, 1967) and the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (Torrance, 2006).

Whilst these pioneering frameworks enhance creative abilities, they do not necessarily look at the other aspects of creative practice and creative learning.

Other creativity development frameworks focus on the creativity process—a sequence of stages through which one might proceed in solving a problem creatively. The best- known set of stages in the creative process is the preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification stages suggested by Wallas (1926).

Csikszentimihalyi (1996) described the creativity process as an interaction of three parts of a system: domain, field and person. Creativity occurs when the person creates or innovates within the domain and the creations/innovations are accepted as novel and valuable by other professionals in the field (1).

Despite all the steps and definitions placed by many researchers on the creative process, we can simplify them to state that everyone of us can develop a creative process for their inner movie by also adding the right elements to the equation, which in my point of view the more representative and accesible are (with a slight addition):

  • Incubation,

  • Illumination that I would switch for Inspiration,

  • Patience;

  • Verification, which of course will be the final step where you test your creation into a field of experts that could appreciate your “experiment” as creative;

  • Express gratitude and celebrate;

However, if we extrapolate all of these steps to our inner movie we should be able to have a creative outlook for our own lives if we give enough time for the incubation of our dreams, if we allow inspiration to be around us and promote it.

Moreover I add it patience, because if we mistakenly get anxiety or desperation into our model everything else run the risk of being dissolved or not useful anymore, as whenever you have that feeling that things are not happening in the moment or just how you picture them you almost immediately feel disappointed and that is a red flag that can lead you to drop the commitment that you have and just stop believing in yourself.

Therefore be very careful to be open to a version that is very similar to what you wanted or to simply drop your expectations and allow yourself to trust that the energy of the Universe/God will align the energy towards your benefit, the step of verification will come to our senses when we experience what we wanted.

The final added step for the process is the ability to express your gratitude for what happened and to celebrate the achievement, often times, these two simple emotions are not included in a creative process and therefore it is simply seen as a selfish process to obtain what you want and not even be able to enjoy what you have achieved.

Additionally, this kind of attitude of not being able to appreciate and just obtaining the things will leave you with a hollow feeling that eventually will deviate you to drop the process and return to your habitual life where you perceive that life is happening as a “karmic” experience instead of thinking that you’re the one that has been and is creating every single thing that you are experiencing.

The moment you become the owner of your results or dissatisfaction with your life, is the moment that you will start acting towards changing that expression, the moment you get away from all the distractions, shortcuts, marketing offers and “magical solutions” advertised to have the life that you want, is the moment that you turn all of your senses back to you, back to your inner self, to your inner voice, to you heart and that is the moment where you are lured by the healing coherence that only you own inside of you.

Be aware that the process to create that inner movie can be applied to your goals, to your dreams, to your health and pretty much can be a tailored made process that you can adopt to start creating your life and be a witness of how the universe cooperates with you, when you are able to put the correct ingredients, the inspiration and motivation (that you can also create and produce), and of course always be mindful to enter this realm in a gratitude mode and leave the selfish expectations behind.

No one else will be able to give that life, because no one else is able to dream it, design it the way you want it to be, therefore I encourage every effort you do to step away from all the noise, from all the distractions and attempts from the external world to trap you into one of the experiences they want you to have in order to simply become one more statistic of the life they want for you.

Here I’m referring of course to all those people outside that just to sell and in order to do it will many times lie, will many times be fake, and will many times manipulate their data to prove that you need to consume what they offer, just be critical, be clear on what you really want and that will for sure allow you to distinguish between the real people that can guide you through your journey and the people that will only offer you a fleeting experience that will just leave you with a sour taste (in the best scenario) or sometimes even worse they can leave you with a harmful consequence for your own health.


  1. Handa, M. C. (2015). Imagination first: Unleash the power of possibility. Gifted Education International, 31(2), 117–141.

  2. Ortega D. “Your New Reality: Infinite Possibilities!”. August 23rd, 2019.

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