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Create your own Lifestyle! 

You're the owner of your Life, no one else has the power to influence how you want to live your life, unless you quit your own unique gift, which is your perception and your free will!.

Therefore starting here, with the description of GEN-ES MX services, will give you the perfect guide of the products that I offer, and of course, it is your choice how many of these 5  Pillars of your Inner Health you want to get immersed in! 

You can begin with your Nutrition, your Emotional Health, Your Financial Wellness..feel free to decide or take our Initial Wellness Questionnaire to see what are the areas you should start working with ...

This tool (Wellness Questionnaire) is free, once you decide that you really want to start to take your life in your hands, and change your inner core to become your best version! 


You'll be able to integrate a follow up attitude towards your weight & shape by teaching you to nurture your body, read hidden information by companies on labels, help you making your meals a pleasant experience for you, your body and mind by creating healthy feeding habits.


In a sustainable manner not only when you're on a diet. 

Exercise & Metabolism

You will have functional exercise routines according to your gender, age and lifestyle.  

We'll help you through a biochemical blood profile to observe the results generated in your body at an internal level, not only focused on an aesthetic appearance. 

You'll be able to understand what is happening inside your  body 

Emotional Coaching

Support and Coaching to work with your emotions, free yourself from toxicity, achieve your goals. 


Generate new habits to give you peace of mind, improve your interpersonal relationships and have the control of your self-esteem by breaking cycles of sabotage. 


You'll be able to eliminate your stress; through learning to breathe adequately, create a space in your mind avoiding reacting to your emotions in an impulsive manner, absorb your nutrients by eating mindfully, visualize yourself as you really want to, accomplish a more joyful & balanced lifestyle by controlling your mind. 

Financial Freedom

An integral health pillar that is not often considered and that is the first one to usually anule or drag the others. 

You'll learn how to handle your money, invest it in a more profitable way for you and your family to support your life. 


You'll learn how to manage in a wiser way your budget and generate abundance. 

High Performance

You'll learn how to extract and organize in a highly productive way your time, your mental, emotional and creative abilities to thrive in whatever your job or purpose might be. 

You'll learn the habits of the most successful entrepreneurs and highly effective people. 

  • Wellness Classes designed for executives, groups and companies to insp...

    1 h

    200 US dollars
  • Start creating changes creating new habits from a start point (2...

    1 h

    40 US dollars
  • Worried about your family, but you don't know how to explain them. Thi...

    1 h 30 min

    25 US dollars
  • Do your groceries with nutritional value, learn to read labels, see th...

    1 h

    30 US dollars
  • Descubre el poder de tus alimentos, tus horarios, tus rutinas y renuev...

    50 min

    390 Mexican pesos
  • Prepara nuevas comidas, más saludables, prácticas y llenas de energía ...

    50 min

    300 Mexican pesos
  • Lo único constante es el cambio ..pero como hacerlo sin dolor y durade...

    1 h 15 min

    390 Mexican pesos
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