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SUP Yoga Couple

“Living From Within”

Do You Want a Meaningful Life and a Sustainable Health?

Our Lives are full of lessons, we are constantly learning even when you may have an attitude of resistance! 

Therefore, in this type of Program, what we will achieve together throughout 2022 is for you to find those lesson pieces of your own puzzle that is composed of 5 Essential Pillars of Inner Health: Nutrition, Metabolism & Exercise, Emotional Resilience, Consciousness & Meditation and Abundance.


What kind of topics and content is included?

Some of the topics that I will cover are: 

  • Creating Conscious Habits,

  • Learn to Regulate Your Emotions,

  • Boost Your Health to Live,

  • Your Sixth Sense: Awaken Your Intuition, etc.


All topics will work with your 5 Pillars of Health mentioned above and all the information will be as deep as possible based in scientific evidence and practical tips to work through the month.

Which are the tools that I will receive?

Every month with a different topic you will have: 

  • A deep training lesson in Zoom of 50-60 minutes live and to be replayed for you or your family at any time! As well as the audio of the lesson to be listened. 

  • PDF downloadable lesson with exercises (2-3 pages),

  • An audio version of the PDF lesson,

  • 1 Meditation Audio to reinforce on a subconscious level the topic of the lesson,

  • If you have completed at least five months in the program, you will receive a personal session to help you dive deeper in your health on a clinical level with the interpretation of a biochemical test to measure your most relevant metabolic markers (the cost of the test is not included). 

Image by Braden Collum

When does it begin and how do I access the content?

We begin the Program on January 24th, 2022.


You can access the content on the webpage, which is exclusive for members and you will be able to find all the tools inside of that page! 

How much is the cost and are there any options to pay?

These are the payment options and inversion

  • Monthly Payment = US$25,

  • Quarterly Payment = 3 Payments of US$90, (1 Free Session and you save US$30 for all the Program).  

  • Annual Payment = 1 Single Payment of US$250 (2 Free Sessions and You Save US$50)


Monthly Payment

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Quarterly Payment

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