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Soy David Ortega B.


Ingeniero Bioquímico, Maestro en Biomedicina Molecular, Emprendedor, Entusiasta, Coach en Salud Integral, Optimista de que podemos cambiar nuestro interior con hábitos saludables, altruista ayudando a que todos puedan tener herramientas para su salud interior



I'm David Ortega B.


Specialist in Molecular Biomedicine, former Project Manager of Pharma Research Industry, University Professor, Researcher of the Emotions and the Impact they have in Life.


Wellness Entrepreneur, Passionate about Exercise, Optimist of how science, knowing yourself and creating healthy habits can help us change our inner self.


Altruist helping everyone with the intention and conviction to be responsible to obtain practical tools that can help them change their lives and health. 

CEO & Founder

of GEN-ES MX , Author.

Convinced that If you know yourself, start changing your thought patterns, owning your emotions, generating new habits through the science of your body, your inner peace and reclaiming the control of your mind ...



The Pillars of your Health







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My Mission

To educate people with health tools with a science approach, so that they can learn, own and maintain a healthy & balanced lifestyle, sustainable over the long term, by creating habits through: 

- Nutritional Evaluation & Guidance; 

- Understanding Your Metabolism & Enhancing Your Exercise Routines; 

- Managing and Owning your Emotions;

Creating Reflective Moments to Manage your 

Stress & Expand Your Consciousness;

- Creating Financial Wellness and Abundance; 

- Career & Life Coaching;

- Science based tools;

- Research based & Ethical Content 

Core Values

- Social Compromise to educate people so that they can achieve a healthy and sustainable life style;

- Ethics and Truth utilizing the highest standards of scientific and quality in the tools given to the people;

- Passion to create new approaches and leaning on with people making them feel safe and secure with the given tools;

-Innovation in the methods and techniques used to propel people into a healthy life style; 

" This Wellness through Science Community is created so that you take control of your life and rediscover the power within yourself "