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¿What is Become a Maverick?

It's a sequence of 5 Modules/Sessions On Line where I'll train you in the 5 Pillars of  Integral Health: Nutrition, Exercise & Metabolism, Emotional Resilience, Meditation & Consciousness  and your Financial Wellness.

¿Why this New Approach Works? 

Because is a Program designed to introduce you to the creation of habits from within, I'll explain in detail every area and If you  complete the 5 Modules (divided in 5 Module/Sessions), you'll be creating a new lifestyle proven by Science.

Is a program where you own your health, where you start becoming accountable with a proper guidance to become your own healer and be more in charge of what happens to you.

¿Who is it for?

Is designed for people that can be committed to take the Modules/Sessions 

continuously two Sessions per month, each session is 1 to1.5 hours.


Additionally you will receive tools and exercises to practice during the week, this will help maintain refreshed the concepts as well as giving you specific objectives and applicable exercises until your next session. 


Is a guided program that will enable you to create new healthy habits in your 5 Core Areas of your Inner Health.

What is Included? 


Below there's a detailed description of topics to be reviewed for each Module or Session.


- Additionally you will receive a 6th Session of High Performance where you will: Boost your productivity with simple tricks to allow attention and focus; Create soft transitions between your work milestones and life events; Align your intention and action to move your needle in your life goals; Beat overwhelm and burn out by regenerating your energy and shifting;


- As a benefit given through 2020 you will receive a Special Price in the Premium Membership where each month you will have new information on a trending and updated topic for each of the 5 Pillars and 2 Sessions of High Performance Content. That is 12 Sessions of 50 minutes in an Elite Members Site. 


- Video Recorded Sessions for you to watch them when you have more time.  


- You will have the Audio Sessions so you can listen to them while driving or performing other activities to review concepts;


- 2 Meditations Included in the 4th Module; 


- Nutritional & Biochemical Guidance on your most relevant parameters glucose levels, lipid, hormonal, and key enzymes (the biochemical analysis is not included, I'll help you to interpret your results and guide you in the path to heal);


  • Learn to eat, I won't give you diets, I'll guide you to learn your best portions, balancing your nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) and follow up of your biweekly meal plan;​

  • Demystifying the trending diets or "magic formulas", you'll learn the best hours to eat and why, etc. I'll teach you how to read hidden information in labels;​

  • A deep review of Vitamins & Minerals, impact on your health and when to take them; 

  • What happens with excess of any macronutrient, brain effects and how to regulate your emotions when eating.  

Exercise & Metabolism

  • I'll give you individual routines recommendations according to your physical abilities and history of sports that you have practiced;

  • I'll teach you how to combine different types of exercise and explain you which are the cardio-vascular zones to improve your fat burning stores, gain muscle or simply maintain your weigh;

  • A review of what is happening in your metabolism with the different types of exercise (aerobic, anaerobic or interval training);

  • I'll review your hormone toxic cycles and why they get triggered;

  • I'll review your Microbiota and Sleep Internal Effects and Regulation to prevent Disease!. 

Emotional Resilience

  • How to trace your emotions and unblocking your sabotage;


  • How to improve your compliance of habits without being emotionally trapped;


  • How to improve your relationships, personal, work or intimate;


  • Stop reacting and start acting on a deeper level of awareness;


  • Rewire your emotional memory, you will be able to manage your impulsiveness and reactivity that lead you to sometimes hurt people.

Meditation & Consciousness

  • Learn how to oxygenate your brain, breathe deeply and the effects of that in your different aspects of life;


  • How to create space in your life and your mind, start learning to reflect on things;


  • Meditate without anxiety, learn to integrate this practice in your life;


  • How to start allowing a synchrony between your heart and brain;


  • Visualize, rewire and transform your Reality;

Financial Wellness

  •  Start taking out the rooted limiting beliefs;


  • Get to the core messages and start wiring the new ones;


  • Aligning with a new identity, design by you, committed to thrive in your different roles of life;


  • Creating a healthy  budget, spend mindfully;


  • How can you start creating a saving habit and thinking of investments.



- High Performance Session; 

- Special Price for Premium Membership;

- Video and Audio Sessions for Life;

- PDF's for each Module where you'll be able to track progress and perform exercises to reinforce new habits;

- Nutritional and Biochemical guidance to really track the changes of your inner health; 

- Private FB Group where you'll also have a supportive environment to motivate, share your progress and see how others are doing it! 

Price & One Time Offer


All of this Benefits, Program, Knowledge and Experience is valued at least $2,000 but as I'm compromised with giving health access and empowering people to become Mavericks of their own Inner Health.


This Program has Now an Incredible Price of:  


US$199 in one Payment.

or We help you acquire it in an easier way with  5 Payments of  US$45.

This is an investment of US$2.6 per day during the 10 weeks. 


This price is just 10% of what you would pay in many other platforms or places. 

1 Payment of US$ 199 

Payment 1 US$ 45 

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Payment 2 US$ 45 

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Payment 3 US$ 45 

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Payment 4 US$ 45 

Payment 5 US$ 45 

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