"If you think and act always in the same way ...don't expect different results" — Albert Einstein

We all have a story in our lives, we all share and have experienced struggle, we all at some point have felt that there's no easy path to choose or take. 


All of these struggles, pain or hardship has presented in our lives in any of these aspects, sometimes in the way we eat, sometimes in the way we have cared for our bodies, sometimes in symptoms to digest some particular food, or the inability to lose weight, sometimes in the emotions that we have felt and our reckless reactions that have caused some conflict in our relationships, sometimes because we have neglected the wounds of our childhood or we don't even know where to begin to address them, sometimes because we are not able to stop for a moment and reflect, take a pause in our lives, sometimes because we were ingrained some limiting beliefs about money and success! 


Whatever it is your struggle in any of those areas mentioned. I complete relate to you! 

That was my story, I suffered from bullying as a child, due to my overweight, I was constantly bothered because I was not good at sports, I had a lot of childhood wounds as a child that grew up in an environment with discussions, fights, and divorce of my parents! 


However, all of those struggles, pain and hardship I decided to use them as a leverage to start learning how to loose weight, to start discovering exercise as my best ally, to start being extremely curious about how our emotions and wounds can leave a very deep scar that is covered many times with personality traits or shields. 

As I grew up, I started to loose weight, to become stronger in terms of acquiring a healthier body. Suddenly I was feeling more confident, I no longer rejected my image, I started to care and love myself. 


That led me to be interested in how emotions are one of the biggest issues that practically everyone has experienced some type of negative environment or rejection.   


Nevertheless, I was extremely lucky to be surround also by knowledge, science books, biology, biochemistry, psychology and self-help! Therefore from an early age I became practically a fanatic of reading those kinds of books, of being a self-taught person and that was the beginning of a career in science. 


Moreover, as life started surprising me with new challenges, mostly in terms of my relationships and sometimes my reactive personality! I started to become more and more interested in my spiritual path that led me to discover Meditation as an amazing tool to also give a solid ground to handle my emotional wounds and become more aware of the type of emotions that I was producing. 


I studied Biochemical Engineering, as a Bachelor's degree, then I pursue a Master's degree in Molecular Biomedicine, I then worked 13 years in the Pharma Industry in Clinical Research, I then pursue a PhD program in Epigenetics of Obesity completing two years of postgraduate research! 


All of my professional background together with my emotional and personal life, led me to this path of helping people acquire a more self-empowered road! 


Where you can become your own creator of your health, where you can be benefited with science based information complemented with the wellness and spiritual realm that covers five core areas to restore your wholeness and mostly to give a clear direction in your life whether you decide to start slowly or you become more compromised and disciplined to do it! 

These five pillars of health encompass: 


  • Nutrition;

  • Exercise & Metabolism;

  • Emotional Resilience; 

  • Consciousness & Meditation; 

  • Financial Wellness & Abundance. 

If you decide to support my journey to help you in acquiring new tools, in receiving more processed information, but with the support of scientific research, and with a complement of spiritual and wellness tools. 


If you value of the tools, videos, free trainings, courses and PDF's that I spread through my site and my social media (mainly Facebook). I will be eternally grateful, as I will be able to give you more than can imagine to help you guide your way to become empowered and to transform into the Maverick that can be with your life! 


I am completely aware that everyone of us has different financial needs and possibilities, therefore according to what you can support I decided to create five different categories of support! 


However, if you can and decide to support with more you will obtain the benefits marked with a star! 


I appreciate that you let me share my story, my journey, and in advance I'm grateful for your support and contribution to create a bigger platform and team that can help you also guide your journey to a more enlightened life and mostly through a completely ecstatic way of living! 


  • You will receive once a month a session only for subscribers that will encompass varied topics of the 5 Pillars of Integral Health: Nutrition, Exercise & Metabolism, Emotional Coaching, Meditation & Personal Finance; 

  • You will be part of Our Community of Wellness through Science in a Private Group of Facebook (Only Members), you will join like minded people that will be as well on the path of transforming their inner health, sharing good vibes, health and habit tips;

  • You will receive tools (downloadable PDF's) that will help you plan your days, menu samples to help you eat better, productivity tools to manage your time and financial aids to improve your budget...

  • You will receive access to exclusive training videos in the five core areas of health, only made for premium members! 

  • 1 Meditation with a specific objective every two months so you can listen to from your mobile device and take it wherever you want to and share...

  • 6 More Meditations; (1 per month) **

  • Personalized interpretation of Biochemical parameters and clinical recommendations based on that; **

  • 4 Coaching Sessions per year (40 min), you will be able to scheduled them in advance to organize your time and review your progress!; **

  • Discounts on transformation retreats, book tours, a free copy of published books (ebook version)! (Announced through mail in my Newsletter).**

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