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MasterClass January 
"Living From Within"


  • Full Session on Video, 1 hr of deep knowledge and breakthroughs;

  • 1 PDF Booklet with lesson and exercises;

  • 1 Audio of the Booklet lesson;

  • 1 Meditation to support your subconscious message.




1. It all starts with your thoughts;

2. Impact of habits in your genes (epigenetic environment); 

3. The cycle of the toxic habits;

4. What are the strategies to break the pattern of the toxic cycle?

5. Why your biology many times sabotages the road? 

6. How the toxic habits are born and what can you do to turn them into healthy habits? 

7. How can emotion regulation can break the toxic patterns? 

8. The sequence of the habits to replace them! 


Para registrarte, por favor date tiempo para llenar la información abajo.



1. Exercises with your lesson and inside the video;

2. Meditation to be downloaded and shared if you want!

3. Possibility to share the knowledge and cost with your family or friends!

Conscious Price US$25

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