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Adapting to the New World: Thriving or Surviving?

As we pass the mark of one year under the pandemic conditions, one thing is for sure the world isn't and won't be what it used to be! It is much better than before if you are in the optimistic side of life, it is more challenging if you're a realist, or it is a lot worse than before if you're a pessimist!

It all depends on your view, it all depends what you have been doing this past year, and mostly it all depends if you have been paying attention to the outside media and hologram projections of what the puppeteers want you to believe!

On the bright side if you have been using wisely your time, first of all I'm sure you took some days or even weeks at the beginning to recharge your energy, then if you kept in the productive side most likely you took finally the commitment of taking much better care of your inner health, which of course entails your nutrition, knowing more your body or at least paying more attention to it, sleeping better, perceiving more the kind of emotions that you were feeling and sometimes being curious to know where they come from or why you were feeling like that, ideally you also could have been more in contact with your spiritual side whether it included praying or meditating, you took some time to reflect more upon certain aspects and notice some new ones that probably you were not aware of them since a long time ago! Finally, you also started to adjust your financial situation, whether if you were fortunate to have more work or if you had the opportunity to be laid off and then taking up a new adventure in your professional life!

As you can now go back just to see in perspective how this last year has been, I'm sure that if you're alive, have health and a roof over your head, you really can be very grateful with everything around you! Something, that probably in a long time you were not as aware as now you are which is a huge change that you have suffered through this incubation process!

I like to call like that because I love the way nature teaches us science, spirituality and gratitude all the time but we are too distracted to see it! Just like the caterpillars are literally suffering some changes inside the cocoon they build to endure the amazing transformation process into a butterfly! We were also under a "cocoon" sort of saying, we were isolated, indoors a great deal of time compared to other seasons and definitely all of us suffered a transformation process in the best scenario!

Some people might still be attached to the old ways as they're extremely rigid in their structure and also have a close mind perception of life! However, even them have adapted to many of the new ways of living and if they wanted to continue to experience this beautiful physical experience, they also changed some neural pathways, they also experienced a whole new range of emotions and certainly they were more challenged by everything that happened!

The flexible type of people that eventually started to open their eyes to their inner world, I dare to say where the ones that most joyfully experienced this challenging season, in spite of their flexibility and open mind, they also pass through difficult situations, probably around them also some close people passed away, they lost their jobs, they struggle to keep part of their lifestyle, and mostly they developed a complete new set of skills that allow them to navigate through the rough waters of the storm!

And finally, there has been a high number of people that departed this physical experience, in my humble point of view because they have already completed with, they had to do in this physical experience or with that suit they were wearing and for sure their energy is still with their loved ones stronger than ever! Because, I am most of the times in the optimistic side, thinking that our world and the whole universe energetically was also transforming and nowadays a high number of individuals became more sensitive to the energies all around us!

Which, I would like to think that was also a great trait under this cocoon stage that we were living!

Nature was cleaning, we were evolving, and everything around was changing, as it is always happening, what made the difference then? Well, a little detail that you had time to pay more attention to the transformation process that life is always experiencing!

With the old way of living, days, weeks, months, seasons were passing extremely fast that you didn't even have a breathing moment to see that everything was also changing!

Hence, at least for a year, which is plenty of time, you could experience a different type of life that as I have highlighted could have been much better if you used your time productively! And that is the rhythm that will mark probably the next five or ten years, most likely, therefore, as Darwin proposed in his evolution theory the adapted species are the ones that will continue to survive! As harsh as that statement sounds, is something that we also have been witnessed several times under other extreme situations, where climate change or some reckless war situation has been experienced!

Therefore, if we really want to adapt to the new world situation, whatever specifically that might be, we should be doing something different in our lives, we should be designing a better way to cope with situations that are not under our control and occupying most of our time in things that we really can change!

Of course, that by saying that, I'm referring to your inner state, from what you eat, do, work, rest, think, feel to what you want to start perceiving more! This time, is your big opportunity to awake yourself to experience a more fulfilled way of living! To clean your inner house, to detach from many patterns, beliefs, even character traits that you know you have to let them go!

We all have an amazing opportunity to envision a life where thriving is our mantra and favorite word! Where striving and suffering pass to other terms that probably you just use in extreme scenarios but they're not your pick-up states of mind let alone the words you use to express what you want to experience in your life!

It is also a time to just with the process of reflection, try to assemble or who knows just witness that purpose has come to the surface throughout these challenging situations! And without even knowing it, now you're really living what you wanted to experience!

And if not, calm down, breathe and just allow yourself some compassion and grace to journal about this last year experience, what were the most common emotions, the challenging feelings, the struggles that you lived!

Additionally, to level out this new paradigm, also start journaling about the experiences that you were able to enjoy, the people that you encounter along the way that were side by side with you, the passages of books, courses, lessons, posts or notes of inspirations that came across your senses! And of course, the way you were more in contact with nature and how probably since a long time ago you were able to really feel a sunset, to really look up to the sky and be grateful just for being alive!

All the events, changes and course of actions that happened through this time where extremely relevant to everyone in the world! This whole cocoon stage has been a learning experience for the whole world whether you took advantage of it or you just were waiting for it to pass!

Now, we are playing in a different energetic field full of opportunities and possibilities! However, you have to be open for them to come along your side and also ready to put some effort into the conversion process that you are engaging with!

Most likely, we will also witness a separation between people that still want the immediate things to happen, that still crave the shortcuts or the easy way out for many of their struggles or experiences that they are living! However, at some point in time they will realize that the stage of immediate things happening is out of the picture! And now we’re living in a more conscious stage, where reflection, openness, compassion, empathy, collaboration and kindness will rule under the direction of the most powerful force in the Universe ...Love!

Prepare yourself, adapt to what is coming into your canvas, open your eyes for the beautiful experiences that you’re about to live because now more than ever thriving will be the new synonym of living!

It is always your choice as has been since the moment you were born in which side you want to live, the old ways, attached to the past beliefs, patterns and of course victim mindset! Or finally, your time has arrived to wake you up and experience a different lifestyle full of joyful moments, kindness experiences, collaborative opportunities and for sure challenging situations that make you prove that you’re full of inspiration to fulfill your own unique purpose in this lifetime!

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