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From Chaos to Coherence!

In a world that is constantly renewing its energy, where many things appeared to be lost, where the expectation has been high, and things seem to be opposite as you would like to see them!

What is the reality that you want to see and create in your surroundings? What are the new assets that you built during this time and now are ready to be tested?

We live in a vibrational field, our emotions and all that we feel is energy traveling through our senses and being decoded by our brain and interpreted to our emotional and neuronal pathways, which of course have an influence of many sources, starting with your past experiences, with all the beliefs that people already created an input in your life!

Hence, everything that is happening around us is accessible to be shifted, is able to be changed and designed according to the experience that now you want to have!

However, for quite some time you have been instructed and programmed to think that you have to accept rules and sometimes even ways to live because that was something your parents wanted for you, then all the educational system ingrained you more rules and behaviors to follow, then you were almost prepared for the world outside, however the cherry of the cake to finish your whole programming stage was all the deluge of information that has been massively produced for all the newcomers to start embarking in the job offers designed to live a monotonous life!

If you give a thought to all those stages that you have been living, your emotional system practically was shut down since you were 6 to 8 years old depending on the level of strict rules and beliefs that your nuclear family had!

No wonder, when you're young in your 18 to 25 or more you don't even know who you are, what you want or what is your mission or purpose in this planet! You have already been stripped away from all your divine assets, skills and insights on listening to the most important device that is within you...Your Heart, Your Inner Being, Your Higher Source!

We all come to this world with a clear intention and with a guidance system composed of all of our emotions and feelings, and when we are children we certainly innately now how to use many of them! Some children have more keen senses and feelings and certainly know how to use them to start opening the right doors, and those are the ones that many parents label as gifted, but the other children that probably don't show the assets or skills that adults would like to see also have those abilities, the difference is that they have a different path and way to show them!

When we start loosing that guidance system, when we start letting the rules, the beliefs and the program to enter in our mind and we start listening more the external noise than our internal noise that is when we are disconnecting from our true perception, from the alignment that we all have when you are guided by your intuition, by your inner voice, by your higher self!

By loosing alignment, then we are easily exposed to all the instructions, programs, trending marketing offers and many of the false promises that all the media outlets are constantly bombarding us!

If we analyze all of these offers and impactful news, they're all the same designed to show the atrocities depicted by some person that is going to trigger feelings in people, instigating a fire to become identified, many of the scenes showed are even carefully chosen to be the most crude to really get the deep psyche of people that is vulnerable to all of those images and feelings!

Once these images and vibrations have enter your senses, and of course, you allowed the subject or the purpose of those images to penetrate your perception, then you're going to start a cascade of chemicals within you, such as cortisol, adrenaline, dopamine in high quantities and you will first want to know more and start searching for an explanation of why things happened like that, and that is exactly what all the media designers want you to do, they want to consume your time and start picking your emotions!

If that is not enough, by looking for that explanation and searching more, you will be able to find people that are "respected figures" "artists" or many other people that are already in the loop of becoming intoxicated by the vibrational virus that was released with an event that certainly fall in the perfect timing where people have all their emotions right in the surface!

Therefore, having mention all the thread of events that will happen, and now that you are already immersed in the events and information, now you're part of the chain reaction that these producers of negative energy wanted to spread, and you have become an accomplice of spreading the information! By doing that you're just contributing to the chaos that they wanted to generate or sometimes is just a distraction that they wanted to provoke in order to deploy a much evil plan to manipulate more people or to get away with what they want!

Are we then at the mercy of all of these producers of chaos? Or What can we do to shift the energy to return to a more balanced and coherent state?

Now we are going to start focusing on what matters, the solution, the things that we can do to start spreading the counteractive effect of the one they want!

What we have to do to stop the massive chain reaction and allow more people to pay more attention to their inner voice and their internal mechanisms is to spread short messages that we own the power of our perception, that by simply deciding not to be affected and disturbed by the external noise we can strengthen our emotions, we can codify our feelings to follow a positive trail, we can spread short messages of hope, love, compassion, empathy and the inner power that we have to become again connected with us, to start breaking the chains of those addictive behaviors that they're trying to stimulate!

Just remember that when you're positioned in a state of stress, sadness, anxiety you are choosing to be in the lower scale of vibrational energy, as a result you will be signaling your body with negative vibrations that will provoke negative emotions, over the course of some hours or days depending on the intensity that you're also choosing those vibrations and emotions will be enough to build up in your system and in just some weeks you can start being completely derailed from the life that you wanted, the life that you carefully choose, the life that you were supposed to have!

Sadly, many individuals are taken, sort of like hostages of that kind of life, and they have been so away from their inner self, inner voice and divine connection that they have completely forgot that they own their power to change their lives and then they just start becoming zombies that blame, complain and look for external sources to justify the failure that they have become! Or the ugly life that they now have!

Moreover, that life has become the common status of many people, and that's why sometimes its seems hard to get out from there! It is just another perception that has been designed also to be like that!

Because under those premises, where you are just addicted to earn money but spend it in what media wants you to buy, you foster a culture of dependency between the producers of all the negative messages and the receiver that is you! And that now you have become one of the many clients they have all over the world!

These kind of events are not just happening in one nation, are happening globally, because these kind of mental patterns that are floating on blame and looking for external causes of disease are just the ones that work more for the consumerism that needs to exist in order to feed the sources of these media messages!

On the opposite side, when you decide that enough is enough, and you decide to step away from all of those messages, then you start almost immediately feeling lighter, feeling happier and more at peace with yourself!

Now, internally by fostering those states of peace and love within you, you're starting to change the profile of emotions that you're liberating and the neurotransmitters and hormones that will allow you to thrive in a world that now starts to appear different, that now starts to be more malleable to what you wanted it to be!

The perception of the world that you used to see starts vanishing, and then synchronistic events start happening in your life, presenting you with opportunities that will allow you to be more connected with your inner self, you will start to listen a louder inner voice, you will start deciding your life according to your own attention to your best emotional GPS system, your feelings, and once you start aligning your feelings to what you want in your life, you suddenly start generating passion, a powerful emotion of anxiety but now this is different because is full of hope, desire and fire to start doing the things that you want!

All these positive cascade is going to start changing your internal state, towards a much energetic level that will start to male you float in a realm of possibilities, you will start seeing also that you are spending less in things that you don't really need, and by doing that you're freeing resources to start investing in yourself, by doing that you start to develop a different set of skills that make you think that the job that now you have is not the one that you want for your whole life and then a beam light of creativity will come to you and you will start daring to draw the new path that you want to create and design for the life that you were supposed to have!

Every one of these events as they happen, will start also to cause a chain reaction in your environment and will start to take you away from the social circles that you had, most likely you can start having some arguments with some of your friends or people around you, simply because they're still living in the world of chaos, in the world of blame and complains, but now you live and you see other kind of world and that idea is not even conceivable for them!

So, I humbly suggest you that don't give to much thought about these kind of events and better start focusing more on the things that you were designing, connecting with the new emotions that now also you have become addicted to generate, and you know that is is very joyful and fulfilling to engage in thread of positive thoughts and that very soon will give you the opportunity to access also a different material life!

Everything will come as its own pace, and it may sound ironic, but that is just the way it happens, now you also are not in a rush for things to appear in your life! Because now you trust so much in your inner self in your higher power, in the connection that you have with God or the Universe as you wish to name it, and you now that by allowing that connection and strengthening it everyday you are aligned and things will come to you!

In summary, the role of everyone here experiencing this stay on the Earth is to have the most amazing time filled with every emotion that we want, feeling fulfilled, expanding the love that we have inside of us and spreading a level of vibration that will start to infect others with the same power of knowing how to listen their own voices, how to follow their feelings and what direction now is being pointed by the divine mission that you have been assigned when you came to this world!

We are all messengers of love, compassion, happiness, hope, empathy and fulfillment we just have to decide to become the role model and spread the positive energy to make our earth experience a heavenly one!

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