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Living Consciously: Use Your Emotions to Thrive!

So many years of evolution have passed, so much changes in the way we're living! But your inner self has the same assets to equip you with the most advanced adaptive capacities to endure the journey!

What we sometimes fear or doubt is embracing the responsibility that it entails to upgrade the way we want to be, start acting, moving the energy, knowing our inner assets, expanding the ability that our brain has in terms of the plasticity, knowing that our emotional resilience is as well a huge game changer in terms of the availability that it has to deal with different scenarios, to bounce back from struggling situations, to add a compound effect in the core of our beings to be able to create a stronger, wiser and kinder way to integrate our emotional learning experiences!

Not so long ago, many of the expectations in terms of the emotions where a tabu, people was ashamed of expressing how they felt, there was a lot of judgement around any kind of sign that referred to the feelings of people and from there a variety of resistance mechanisms started to develop!

Creating different personalities and many times identities according to the setting, swallowing what you were feeling, not being able to express in very simple things that you were not comfortable with some situations!

A lot of labels have been created to judge more people, when the easiest thing would have been to simply have freedom to express all the range of emotions that you have!

Understanding that each of the emotions that you are feeling has a very specific and clear purpose is the next level of moving your life to a level where you be able to experience pretty much everything as you were supposed to live it!

Is dissolving the resistance mechanisms, that just complicate the equation that sometimes we want to understand when we speak about emotions.

In the end if we start seeing emotions as a byproduct of our perception and the way our senses is feeding the information, we will be able to decompose the whole network into a block diagram that can be a lot simpler and easier to handle!

It was never supposed to be hard, we were design to be able to produce emotions to guide us in the right direction, not to misguide us towards the cliff! They are an inner GPS, that needs to be understood from its core pieces to the final end result, which of course is a feeling, and if we prolong any of those feelings for sure we will start experiencing a mood.

If the mood starts being repetitive day after day, that will have a very profound effect in our behaviors, that eventually will become into a personality trait, something that we're already identified with. A much stronger bond has been cultivated and ingrained just by you, giving it power to define who you are and of course what you can feel or do!

However, the emotion was primarily produced by the perception that you had of something that you received from any of your five senses, therefore, that means that the effect that it may have is malleable, is even subject to be reshaped and refined by controlling the way you're perceiving things, by being more curious about the things that you're letting yourself be trespassed sometimes into your mind, and I use that word because it starts from there!

Owning the responsibility of what are the things that you're going to be able to pay attention, being more careful of everything that you're exposing yourself to, should be seen just as when there's an pandemic state and for sure you're not that irresponsible to go to a hospital and get inside just to see what is happening inside!

I bet, that if we talk about the kind of things that you sometimes listen to, the things that you read or watch, the things that you eat, and of course the way you take care of your body health in general. You honestly many times let some of those components be driven by the automatic behaviors, by what is "available" by a simple craving, or worst you based your decision on trending marketing or media messages, which for sure they will just look for their benefit without really worrying for the effects that anything that they promote can be harmful when it is at a certain level abused!

Thus, as you can see everything that we do in our lives comes into connection with our emotional components, it is all being "discharged" and directed to produce an effect in the emotions that you allow to develop!

Any of the components mentioned above will produce an effect in your inner chemistry, those signals triggered by any of your five senses will have an effect or a consequence in your signaling molecules that you're going to produce!

Furthermore, those electric and chemical signals will be accumulated inside of you and then they will either have two effects inside of you, either they will allow you to feel healthy, happy, comfortable and joyful or they will start to make you ill, confused, desperate, anxious or depressed!

There are just two options in the end, as there are two choices in the way you allow everything to be either for your growth or for your depreciation!

The choice is always in your court, the ball is also in your power to be more in the owner and hence responsible for the way you care about your senses or irresponsible, reactive and of course choosing the victim mode to then be in the herd blaming everything external for the way you decide to feel and live!

Sounds hard? Probably yes, because you're just getting used to hearing it or reading it as plain as it is! And also, because so much time you were driven by what the audience told you to believe, to feel, to care about and many without knowing it each time they did a "favor" to you in guiding you, they actually did more harm in reinforcing a message that has been released since every "modern" society was built!

That is the price of being in the arena where every note is composed with some underlying message, that when it is assembled as a song, might sound pretty, might even be catchy, but it has a subliminal programming message that just first disempowers your perception, to then have an easy access to flow a signaling mechanism, to trigger more inner structures and finally traveling inside your core being to build up with the other messages that eventually will start creating the symptoms!

Would you like to know what are some of those symptoms that you're losing control?

It all starts with a very simple and clear signal, when you doubt of yourself, when you start thinking of pleasing all the time the structure, patterns and conditions that others sometimes impose to you, when you feel helpless and confused! Or drifted away by the inertia of not being able to change, not being capable of shifting your life, apathetic pretty much more than 50% of your days!

Those kind of emotions, feelings and way of being are the most readily available clue that you're being driven by other people and not by what you want!

It is the clearest voice that your body as well as your mind are giving you to pause, reflect and think what is happening with you!

And it is not about feeling overwhelmed by any kind of feelings that is too much, that you don't know where to begin, that you have been like that for "any" number of years, is more about harnessing your power inch by inch, in small steps and building up now those changes into a new lifestyle, a new way to see your life!

So, the best option is to start dividing the five senses and analyzing which is the one that has been more subject to toxic information!

Let's say that a big part of your day is composed of listening toxic information, either with news in the radio, with talks at your job that are just pointless and complains, and also adding to close the days, discussions or arguments with your partner about how life is hard, how your work is stressing you and how the political environment is just driving you crazy!

Then, for sure if you have almost 12-15 hours of toxic information permeating your ears, you have to do something and start changing what you listen in your car while you drive, stop the news and listen to an audiobook, a podcast or music that soothes your mood! Also, try to avoid those types of conversations in your job, because any of the people that gather to complain or chat about problems will be able to fix anything external with those complains and you're just receiving a very polluted environment!

When you arrive to your house, before you enter to your house, take a short walk around, and breathe deeply just letting the stress flow and witnessing the thoughts without attaching to any of them!

Talk about the good things that happened to you, talk about a movie that you want to see, talk about the progress of your partner at his/her job, how your children are growing and how is school, choose anything but complains and politics!

You can also cultivate and start adopting a silent time to reflect, to witness what are the repetitive thoughts that constantly haunt you, to journal them as start detaching the emotional load of them!

Move now to the sense of sight, which is closely related to the listening effect, focusing your sight in the toxicity outside, like bad social media content, news, judging people will also create the same effect in you, will start to build up and eventually you will start attracting more toxic information!

Instead clean your social media content and start seeing what you want and skipping any kind of news posts, complains or toxic content! In the end algorithms work for you if you wan them to, if you start reacting to positive content and building a platform of learning and reflecting then your social content will be valuable and positive for your sight!

Your taste feeling includes all your eating patterns and behaviors of course, having a body full of nurturing choices will only have a healing in effect in you! Choosing in a rush, eating with negative emotions or simply fulfilling the need to eat because you "have to" won't have a great result in you! All your food, in the end is decomposed into smaller molecules, that also start signaling your emotions towards building and constructing new healthier molecules and moving all the byproducts to be allocated in the different metabolic pathways or detoxified!

Therefore, if you happen to eat poorly, to eat fast because you have to, to eat with any negative emotion all of those choices will only have one effect inside of you! They will start to build up in your body, creating an excess, producing toxins and signaling the disease pathways to make you sick!

What about your smell sense, well it turns out to be also an important airway where many vibrational molecules interact with your metabolic and internal pathways! Negative emotions also have certain odor and you will agree that if you enter a meeting where the environment was stressful and aggressive you will pick up a very unpleasant smell!

And let's not go that far, when you are in a bad mood and stressed, just feel your breathe and you will see that it completely changes and is not pleasant the way you feel your mouth, that means that you're changing your bacterial composition that of course is related to your third brain, your microbiota and by affecting your microbiota allowing yourself to be surrounded with negative people that are spreading an unpleasant smell, your mood, your attention, your concentration completely changes!

Finally your tact, the way you express your body language, the way you stand, the way you spend sitting a lot of hours in front of a screen just touching the keys, the way you also are oblivious of the time that you have spent without stretching and moving, the way you interact with people and also absorb negative vibes or positive vibes is of paramount importance! And even if it is not only performed with your hands but is more related to your movement! This sense has a lot to do with the way you physically express and detoxify your emotions, which has a very important component that is exercise!

The most amazing, available, free tool that you have at your disposition to help you change your emotions, to allow you to produce a complete different chemistry within you and start detoxifying your body of all that burden of negative emotions and start releasing a magical pharmacy inside of you that will turn around completely every signaling pathway making it more prone to give you health and resilience than illness and sadness!

As you can see the road is not as bumpy as many told you it was, it is not as dark as many tried to convince you, it is not as boring or challenging as you heard!

Moreover, it is a path that you can choose any day that you want and you can start with small subtle but effective changes! The ladder to thrive is easily accessible for everyone, your emotions are and have been always designed to guide you in your growth direction, so it's about time for you to decide and have the life that you want!

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