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Meditation: Your Inner Peace at Will

Updated: Mar 5

Have you ever felt that many times you’re just on the wheel of life and everything just passes by? Do you have silence, stillness, contemplation of what surrounds you in your life, how often? When we allow ourselves to be reflective, to have some peace in our lives, we produce more impact, motion and renewal of the energy within us, we renovate, we clean our inner self and most of all we generate a powerful connection with us, with our hearts, with the deepest emotions, desires and we ease the pain into finding an outlet and leaving a peaceful sensation in us!

Nowadays more and more the word meditation is trending, is becoming popular and is being taken seriously as a way to cope with everyday demands, stress, mental health and mood regulation. However, there’s still a myth that is difficult, that is not for everyone, that is about emptying your mind when in fact is the opposite. It is for everyone, is not difficult and is not about emptying your mind, is about giving you peace and homeostasis.

There are numerous techniques that you can choose from and that might fit you, however, most of them will give you a space to separate from all the noise, distractions, stress and will give you a more neat and structured way to clearing the overwhelm, rush and endless to do’s list that you might have in your everyday life!

I’m guessing most of us have experienced throughout our lives a sensation of peace, calm and quietness at some point(s) and in those moments the first feelings that you start generating are gratitude, connection with you and your surroundings, appreciation for the moment (presence), and you leave behind the huge backpack that you’re carrying all the time! Well, that sensation, peace, gratitude and presence is what meditation will give you, is the tool that you can occupy to embrace the quiet, to the silence, to the moment and it is in those moments where you can also become your own master creator of your life!

Is where many things in your life start to make sense, where the “aha” moments happen, because, step by step little by little you’re experiencing your true self! Your inner wisdom and your leaving behind the voices, the chatter and that is why usually it is required for you to close your eyes and find a peaceful place, as it is on purpose isolating yourself from almost any external distractor or detrimental effect that you might have!

To truly understand meditation, one has to understand how the human being is viewed by Vedic science — the knowledge of the Vedic texts of ancient India. The human being consists of three aspects, with their corresponding functions:

1. Physical body;

2. Inner faculty: The working consciousness, which is constantly changing. This consists of:

  • Mind: Processes sensory perceptions; has the quality of duality, as seen in pairs of opposites, for example, pleasure and pain, good and bad, hot and cold, etc.

  • Intellect: Analyzes, discriminates, decides, and judges

  • Ego: Doer and experiencer

  • Chitta: The storehouse of all memories and impressions of life

3. Deep inner Self: The non changing pure consciousness, which has the quality of unity and witnesses the activity of the inner faculty. The deep inner Self is the source of all knowledge, intelligence, creativity, and all natural laws that govern existence (1).

If we carefully examine the levels proposed by the Vedic texts and India ancient wisdom, we can recognize what each level purpose is, we can understand how thorough practicing meditation we will “climb” or access each of the levels until we arrive to the Deeper Inner Self, which will allow us to enter that mentioned above deeper level of consciousness, where the inner tools rest and they become accesible to everyone of us, however in order to achieve that ultimate level as all the things in your life, you’ll have to demonstrate patience, discipline, constancy.

Moreover during the inner journey, you can find some “obstacles” which are your own levels of your physical body, which will require to start detaching yourself form your body sensations such as hunger, physiological needs, forgetting about the hot or cold weather and trying to concentrate in your breathing or in one phrase that will pull your attention form the distractors.

Then, as a next step you’ll be arriving to deeper levels of your inner faculties which comprise the intellect that will try to analyze what is happening in your mind, that might cling to a random thought that comes in that moment, and probably your judgment will be appearing as an “intruder” and distractor, probably while distracted with the analytic mind, will come another uninvited guest, the ego, which will try to make you desist from the task, which will whisper that you have a bunch of things to take care of and you’re “losing time” resting, and finally the other party pooper will be present in your attempt to look for peace and it will come with more guests, which are your past memories, all of these uninvited guests will try to lower your confidence, to lure you to a distraction or “priority” you have to finish.

But if you just make your best effort to ignore them and you stay in your peaceful, quiet place then you’re going to be able to see the bright light of the door to your deep inner self and once you pass the door, you will be bathed with a huge splash of gratitude, appreciation, peace and connection with your heart, with your true self and that is the time where you can repair, visualize, and of course attract all that you want in your life, not without keeping a humble and grateful attitude that allow you to stay in that place.

During those moments you might experience some chills, some tingling sensation that will indicate to you that you’re healing, that you’re in a space where time doesn’t exists and where you become the magnet for your experiences, the director of your movie and you in turn are in the realm of the creators! So enjoy the ride, be grateful and focus on what you want for your life!

According to Vedic science, the deep inner Self activates the inner faculty (working consciousness), which in turn activates the physical body. A feedback loop is provided by meditation, in which a conscious connection is made with the deep inner Self. This view of the human being correlates with the scientific view of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in the body. On the cellular level, DNA creates and controls all activities in the body. Information from the DNA proceeds to ribonucleic acid (RNA), then to the amino acids, through which proteins are formed. A feedback loop to the DNA starts a new cycle to provide whatever is needed for the activities of the cell. In meditation, the feedback loop to the deep inner Self (the seat of knowledge, like DNA) provides inner peace and bliss, which removes the accumulated stresses of life and improves overall health (1).

Human beings routinely experience three states of consciousness:

  • Waking

  • Dreaming

  • Deep sleep.

When the inner faculty is in the waking state of consciousness, it is aware of the physical body and is involved with the outside objective world. In the dreaming state of consciousness, it is aware of the inner dream world, but is not aware of the physical body. In the deep sleep state of consciousness, the inner faculty is not functioning at all and is not aware of anything. In this state, dualities such as pleasure and pain, good and bad, etc., are not experienced. There is no experience of stress, anxiety, guilt, greed, envy, jealousy, anger, etc. The only experience in this state of unity is peace and bliss. This is why deep sleep or a “good night’s sleep” feels so good (1).

The deep inner Self is always witnessing, or watching, the activity of the inner faculty. The experience of watching one’s thoughts or daydreams occurs when the deep inner Self witnesses the activity of the waking state. During the dreaming state, this is experienced as watching one’s dreams. During the deep sleep state, however, the inner faculty is asleep and not functioning on the level of duality. This is experienced as the peace and bliss of unity, and upon waking one feels refreshed from a good night’s sleep (1).

As stated above, science has finally meet up with the spiritual realm of consciousness, allowing us to go beyond the physical and get into the subatomic particle and energy field where we literally can repair, rewrite and restore our physical origin substance named DNA, and by doing that we will be able to clean all the epigenetic marks, all the tainted spots that we have been generating with a hectic, something careless life, that does’t mean that if you practice meditation, you with the awareness of what is good and bad for your health, keep engaging in toxic experiences such as unhealthy eating, sedentary lifestyle, or toxic social environments that will again mark or taint your DNA. It is more a technique that will repair your mind, your body and in turn will give you a better experience of your future.

It is also mentioned by researchers, that performing a powerful meditation technique almost everyday by ten minutes, is as benefiting for you as having a complete restful night of sleep, again not meaning that you can sleep less if you meditate! All of these benefits generally listed above, if we allow ourselves to save some space in our lives to do it, will very quickly have observable results in your every day life, so stop seeing meditation as a technique for enlightened people, monks or just patient people.

We all are able to access this technique and we are all capable of developing more patience, quiet and stillness in our lives, it is like pausing the remote control of your life and in those moments where time stopped, enjoying your present time, you surroundings, your blessings and becoming also the master creator of your future life!

Be practical with all the lessons that are being listed here, become your own experiment in life, witness the remarkable peace and benefits that being aware of your thoughts, creating better emotions, owning your behaviors will give you and impregnate the people that is around you!

Don’t be overcritical with yourself, don’t look for excuses for not doing it, try it peacefully and step by step, you can even start by allowing some time in your day to listen to some peaceful nature, classical or instrumental music and closing your eyes, letting any thoughts to come and go without engaging with them, without being disturbed by hot or cold weather, eventually that practice will become the trigger to motivate you to engage in a more frequent and disciplined routine of meditation, at the beginning see it, if you will, as if your mind needed to brush and detox from the hectic pace, from the selfish reality where you are just a doer and not a creator, see it as your opportunity to access the backstage, the script of your movie and edit all the passages you’re not comfortable with.

Moreover see it, as starting new, as resetting yourself from the empty and hollow life that you have sometimes been living and fill yourself with love, with compassion, with connection, with wisdom that even if at the beginning you doubt yourself, in the end you deep self will rescue you and help you believe in all your inner abilities, will blow literally your mind with creativity that you never thought you have and will expand your inner health and repair every cell of your body by accessing your pure and divine substance named DNA and finally this spiritual, inner boost will excel and fine tune the production of your best quality proteins that will save you from depression, anxiety, mental illness, any chronic illness, will increase your immune system and will even repair, heal and protect cancerous cells (2).

During the process of meditation, accumulated stresses are removed, energy is increased, and health is positively affected overall.Research has confirmed a myriad of health benefits associated with the practice of meditation. These include stress reduction, decreased anxiety, decreased depression, reduction in pain (both physical and psychological), improved memory, and increased efficiency (1).

Physiological benefits include reduced blood pressure, heart rate, lactate, cortisol, and epinephrine; decreased metabolism, breathing pattern, oxygen utilization, and carbon dioxide elimination; and increased melatonin, dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEA-S), which helps your sexual hormones to be regulated, skin resistance, and relative blood flow to the brain (1).

Meditation increases regional cerebral blood flow in the frontal and anterior cingulate regions of the brain, increases efficiency in the brain’s executive attentional network, and increases electroencephalogram (EEG) coherence. A study on the effect of meditation on the executive attentional network found that meditators were faster on all tasks. With aging, the brain cortical thickness (gray matter, which contains neurons) decreases, whereas meditation experience is associated with an increase in gray matter in the brain (1).

Now science has plenty of evidence that many meditative techniques have allowed people to produce those mysterious “self-recovery” or remissions that any drug could ever repair! In addition to all the mentioned benefits!

In summary, all I have to say for you, is that I wish you a peaceful, mindful, and healing journey into the realm of possibilities, of connection with divine love and of discovery of your inner capacities to expand and create the best version of yourself (2)!


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