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How to Create a Wealthy Mindset?

Money, money, money, is all we hear since we were children, a lot of messages, for some people positive, but for the most majority not so positive, something is always involved with it, either you are many times lacking it, other times you’re obsessed with it, when you’re smart or sometimes lucky and you have it, becomes also an issue due to safety, worry of losing it or afraid to show that you have it, it all depends on where you live and the culture that surrounds you.

However, if we are more objective and leave behind all the complications that come with it, we usually can create a very healthy relationship with it, see it just for what it works and simply enjoy the peace of knowing you can generate it, keep it and of course knowing how to invest it. Is such a broad topic to speak about it in all the realms or functions, that we’re going to focus on the messages that we should have to start attracting it, the strategies that you can do to keep and grow it and of course how to stop becoming greedy about it!

So, let’s start with our first bullet ..

What are your messages about Money?

As we began this article, we have heard so many messages about money that we probably adopt the more repetitive of course, as with all the information during our early years, it many times a titanic task to change our thoughts about money because the messages are so ingrained in our brain that it takes time to work on them but it is possible to change them.

In order to start having a healthy relationship with money we should start creating a list of the typical phrases that you heard about it, try to narrow your list to the top 10 messages, otherwise it may take you 2 pages to finish and there’s no point to write them all, once you do that change all those messages into a positive statement about money and in addition to that assign an experience that you would like to perform related to the phrase, for example:

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees ..Negative statement

  • Money grows where you want it to grow! ..Positive statement (leave the negativity aside because you might hesitate on the concepts, right now is about reprogramming your mind)

  • Experience that I want to have —> I would like to travel to Italy for Next Spring!

You have to repeat this 10 times, for each of the messages taking into account that if you describe more details of the experience that helps your mind to see it as a more real scenario and generate the traction to do it! Why? Very simple the more emotions, imagination and meaning you assign to an experience the more you start to plant the message in your mind!

Taking those messages away might not take of course the same time it took for them to get in your mind, but it will certainly require some discipline to catch yourself saying or doing things that go along with the negative message, so don’t get overwhelm or obsessed and what you can do is rewrite that list every month or twice a month to keep your mind on track of what you know think and want!

Another good advice to rewire and reprogram those positive messages is that you can start writing the experience in post its/stickers, or putting pictures in certain places of your house were you get reminded of those experiences and immediately associate the experience with the positive message, that will help in a fun way to keep your mind fresh and certainly print the discipline in your mind!

One more way to allow the message to be as repetitive as possible is to put it in your cell phone as a reminder and in that case it can be more general and more in form of a sentence not as a wish, for example: I’m wealthy enough to afford Italy next spring! Or simply as I’m abundant money stays and grows! Pick whatever phrase that resonates with you but do it in present tense as if you already had the experience!

The more we allow ourselves to imprint the message in our psyche, in our vocabulary the easier it will be to detach from lack messages, be patient, take it step by step, if you did your exercise of 10 messages and the positive meaning assigned to them, you can work one by one, week after week, and that will take 10 weeks, start over and you have 20 weeks which for sure will do the trick and most likely you’ll start seeing results.

Is not only about attracting …is also about aligning with the message, therefore what can we do to start generating and keeping the money?

Generate and Maintain your Healthy Money Mindset.

In order for the messages that we already clean up and we assigned an experience linked with an emotion, we now should start doing some work of course to generate money and also learning to keep it!

So, money generation starts in an easier way by doing the opposite, avoiding to spend it randomly, chaotically and recklessly.

In the end, money is a resource and as all resources they should be taken care of them responsibly, so the first tasks that you will do for this important bullet point is start creating a more or less strict budget tool, you can simply do it in Excel, Numbers or download an app to help you, try to use a simple app we just want to have more control on where do you spend more, this is very similar as your eating habits, in order to know how you gain weight we have to know what you eat!

Thus, allowing yourself to keep track of your expenses will certainly give you freedom although at the beginning it might not seem like it!

So again, if you really want to change your current situation, you for sure will have to do different things, once you detect in the first month at least where do you spend more money you’ll be able to cut off some of those expenses and that amount of money should go first to pay all your debts, starting of course with the one that is costing you more interest rate, this advice as obvious as it sounds many people still don’t apply it and they think that debt will suddenly disappear one day as an art of magic, meanwhile they keep living as if they were debt free, reckless and careless of their expenses!

Let me ask you something? If you leave the faucet open to keep water running from it, do you think that is a responsible act? Hopefully, you answered no to that question, so why keep the faucet open for money on things that either you don’t need, you have an excess of them or you simply right now can’t afford!

Now, I’ll be as clear as possible with the budget, as it is amazingly relevant to help you keep your money in the future! In order to create that budget you have to be as accurate and assertive as you possibly can, leaving some small expenses out of the budget will only allow those “small” quantities to build up and probably by month they represent a more representative amount of money than you think so, therefore don’t leave anything out, even if you give someone in the street one dollar keep track of it!

Once you have practiced enough the money tracking app or whatever tool you created to keep your track of expenses then you’re ready to start taking serious decisions on what to cut off and what to keep, essential things such as your rent, food and services should of course be kept almost intact unless you know that your habits for food spending are not the healthiest, then you have to look what things you can save some money there or you can buy some products which are perishable with more volume and a lower price!

House services can also be redesigned if you have some service that you’re not really using such as the whole cable package with all the channels that cost you probably $20 or $30 dollars more than if you have the basic which includes what you usually watch.

All the other expenses which are not essential have to be carefully analyzed, if you go out to eat at restaurants almost every other day, that is something that definitely has to change, if you keep spending money on clothes that you love such as shoes or suits or sports do it once a year and do it of course in outlet stores, and during seasons that you know they’re cheaper.

Entertainment expenses can be cut off without you feeling so tight on them, for instance, you don’t really need to go out every weekend and spend a ton of money if your mindset is now on other more important experiences such as buying your house, having that special trip that you always wanted or to start be finally debt free!

And pretty much with each category, you will have to spend some time analyzing how can you be able to save some bucks on it, instead of just trying to live so that other people can watch how wealthy you’re when in fact you know that you keep growing your debt every time you want to show off!

Living on budget, is not being cheap, having to sacrifice all, or much less remaining in a lack mindset, is just adjusting your expenses while you achieve the more important milestones that you want in your life!

Finally once you control the money faucet, now you will be able to do something with the money that you have available from those sources, and here, there is also a wide variety of investments depending on your risk profile to save, I suggest that at the beginning look for a safe form of investing, meaning if you invest in some portfolio, do it on a low risk and do it for at least a period of 5 years, keep that investment there and don’t touch it, of course, if you choose a longer period the amount of interest will be much better! Look for a serious company of investment there are now available a lot of resources, try to go to the main sources of money investment such as specialized websites for investment, insurance companies with investment plans and financial specialists, is better that you look specialized help before you get into trouble trying to test and lose more than you really invested!

In addition to investing in a fund, make sure you keep track of that money, because once you have enough, then is time to invest it in pre-sale real state, find also an specialist that can advise you where to invest and which are the more profitable places that will grow in the next three to five years, investing in real state pretty much is going to be your best option, if you do it carefully looking for affordable pre-sale prices with the lowest interest rate or if there are available with no interests those are your main choice.

Then, what you have to do is just wait a little bit (1-2 years) for the price to raise and then sell the land you bought, because at the beginning you will only be able to buy pretty much the space, nothing with construction, but this is how you start the game in the real state.

Once you saw that is good timing to sale do it and repeat the operation, but of course now you have more capital to invest, you have more confidence, by this point you left behind the lack mentality and have a much healthier financial outlook to keep the cycle until you own, if possible, two to three properties and be able to rent them and take that rent as an income to finally do what you dream of your life and of course as an investment to diversify your money!

The important point here that you have to take care is that you don’t get to cocky or feel that you’re the expert once you’ve done this procedure one time and start going back to old habits of spending a lot of money!

Keep it simple, keep it safe and just take all this financial wellness to a next level but with a business strategy that you have always wanted to do base your decision on your abilities mixed your passion and start growing a business!

Money was never meant to be taken as an emotional weapon, as a toxic obsession to be spread, money is just like any other resource, it has a purpose in this material world, it gives you peace of mind, allow to have some of your dreamy experiences, helps your family to have a more “loose” economical life, but on the opposite side it can also create a lot of negative emotions such as greed, power used for evil, narcissism and many others that can also make your life completely meaningless even with the “material benefits” of it and it can also have a terrible impact in your children if you’re just obsessed with money and you are completely busy with projects, meetings, businesses but you don’t pay attention to your family!

In summary, see your money issues just as they are, they are simply a misconstruction of negative messages that you acquired from your parents and they in turn acquired from grandparents, therefore there has to be a cleaning stage, a reprogramming stage, where you already start reclaiming financial control of your life and finally a generating phase where you start seeing the fruits of your seeds.

All this process can also be compared to the process of a growing plant or tree, you don’t plant the seeds in a lousy ground and expect to have the best harvest right away without practically doing nothing, so in this case is exactly the same, you have to fertilized your soil (mind) with the best nutrients (thoughts) so you can grow a beautiful tree with solid roots!

Moreover wealthy not only means the money that you’re able to generate, it is also having the time to enjoy it, it is also having the wisdom to see it as a platform while you are in this physical world, it is also allowing your children to have access to different things and experiences like the ones you had, but without compromising your mental peace, your time with your family and your emotional stability!

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