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Let Spirituality Lead Your Way!

As human beings we are biased to follow every trail that our parents, ancestors and surrounding community is leading us. So often, losing our children’s curiosity to question many of the beliefs, patterns and impositions that we accept, nevertheless, for many of us and certainly for the vast majority the sole unfolding of events in your life, will give you the right answers for the kind of questions that you’re daring to ask!

That’s why the quote of Emerson below enhances us to start asking better questions, to receive a different direction, to be humble, bold and courageous to explore new paths.

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

After all, that is what life is for, to discover our own answers, to be enamored and create a beautiful trail that we can turn back and see with pride and fulfillment that we have given all we had in each of our stages of life. Without meaning, that you were reckless or hurtful at some points, inflicting more pain to yourself than the one that life will give you to forge your character!

It is all those moments of struggle, confusion, hesitation and uncertainty that allow you to transition into new stages of your life that will propel you to grow, mature, expand and develop resilience beyond the limits that you thought you could have!

Just reading about the biographies of many of the writers, philosophers, scientists and business successful people, gives you that taste and glimpse of a life full of pain, heartache and obstacles that all of them prove to overcome, integrate and learn from them! In order to create a future experience and a new path that at the beginning for sure they didn’t even know where it was going to lead!

It is those moments of reflection, that they all had, to be clever enough to stop and simply allow the stillness of time to bring the answers that they were looking for, it is as if they were just trying to align themselves with their internal compass, to speed up a biochemical reaction, in their brains, to allow the alchemy of the heart to start working its magic!

Without deeply knowing what they were doing, or perhaps we could say without technically having facts of the process that they were doing, they all have that characteristic in common, they rely on a higher power, which was not narrowed by rules or dogmas to connect with their source energy from within, a.k.a. their spirit!

As Dr. Wayne Dyer in one of his conferences spoke, we have to realize at certain point in our lives, that “we’re not human beings, we are spiritual energy having a human experience”.

If we could learn those ways of thinking since we’re in earlier stages of our development, that we have an easier grasp of our connection with that spiritual side, we could be able to live our life with a more conscious framework that could save us a lot of falls, misinterpretations and programmed beliefs that we blindly need to comply with!

Moreover, we could be able to lose that unnecessary attachment towards pretty much everything in our lives, resistance the waves of change and not understanding why certain things happen in our life!

Since the Classical Period of History led by Greeks and Romans through the periods of Dark Ages, Medieval Period, to the Renaissance where thousands of brilliant minds recovered their passion to have curiosity for their lives, and they of course, enjoy freedom to express themselves, despite certain aspects of censorship, to a Modern Stage that seems to be falling again into a Dark Stage, we can have a spark of hope that we’re beginning to enter as well a stage of Awakened Souls. The energy of people that are opening their eyes to a reality that they can create, without the permission or imposition of beliefs, will impulse us to arrive to a completely new merged state with spirituality to open the paths of our connectedness, inner power and unity without borders and labels.

I humbly and firmly believe that science and spirituality needed to get this point where we can easily merge them to explain where one falls short and the other starts to peak up! In order to develop a stronger bond that allows us to see beyond the dust, clouds and the storm, aiming for those rays of light that are bringing wisdom to each and every one of us in our own particular journey as particles of an infinite universe!

The big question mark, will always exist as to what is the next stage, how can we transition in an easier way to the other side of being more spirit, energy and live a life beyond the limits of physicality?

Well, that’s the amazing beauty of our trail/path that we can start to carve out as we keep living with more presence, led by love and stepping away from the emotional contagion of fear, negativity and lower vibrational emotions! Understating that each person will be lured to what they have inside, in terms of their emotional vibrational scale, their own set of wounds, baggage and programmed beliefs!

Respecting that we don’t all have to follow the same trends, trails or pathways in order to be labeled as “right”, “forgiven” or “enlightened” instead we need to evolve beyond all that narrow thinking to open ourselves to an infinite way of manifesting things with different skills, passions, but with the same leading force of loving each other and using compassion as our aid to generate agreements, to coexist peacefully, to nurture each other with new ideas and ways of doing the things! Having a collaborative spirit that also enhances the human energy into their fullest potential, that can be merging the source energy of many of these awakened souls to touch more lives! Igniting a chain reaction, a symphony similar to the one that our heart is constantly creating inside of us to signal every cell in your body!

Just picture yourself living in a way that you’re most of your days feeling inspired for what is coming, for what you can do, for what you can share, for being able to alleviate the pain, resonate with the thoughts or synchronize your energy with many of those souls that can match your energy and start a movement that becomes magical, mystical, using science and spirituality to convey a new language that is inclusive, that is impregnating, that is infectious with love and health!

This is the time to become a follower of your own energy, to think about yourself as a creator of your own experiences, to honor every struggle of your past, to also allow yourself to have grace to regret some moments from the standpoint of being a student of your own life and committed to master your experiences one by one, without the “instantaneous” mindset feed by the junk social media labels!

Having patience for yourself, for the events that you might not clearly see, but now you’re perceiving them, you’re being more open as well to both sides of your spectrum of energies, the masculine and the feminine balance that needs to happen in order to be whole!

There’s a time and a moment for everything, and this is our time to take the momentum of these transition state that globally is being experienced, to raise our power, to stand up and defend our own values, respecting other point of views and marching with the flag of love that doesn’t divide, discriminate or label!

One of our biggest allies that has been always patient with us, is of course or mother earth, nature in its biggest splendor, is always coaching us towards rebalancing our energies, synchronizing our hearts to become stronger, helping us with lessons of resilience, withstanding the “ignorant” damage that we have caused and forgiving the damage that many times consciously are still provoking to it, without keeping score as a punishment, but having wounds that urgently need to be addressed!

If it has been depicted by science fiction, if it has been envisioned in many brilliant minds creating stories of hope, unity and love, Why we don’t let ourselves be driven into that dream that we can all share? Why we don’t get inspired by our inherent imagination? Why we don’t all become children for a small amount of time to think that we can do it together?

It is in every thought of love that allow ourselves to spark, it is in every compassionate emotion that we let be bathe in, it is in every conscious action that we accomplish, every day we can contribute with our vibrational energy, every single day we are being gifted with time to reassess our lives and change direction towards the amazing, loving, energetic, spiritual community that we all are!

This is just my piece of reflection of a world that is being born out of spirituality and science merging their paths towards healing us and make us the evolved species that we were supposed to be!

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