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The Paradox of Your Happiness!

Updated: May 16, 2022

We think that happiness is what society imbues in you as early as being just a child that is just beginning to discover the world! you're constantly being placed in a lane that the vast majority share, you acquire some concepts that in the best scenario they fill some gaps but they're aligned with what other people approve to fit in!

Chasing the things that you once thought would make you happy nowadays doesn't even make sense! Having the blessing of a long pause that the Universe provided us worldwide, we had an opportunity to recalibrate every concept, value and perception that we had of our life! Assessing more our priorities and realizing what were the key pillars of being happy and fulfilled in our lives.

Is everything that you share, is all the simple things that many times you don't even notice, is al those moments where a conversation might seem endless and the time just doesn't exist, is in those walks you take at some point during your day where you suddenly are also open to appreciate how the birds sing, a beautiful sunset or sunrise, the silence that suddenly you were able to appreciate, the sight of the mountains that you are now able to see!

In those blinks of an eye, that can be extended into a great day, without also reflecting that it was that simple ritual the one that impacted you for the whole day to enjoy more moments of happiness!

Many times, in our lives we need these types of pauses, to allow those rituals, fostering more attention in simplicity to harness the power of each of those moments that are passing through your eyes! If you just simply decide to integrate time in your life, to schedule a time to reflect, a time to walk in nature, a time to be in silence then each small-time frame will start to add up until you will start to notice that your mood has changed!

Probably, also you will start to attract a different kind of people that will also help you to sustain that mood stamina and will cultivate a more creative, powerful and brightening outlook in life!

The melody of our days many times is just being deviated from the noisy complains, toxic news, draining people, just because that negative frequency is no longer what we want and crave for!

We constantly believe is others people energy the one that make us shift, when in fact it is also our energy channeled in the wrong direction, the one that is influencing us to the world that is unfolding in front of you!

As we start tuning on another frequency, as we step away from noisy negative thoughts, as we place ourselves in gratitude, that's when things will start to flourish, that's when all your vibrations at the molecular level will start to resonate higher and function as magnets to impregnate your life with positive thoughts, producing more positive emotions, allowing to add instead of subtracting!

Everyone's happiness is defined in a different way and each of us has life as the classroom to teach us how to embrace it more! Because it is not at all outside, it is not at all in the action of chasing something, in my humble point of view is more in appreciating the moments that are being produced and that you're witnessing!

Becoming a more conscious, tranquil and assertive human being to notice what are the things that bring you satisfaction, fulfillment, peace and start nurturing love within you is what opens your heart literally to receive what you deserve and what you attracted!

As science moves on, more paradigms are being challenged, more "coincidences" are being observed and more pieces fit in the puzzle to link everything as one! To figure out that we're all connected with nature, with the animal kingdom, with the bacterial world, with very sentient being that we come into contact, even with the restrictive measures that some people might dictate!

What we do or don't do, what we think or don't think, what we feel or don't feel is being replicated somewhere in someone or something that is having an impact for the thoughts, emotions and actions that you're creating!

There's has been multiple points of view to research these facts with physics particles, with the phenomenon of entanglement that is produced when the tiniest particle is subdivided into from one common source and split them apart! What happens to one of these particles in one destination is happening to the other that might be far away from its "sister" particle!

Therefore, if we were all created from the same source whether you believe in God, in the universe or any other name that you assign to our creator! We certainly are always impacting other individuals, other animals, other bacteria, nature and of course our beloved planet earth!

Which also something that we could clearly appreciate as the weeks of lockdown were passing! While we were adapting our lives to the new “restrictions” and new ways of living, nature was taking advantage of not having disruptions by many unconscious actions and behaviors that we usually have when things are “normal”, if your definition of normal meant to be randomly reacting to whatever happened in your life and not having a moment to reflect if you were contributing or taking energy from the beautiful balanced equation that the earth has for everything that happens! Then, let’s believe and hope that we never go back to that kind of “normal”, if the way you were living before was just based on other people’s opinion, was just biased to show off, was being completely oblivious of many things that now you have had the time to recognize as essential in your life, was inconsiderate and selfish with many things that were happening around! Let’s focus all our healing vibes and positive frequency to generate a new conscious mindset that thrives in nature’s lessons of embracing our connectedness, to appreciate each other more, to collaborate more and impulse others in what we can help, to start taking responsibility for our own thoughts, emotions and actions to produce more positive than negative consequences!

It is just a simple law of the universe, if we start adding more to our own existence by allowing those reflective moments and being able to raise our awareness, then the obvious outcome will for sure be positive, we will start raising a global frequency that will create coherence, homeostasis, balance to the positive side of everyone’s life including the small environment that surrounds you that is part of the bigger environment where we all cohabitate!

All of us have access to happiness, all of us are power plants of those moments, all of us have an energy granular particle that we’re contributing, just with the simplest facts of detecting which are the things that give you the best mood, who are the people that add energy to your life, what are the activities that you feel more fulfillment and connection with!

Foster them more, reproduce the formula of your life, envision a new future where instead of being a wining individual and grumpy person, you start shifting your mood, the energy that you have inside and allow the vibrations to just perpetuate inside creating that chain reaction that eventually will burst into more moments of happiness in your life!

Be a student of your life, be a humble witness of your thoughts, allow the space and peace that you already know you need! And prepare to see the marvelous, amazing world that will start to be your reality, it will transform from a dream, from a vision to something tangible where you will feel so much love, joy, peace, connection and compassion that it will be inevitable for you to share it with others! While at the same time more positive and enlightened people will want to be around you, suddenly the puzzle that you were seeing chaotic, that you were procrastinating to take care of will magically be assemble to give birth to your new world, to your happiness!

Let’s all stop being chasers and decide to be producers and creators of the reality that we want to experience! I can’t imagine someone reading these reflections and not envisioning a world of cooperation, balance, more aligned with nature and all the animal kingdom!

Decide to witness with more humility the “small” but amazingly powerful lessons that we have every day from animals, from nature, from many people that have decided to jump in a different boat, to bet that we really can prove to have that “higher” access in our brains to develop ways to contribute more in harmony and perfectly balanced.

The more people that you’re able to just impact with your own life, with your own example, with your own vibrational frequency that by the way is always being spread feet’s away from you, provoking that beautiful phenomenon of entanglement that will start to add instantaneously to our new equation, to our new formula dictated by our creator, dictated by our source that has one single outcome that is able to be spread all over us and multiply!

The outcome we are all looking to multiply for sure is love, love for who you are, for how you live, for the ones around you, for the animals near and far from you, for the nature near and far from you, for all the precious resources that make you abundant, for all the connections that you already have with every one and for the impact that you now ..are willing to give without any hesitation or doubt that will be multiplied and returned with you to your own experience and to your eyes!

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