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Start Creating Your Own New Lifestyle: Evolve!

The Earth is adapting to all of the changes that we have been applying to it! And sadly, the only way it complains, is when it perceives that the vibrational energy is shifting towards a threatening panorama! Which was what were doing right before this pandemic! No wonder we had a serious attention call, to stop the "madness" and "selfishness", and now, we are being given the opportunity to learn more about ourselves, learn to experience a complete different situation, to adapt everything we were doing! Moreover, this is probably going to be a new lifestyle, that of course, not as restricted or imposed as it is, but for sure we won't be able to live exactly as we were before! Some things definitely have to change, and in my humble opinion the most important of those, is how we perceive our world, is how we interact with others, is how we either learn to work together and support each other, or we will fall in the manipulation again of media, news, pharma and food companies. Which in the end, all of them are controlled by a "small group" of people that only wants one thing... amass a fortune and control the rest to think, feel, eat and do what they want! It is not new for many people that have turned their lives around by going within, to notice that many messages that we have previously received, over time, are completely out of reason, when you decide to commit with knowing of yourself! That's when you can easily distinguish between a true based message, and something that is just there to cause confusion and obtain rewards! Knowing more about you, will aid you to easily flow with a different vibrational field, which will lead you, to a totally different setting, that most likely will separate you from many people that was around you, but don't worry, during tough times, struggles and of course when you just decide to grow, that would be one of the consequences, simply because your vibrations are not matching anymore with many people that you used to be surrounded with! And yet, you learned to cope with that, and I'm sure that you're glad of your decision, which also is bringing you new life experiences, which is now opening your senses to a complete different outlook of life, to align you with a different group of people, probably even bringing them as "unexpected" or "synchronistic" experiences, that are just the highlight of your days! Well, if all that I'm stating above is resonating with you! That means you're now looking for that new lifestyle! Means that you're ready to apply some tweaks and tighten some bolts, in order to be able to thrive for a long run, and not only finding hacking situations, that I presume you have tested yourself that they only lead you to a painful deception or harsher road! Acquiring a new lifestyle, encompasses dealing with a loss, Yes! You read correctly! You're living now a duel with your old lifestyle, and pretty much that is most painful duel that you will have in this new road! On the bright side, I can tell you, that even if now it seems a dark, bumpy and unknown road, it is not! It is more a enlightened path, it is a path that will lead you to finally break free from old limiting and conditioning ideas, that not only have installed sort of "horse blinders" to your sight, but they have also make you fearful or insecure of the decisions, choices and expectations that you have had with your life! Probably, by this point, you're thinking that it will be difficult, that what I'm writing is not for you, that I'm just trying also to convince you of something in order to obtain a reward! Well, let me tell that is completely normal, and is a big part of your resisting mechanisms that are just trying to defend and keep attached to the old ways! Or probably is your apathy to change, because you know that is a road that has "always" been complicated for you! Don't worry, you're not alone, and many people is with you in this road, however it is also true not many people completely install the new habits and mechanisms to sustain a lifestyle throughout their lives! (1) But hopefully, with these simple techniques or exercises that I'm going to lay out for you, you will achieve it and of course the final thoughts, emotions and actions are always in your court! And they will be your decisions! I'm truly not winning anything from sharing all these advices! I just simply, want to contribute with my own experience, with my own set of abilities and knowledge to help you! Because I'm just a ceaseless entrepreneur that is committed to make a small tiny change in this world! So, let cut to the chase, and move on to the inflection points, (and think of them just as that because there will be ups and downs, along this journey, but you'll love the final endpoint): - As we mentioned before, you will need to let go a big chunk of old beliefs, of limiting ideas, and sadly even some of the old behaviors, that probably were not so toxic, but probably they will not allow you to move through this new journey, so in order to do that, accept the loss, see some old memories, cry, yell to the air or in a pillow, go for a run, write or meditate, but allow that toxic energy to be moved out from you and make space! - If we are on a new journey, we need to travel light, we need to have a deep cleaning phase, were many of the thoughts, emotions, and of course toxic behaviors, also are going to be history in just a few weeks! Think of this phase, just like the cleaning habits that you are now acquiring in your house and with yourself! Be bold and be aggressive to all the things that you want to left behind! My suggestion is also that you write these behaviors with a red pen or marker and obliterate them! In another sheet of paper write in blue or purple (or just use the color that for you represents power and change), the ones you want to allow to be the new ones! - Allow yourself one week to test this technique, starting Monday and finishing on Sunday, write down all your fears, your toxic thoughts that are just giving you a hard time, and of course the ones that also you consider they are driving you crazy due to the frequency of them! Just by downloading them on paper you'll have a great relief, and as the days pass you'll be able to feel lighter! - Let's move to the body now, write down the type of food that you crave the most picturing yourself in the old scenario! Search all of those type of foods, so that you can see the amount of sugar, trans fats and saturated fats that they have! If you can this list also do it with red, now obliterate them as well!, don't worry or suffer this, we might be able to allow some of them later! As you do this list, write the type of food that you know can be and should be eating, find easy recipes, or tasty choices for them, and make a file of the recipes, start trying them out! - We are getting to the motion part, make a red list of the type of sedentary behaviors that you have had during the past three months and write them down, to perceive them more consciously and also so that you can see how was your life before! You're getting the procedure now! I can guess! You'll obliterate this list as well, and in green or blue or whatever color you chose you'll write down the active behaviors that you can start applying, this exercise will also make you find time during your day to at least exercise from 30-40 minutes for 4 days per week! You have time to make the schedule and even to test everything, so it's time to act! - Let's move to sleep patterns, how rested do you feel during the first hours of your day, how much energy do you feel throughout your day! In spite of having a specific chronotype, you should be able to perceive if you are tired the whole day, or at some specific hours and you'll be correlating all that with the time that you go to bed, the thoughts, emotions and behaviors that you allow closer to your bedtime, and also you can start to figure out how many hours is what you need to sleep, which should be from 7 to 9 hours approximately! Maybe with 6 for you is enough! That your own experiment, but now is also the time to put this to your own tailored test! - What about your spiritual life? Of course, a change, a new self, a new version has to be accompanied by a spiritual life! And I'm not talking about religion, of course, that your own choice! But making time for you, I think that by now, you have verified by yourself that is a must in your life, having said that now we're going to populate our list with the set of thoughts, emotions and behaviors that have been pulling you away from spending time with you! And it might not be to mediate, and it might not be doing yoga and it might not be using complicated positions to align with that! Let's go for the simplest, so start looking for all those thoughts that are preventing you from being with yourself, for being in silence, for closing your eyes and breathing, for being able to pay attention to your body and your heart and catching all the messages that they are sending you! And now, make also time to have at least from 10-15 minutes everyday to breathe, to listen your heart beats, to listen the messages that your body is sending you! Just by doing that you will start discovering more information about your most precious set of qualities, and allowing also to clear your mind for all the clutter and noise that your senses are filling up everyday from media, news and of course toxic people that also you are in contact with! - We are reaching to your final pillar to construct a new lifestyle! Your financial wellness, your job, your purpose, your abundant mindset! For this pillar, you will also construct a list of toxic messages, limiting thoughts, emotions and even behaviors that have been blocking your energy to think that you deserve to have economic freedom, that have been preventing from doing what you love, that have been preventing you for accessing or pursuing doing what you have always wanted to do! So, write all the toxic messages and limiting beliefs, if you can identify we repeated, said or where did you pick up the messages, that will also help you to see that they were never yours! Time to act on this pillar, write down, what are your expectations for a new financial future, and this is just a personal recommendation, start by picturing yourself getting rid of all your debts, if you have them! Then move for the things that you want to have in the priority order that you think is the most helpful! I guess that you'll start for the place where you want to live!, the kind of life that you want to give to your family, the kind of vacations that you want to have, and at the end why not, also the kind of luxuries or gadgets that you would like to have, taking into account that by now you have been able to detect that you don't need that much to be truly happy! I'm just daring to guess, that by now you have already listed all the things that you're grateful for! If not, this is the next stage, or could be the first, as you wish, start by realizing all the people, assets, things, and blessings that you have in your life! Keeping that momentum of gratitude, now you will be able also to picture yourself in the kind of job or work that you want to pursue, and you can even start writing a list of skills that you need to learn and master to get there! You can even create a whole separate notebook for this one! Where you also have a brainstorm of ideas, where you can start listing the requisites that you need in order to be able to make it real! Finally, and to make this last pillar more powerful, create a link, fall in love and build strong emotions between your purpose and your dream job! Start posing questions such as: What do I want to share with the world? What would be something I would like to do, in terms of your work, that definitely must do before I die? What were my dreams when I was child? And probably some of them couldn't be able to achieve them, but I'm sure that from one of them, it will turn out to be your dream work! In the end, I think that you have realized also, that we are fragile, that life can slip away in just a moment! And that now you have to seize and love your life in much greater dosages of love, compassion, empathy, joy, happiness and freedom! #lifestyle #detoxify #clean #lighter #create #build #habits #nutrition #exercise #emotions #consciousness #abundance #body #mind #spirit #heart #inspired #connect #behaviors #insights #knowledge #attention #intention #grow #resilience #reflect #coherence #energy #intelligence #feeling #power #healing #beliefs #environment #responsibility #commitment #become #Ortega #davidortegab References.

1. Ortega D. “The Formula to Sustain Healthy Habits!" January 07th, 2020.

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