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The Power of Being Conscious!

As the new era falls on us with artificial intelligence coming faster than we can ever imagine, with the substitution of several tasks and allowing humans to be in one of the most "comfortable" situations, there's comes a price, which of course it was written in small blocks being the ones that almost anyone reads!

That price is the amazing desperation, lack of empathy and ungrateful attitudes that we constantly see in many arenas of our lives!

People is just obsessed with immediate things, with the next savoring moment, with the promise that everything will be fine, and sadly with the expectation of not having to move a single finger to obtain things!

We see it everywhere in such simple things as to walk one or two blocks to get something, to communicate with people inside an office, people prefer to chat even when the distance between them is probably 5-7 chairs, they take more time typing a message than standing and going to talk face to face to each other!

Social gatherings shouldn't be called that anymore as they have become sessions to chat with each other's phone without being "disturbed or judged" but not really about talking to each other and sharing moments where you can really listen to people with whom you gather with, giving them your full attention!

In fact the word attention is so devalued by the fact that people claim to be multitask, when it is clear that the concept came just as a part to literally complicate more people's live and allow them to require more things or gadgets, it came to raise the ambition that in many people seems endless.

All of these symptoms that we see now more than ever just come from a single origin, the word and the action of being conscious, has been lost!

And probably the single fact that people is conscious about is of the notifications that their technology is sending over and over, or maybe the fact that the last picture posted on social media was not as welcomed as the last one, or they're conscious that at 5 or 6 pm their work day is over, or that the weekend is getting closer, or that their best team (whatever the sport) is losing again, or that the price to fix their nails is on discount or that probably the biggest sale of the year is coming (even when they still owe their last vacations) they're ready to spend more! Or in the best case scenario they're conscious that they need vacations to go somewhere to lay down and engage with their mobile phone and upload new pictures!

Any of those examples is just a fact and any of those examples is the most shallow reality for what people is really concerned, sometimes aware and most of the time engaged with!

But the fact that they need to adjust the way they eat, the fact that they have gained 7-10 kg over the year, the fact that now they need 1 or 2 pharmaceutical drugs to “be well”, the fact that they're triggered by every minor detail, the fact that most of the days they just dragged themselves to work, the fact that their children are spoiled and they're also just waiting for the next toy or gadget, or the fact that their partner doesn't even have time or mood to talk with them or to plan something together to enjoy time alone, or the fact that their parents are just there for them to help with something, but not to talk with them and take them out to see how they are and how they feel!

All of those, in my humble opinion more relevant "issues", are not even in their radar and the word they overly use is ..."everything is fine" or "I don't have time"! Even the creativity or honesty to accept something is also depleted!

Well, that's the new era that we have come, that is the new era that I dare to say more than 70% or 80% of the population is living by ..

And the ecstasis and joy when they find the "miracle" cure where they just have to take one pill per day and everything will be just fine! is probably the most popular desire for everyone nowadays!

Most people have lost the interest to perform almost every effort in order to simply live! In a broader sense of the word!

Enjoying all the multiple aspects of life not only enjoying the external and material aspects of existence.

The joy for all the expressions of life which encompass human interaction, gazing and reflecting at and with nature, become embezzled with how a flower senses the direction of the sun and how it allow us to breathe, the engagement with more landscapes instead of more stores and buildings, the experience of running through a park and feeling the breeze and oxygen traveling throughout your body, all of these meaning that most of the internal and more insightful experiences have become boring, unnoticed, not even been able to detect them or perceive them!

When we were children, most of us (if not all), literally everything was an amazing discovery, many of the world and nature wonders where perceived and valued as they were supposed to be!, most of the new things that we learned were a complete joy and a journey into a new terrain that we were fully engaged to do the efforts to conquer and discover!

We were able to question almost everything, we were able to perceive when our bodies were not feeling good for almost anything and we expressed it freely and it was easier to “fix it”, we were completely engaged with the moment and even of the moment was not really pleasant because we did something that bother an adult and we were scolded, we felt the emotion of sadness or shame, and probably in less than 10 to 15 minutes were back again on our feet and ready to enjoy the next thing which happen to be something simple! A puzzle, a drawing, playing with a toy, etc..

We were enemies of complicating our lives by ruminating the thought of being scolded, we were unable of holding resentment towards almost anyone (unless someone had instruct us to keep feeling bad or don’t forgive someone or something)!

So? We were completely conscious, in our innocent ignorance of many things, we were much more intelligent to appreciate the good things and experiences of life than we are now as adults!

That should mean something? Doesn’t it?

Well, at least for me that means that we all have a great conscience and ability to become conscious again, that means that we are able to be aware again of the more meaningful things in life and start detaching the obsession or addiction towards the material and external results that many times we are not able to control and not even responsible of them!

How can we begin to grow and awaken our consciousness?

In my humble opinion, one of the best ways to start awakening our consciousness is by allowing ourselves to create more space in our minds, to start giving time to one of the activities that enlightens your inner realm and that is ..Meditation! Or if you want to label it with other name.. is a time for you, is a time to be in silence with eyes closed (to avoid external distractions), is a time to listen your inner voice, your gut feelings, is a time to develop the ability to sense what happens internally and why sometimes you express the stuck feelings internally with physical symptoms and ailments! (external expression).

In general people find hard to give themselves time, just for one simple reason, they are afraid most of the times of their thoughts and what they can discover about them. Is an activity that requires a peaceful state which also desperate people and they feel they're losing time!

However, all of those thoughts are simply mental resistance to start training the mind!

Actually engaging in these kind of reflections to start controlling your thoughts, to start helping your mind to become cleaner, to start controlling the kind of thoughts that you want to allow more in your life will literally make your mind muscle grow and will give you an amazing power in terms of your concentration, focus and attention, which in the end will allow to invest less time in your activities and start producing more time for you to practice!

This is what I would call a divine cycle towards your inner wisdom! And project this wisdom into the external world, which is what is supposed to happen for pretty much all the things you want to achieve!

The moment we engage more with our inner tools and wisdom, by calming our minds of distractions, massive information to make us feel powerless (news), gossips and in general just a whole range of perceptions that will trigger your mind to first feel fear, second to feel helpless, third to feel confused all of these steps designed by every company to control the mind of people are strategically placed so you become less concerned of you and more concerned of what is happening outside, which will start to raise your compulsion to consume something to ease the pain, to alleviate the anxiety or to treat the depression that you were submerged in!

Just because you decided to play their game, just because you believe more in what they told you than in yourself, just because you “didn’t have time” or “you were fine” but in reality you were careless about making yourself a priority and start discerning what type of things were not worth to invest time in and what other more meaningful tasks and abilities you could start developing and acquiring a mastery to handle them!

Consciousness of our own internal state whether is physical, emotional, professional, social or financial is a task that no one else can perform.

Finding guidance, finding a person that lights up your awareness is an aid, however it should never be seen as a crutch to walk, as a guru that would solve your life and much less should a person to give the ability to solve your life, because that is simply impossible!

That's where everything starts to fall in place, the moment you take full ownership for many of the things that are happening in your life, taking your just past experiences as impulse and part of as an explanation of some consequences is the only purpose of going back to remember those events or persons that probably had something to do with the course of your life!

More of course if those events happened in your childhood, when you didn't have the complete brain and developed awareness to see what was happening.

However, if during the journey you discover that many events happened when you were supposed to have a more developed awareness, question more your decisions rather than what the other person "did to you" because focusing all your attention on why you decide something will allow to see a hidden pattern that will enlightened your present and hopefully will allow you to avoid those situations or to start working towards those emotions that lead you to take the wrong way!

Nobody almost likes to feel responsible for the life that they had, unless of course you're completely fine with everything that happened and at peace, but if something didn't come out the way you wanted, if you have some regrets, if you have still some pain saved within you then it is most likely that owning that everything is the way it is because you were unconscious of many decisions taken is a painful road!

However, pain should be as a tool, as gasoline to move forward and crossing the painful road doesn't have to make you suffer unless you allow resistance during the road! Then again is you that are deciding to suffer a journey that even as dar as it seems, as harsh or bumpy as it may appear, it has a huge purpose in your life and a final destination that should encourage you to take it, to stop postponing the dates to walk the steps, because what is waiting at the end of the road is freedom, is a complete set of abilities that will allow you to harness the power of your life and seize every possibility with a much better outlook, with stamina, with training, with endurance and as a consequence with joy!

In summary, most of the people has lived at some point, or is still living, or just lived in an unconscious manner, even the most enlightened beings that history has allow us to read, we have been witnesses that they also had some reckless, hardship or even unconscious behavior, because after all they were humans, however we also are witnesses that many "regular" "normal" people have become much more conscious as they move in their life, as the lessons of life have allow them to come into the light and step from darkness.

Why? Well just because life is like that.. it gives you an incredible amount of possibilities, opportunities, encounters, persons, events, gifts and surprises all to make you realize one single thing! That you came here to live fully conscious, fully able to perform at your best, fully able to love with all your heart! It's a just a matter of deciding yourself to do it, to compromise with you and to engage in the most beautiful journey that can begin whenever you want to!

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