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The Signals of the Universe!

Once upon a time, there was a tiny energy particle traveling alone in a rough environment, thunders, burning water, no oxygen and the hardest conditions where no one would have believed that life could take place.

And yet, this tiny particle was "called" "driven" "placed" in the right moment and in the right time to combine and gain strength with another one, and those two some time drifted away but then they found another one until suddenly these tiny particles together with the "right" conditions started to react.

Producing order, aligning with each other until a more complex compound was formed, understanding now the sequence, all these "coincidences" gave birth to the first proteins, which in turn gave birth to the first unicellular and multicellular organisms.

Life was already growing, life was already evolving to create the first mammals and then move on to the creation of the first communities of human beings, somewhere between 2 or 2.5 million years ago. That's the history of science, which still has plenty of havocs to take it as the only one, and of course that's not the point of the reflection, there could be a million theories out there trying to claim its veracity and truth which all deserve.

However as it was pointed out in the introduction of this reflection, we are more surrounded by space and energy than matter, and at least in my own particular point of view, there's a higher power beyond our sometimes limited imagination and if you get curious for any of the explanations of our origin, of how this perfect physical assembly named body got all its complex and incredible abilities and capacities the one thing that is a common denominator is the concept of unity, the concept of aligning with another energy-like entity that will allow the amplitude of the potential to grow and produce a much powerful result.

Nature give us so many examples of these kind of energy "collisions" that create order, that align what seems to be disconnected. Pretty much all living organisms as well, show us how it is supposed to be, how the power of one grows by aligning with the power of the neighbor.

Microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, insects, warms and all other living creatures up to the mammal kingdom give us the layout of how life is more joyful, full, peaceful and balanced when we allow connection and cooperation even between species.

Nevertheless, there's still one species that is so stubborn, many times destructive and unconscious as to believe they're the most evolved and "intelligent" but displaying all sorts of examples, that sadly show how instead of being evolving and growing, they are shrinking and becoming more selfish, dumb and oblivious that if there's one purpose in life common to everyone is the ability to coexist and cooperate to heal!

I bet that many times in your life you've had experiences that seem to be designed so that you pick up a message, but this message is wrapped in an envelope of struggle or if you were lucky in a simple not at all shiny wrapping paper and that's the key of many of our experiences that we have in our lives. If we are aware, awake and conscious of how we live, no matter how hard or "ugly" the exterior seems you'll get the message, you'll be able to extract the meaning and as a consequence, your higher power that is shared by everyone that coexists in this planet, will allow you to generate more surprises, more signals that will empower and help you to evolve and grow.

Why? Just because you're able to see the message, just because you have proved to yourself that you're awake, that you can discern between a somehow discrete and simple wrapping and the shiny price that probably appears more appealing at the beginning because it is showing you just the outside, just the luring part and that is why it seems full of pleasure, easy quick and joyful, but that many times will only lead you through a completely different path that after all is full of pain, harder experiences and an effect of making you feel more disconnected, unworthy and insecure.

Is there then a simpler way to see the signals and lessons?

Of course, in fact the best and easiest way to become more aware of the signals is by generating clarity in your life, if you are confuse, living in automatic or survival mode those are the experiences that you will generate and is hard for the Universe to give you signals although you'll have them.

You can compare this way of living with the feature in your mobile phone that shows you that you have a network/carrier to make calls and navigate. This same signal and alignment is required in yourself so that you can attract and give the Universe a clear path of where you're standing, what you want and the intentions that you have with your life so that it can send a strong signal.

However be careful to really pay attention, be careful to see the whole picture and not only what you want to see but also what surrounds. That's the whole idea of finding the meaning of your experiences and allowing each experience that you have to give you more wisdom, to dial in the meaning, to inspire you to keep pursuing what you want and to motivate yourself to do what you're doing!

If we are humble and mindful with our experiences, we will be able to clear our lenses of perception and find the nodding expression of the Universe to indicate us that we're on the right track or that we need to take a deep breath, reframe and evaluate what we're doing in our lives.

In the end, our true purpose and our higher self is individual and exclusive to us in terms of the meaning, although it has a broader expansion to permeate to the ones that surrounds you and if you're filled with gratitude and compassion it has a higher vision of spreading your gift to many others that are in need to listen to that message or to witness that experience.

We sometimes need a reminder from our wisest counselor, which is inside of us, which is placed within you so you can listen to it, and above all it's there beating for you at the perfect synchrony to create love, homeostasis and health in all your body and mind, you only need to access to it, creating a space of silence, a space to feel it, a space to allow a expansion within you that multiplies its benefits all around your cells, tissues organs and of course developing a clearer mind to act on it.

Connection and Direction are two assets that you will only find within you and when you dare to take a plunge in your divinity, in your amazing sea of opportunities that is when you will gain a deeper sense of feeling empowered, guided and your drive and connection will just be astounding.

Sadly, many people look outside desperately for someone or something to feel connection, they look everywhere to find direction and in that sense of confusion the only thing that they find is anxiety, anticipation and that combination is what drives them to pick, engage or choose something or someone that they end up regretting for a good while.

Many of us have fallen in the trap of thinking that having a big huge list of "to do's", resolutions and things to accomplish is what will move us in the right direction, in addition of a false concept of multi-task which was created to promote people's consumerism as well as leading them to diseases such as anxiety or depression is what also creates a sense of comparison, not being capable, lowering our self-esteem and in the end leading us to chronic stress and overwhelm.

That's the secondary effect of obsessing with ideas pitched by media, by so called "experts" of success that just tell you that having more is the key to advance in life.

Contrary to that idea, to that perception lies the fact that creating a laser focus attention, narrowing your "to do's" to the things that really matter to you, that you really enjoy, that also give you more joy is what really will make that shift in your life.

The lighter you get in your life, the easier things seem to advance, releasing the burden of all the weight of not knowing what you want, all that confusion, releasing assignments that were not giving you benefits, that were just extracting your energy and diminishing your confidence is what will guide you to a much deeper meaning in your life which will have as an effect a broader sense of confidence and clarity.

This is just like hitting the target with a dart, when you concentrate and visualize that target you really concentrate all your energy in that activity, hence your energy levels raise overall, you start feeling a sense of peace and you start generating a much better mood in your life. As a consequence you will also have much better emotions and the energy that you dissipate from you will be so bright that you will literally shine!

Moreover that shine will start to caught up with your external world and like minded people will just like magic start to appear in your life, to offer you opportunities that will be almost tailor made for you or you will receive proper guidance into the steps that you need to take in order to become a much better version of yourself.

How can I start dropping those things that just drain me?

This question is so frequent when you want to start a new road and is completely natural as we are predisposed to feel fear for the unknown and also being afraid of letting go the secure things that we have in our lives.

First of all, don't get nervous, anxious or desperate because all of those three states are just a symptom of fear, instead breathe, design a medium to long term plan where you identify all of those things that you will be dropping, add some dates to them so they really happen, doing that exercise of dates will compromise you with the project in a more accountable way, if you need to tell someone that you will be dropping some activity or behavior because they are involved or is going to have an impact on them, do it! That will also give you accountability with others which will raise the level of commitment.

Remember that this is not a sprint race, we are facing a marathon, and in order to be able to accomplish the goal without finishing injured or exhausted, we need to also create a training plan that will allow us to move little by little closer to the goal and be able to endure and sustain all the efforts towards the new life that we will be designing.

You can also set up a reward program along your journey where you specifically assign some type of celebration or gift that you will give to yourself in order to integrate that win! This attitude and this part of the strategy will also have the added benefit of raising your confidence and give you more awareness and sense of completion that will feed your energy and prepare you for the next milestone.

A very big step in the how and becoming lighter in your life has to do with your sense of gratitude for all the things that you already accomplished, did, impact and that now it is time to let them go. Assigning a gratitude touch to the things that you will release will also give you the ability to detach in an easier way from them, generate a higher perspective that will give you a glimpse from all of them as an observer and not as a party so involved in them.

This gratitude meaning for all the things or people that once were part of your life will also place you in a humble position to create compassion and empathy towards all the things or all the people that you impacted through that activity or presence.

Humility often comes accompanied by a broader sense of perspective that not only has the benefit of giving you a very powerful sense of feeling grounded, connected and cared for which ironically reignites the cycle of gratitude and creates a powerful cycle of energy that will enlighten you, that will illuminate you and will almost immediately attract the right paths, events, people and doors so you can access that different lifestyle that you're not only designing it but also making it real each step that you give.

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