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Become Enlightened!

When you are given the opportunity to go within, many people don't what to do, now it seems like a joke when they were asking for time, now it seems like a punishment to be with your family 24 hours a day, however for some it was a great gift, it was a time to learn how to perform your job, attend your children, interact with your partner and keep a good mood in the best possible way!

There's no doubt that this time, is being challenging every aspect of ourselves, something that for sure will happen, is that you will know a little, more, or a lot of yourself after all this is done.

You will be able to develop creativity, you will be able to be more resilient, you will able to find ways to cope with anxious thoughts, you will be able to find comfort with the most important person in your life..You!

In this digital hamster wheel era!, where everyone is being busy with their own business, where people hardly find time to breathe properly sometimes, where food is ingested because it is an obligation and without thinking many times, where motion is no longer the way of living but something you have to be forced to do it, where emotions are right at the surface of the skin, waiting for a trigger to be released, where reflection and meditation is a luxury for the monks, the enlightened, the people that decided a different path and where abundance is just a label to sell something!

It is just a consequence that now that many people has endured three to five weeks indoors, they constantly feel lost, they constantly feel challenged, they are start to build a great amount of triggering stimuli that is leading them to feel desperation, sadness, moodiness, and powerless!

However, this is all part of the conditioning that you have been absorbing for several years, not being able to separate your job or professional endeavors from your personal life as well as your wellbeing!

Thus, not get frustrated it is completely normal, fine and "sometimes" justified that you feel any of those emotions, give yourself a "break" and now I literally mean that!

Think of this time as a learning program that you have to endure in order to be able to be released outside, think of it as a detoxification period where everything will go out of your system, think of it as gift to be able to connect with your most important source of everything..Your inner self, inner voice, inner wisdom!

This is the time, where you get to meet all your skills, this is time where you are allowed to work for your health, this is the time to make where you get to know all the army of internal assets that you were given and that many times become rusty due to inactivity!

Evolution, is the word that I could use, to define the next stage that is coming for everyone of us, it will be a different world, whether you can to accept it or not, the whole planet suffered a shift of energy.

And I humbly believe that all this shift will be towards a positive outcome, towards a more enlightened society, that now is also learning how to filter information that is not useful and healthy for themselves, know you are learning ways to learn what you need, look for the right tools, trust the right people that really want to help you without hidden agendas!

If we all see this kind of outlook, then we can all awaken one of our best assets, our prefrontal cortex, that was given to you so that you could be able to have more capacity to discern solutions amidst a foggy a weather, now is the time to fine tune your laser capacity to concentrate the power of your attention and intention to move forward!

What if while trying to move forward you are beginning to be surrounded with thoughts of defeat, laziness or self-sabotage?

Let them pass, receive them with compassion, question them, because most likely they are not yours, they were installed probably in childhood, probably by some mean teacher, some fake friend or by media telling you that you're not self-sufficient, that you need someone to help you get unstuck!

That you needed a hacking tool, that you could take a shortcut and then you will be able to surpass your limiting abilities! That after you finish three courses in just one weekend you will be able to overcome anything that comes in front of you!

It's all part of a strategy that has been in our society for ages, it is called subliminal messages, it is called marketing psychology, and more trivially it is called manipulation!

Let those messages behind, and just move forward, just write a short plan that you designed based on what you think you need, based on your inner voice, based on the peace, quiet and solitude that now you have to do it!

  1. What are all those things that you already knew you could be benefited from?

  2. Where can you learn to do them?

  3. What type of information do you need?

  • Divide them, spread them in small steps, small bites of wisdom!

  • Create and think about your end goal, what do you want to obtain at the end?, how do you want to look? Be specific!

  • Pick a powerful name for your program, label it with a word that you want to be identified with!

  • Design some pit stops, where you will pause, reflect and reward yourself!

  • Talk with someone about it so that you feel more compromised to do it, ideally if that person can commit with you, with his/her own program but both reaching for a higher version of who you are now, that would be more powerful!

Rest assure that every effort that you're doing now today to deal with this situation, is changing you, is making you stronger, is allowing you to know yourself better your reactions, and why not? Let's be bold to also think, that this time will allow you to know that you can do for yourself! What you can do to achieve a better version of you! It is presenting you with the opportunity, to give you some ideas .... - To be more mindful at what you eat, trying more real foods, learning how to cook some dishes that probably you will be able to take tat with your when this is over and stop spending in processed food;

- To be able to sense your body for signals of stress, anxious thoughts, or just any kind of "strange" sensation that right now you probably not recognize but with time you will be able to identify and know what to do, what is it that your body need; - To be able to walk, move and experience the sensation that a short brisk walk of 15-30 minutes give you, and here, try to be more ambitious and little by little increase time and intensity in motion to see what happens with you!, I bet that you will be surprised by the time you reach two weeks doing those small increases in time and intensity! - To be able to identify your most common thoughts, your most common reactions, your most common emotions and here you can also be creative and start adopting a diary to write the type of thoughts, just the more repetitive, giving them an outlet and being able to see them as an observer, in paper it will be easier for you pose some questions about where they come from or who made you think that! That simple exercise will be giving you tools to become more skillful to regulate them, to handle them before they control you and by doing that you will be able to process them better, to allow a healthier profile of hormones and neurotransmitters that will lead to much better actions! - To be able to reflect about your life, to wonder in the things that you like, to have a hobby again, to be in silence for some minutes, to listen to peaceful music or nature and pick the messages that your creative side will give, you can even make a section in your journal for ideas, for insights, for inspiration that for sure will start to flow as you start to master this exercise! If you also are more ambitious here, start trying to meditate, by just listening peaceful music and closing your eyes, or by talking that music with you in your walking exercise! - To be able to connect with your most important organ within you..Your Heart. Start paying attention to it, because is your wiser ally that if you learn to listen to it, after all this time that you have, believe that will be your greatest benefit, because connecting with your heart, will allow you to link your brain, will allow you to link your gut allies and once the three of them are in sync! You will become amazingly powerful ion terms of the clarity that you will have and the inner wisdom that you will develop! - To learn more how to organize your budget, to start listing the toxic messages in terms of financial wellness, in terms of money, obliterate them and start writing powerful messages in terms of the abundance and financial freedom that you desire, list the things that for sure now you can identify you don't need to buy anymore, that you have been able to see what are the real expenses that you should make! Be aggressive and bold and also start looking for safe options to invest, look for the information you need and start designing your mental movie towards a more abundant life! - Finally, you'll be able to picture, visualize and fall in love with the life that you're willing to create, the path that you want to follows the time that you want to spend in the job you're now, the time that you want to spend in the business that you have, the future endeavors and projects that you want to do! Fly with your imagination and open yourself to the huge channel of the Universe to allow your projects to be real! And materialize them! If you need more support in terms of creating a map for your growth and progress, review more ideas in "Your Map to Become Empowered!" Newsletter!, the link is below! And you can subscribe for future Newsletters! #enlightened #inspired #connect #behaviors #insights #knowledge #attention #intention #detoxify #grow #resilience #nature #reflect #coherence #energy #intelligence #emotion #feeling #power #healing #beliefs #environment #responsibility #commitment #empower #heart #body #mind #spirit #Ortega #davidortegab References. 1. Ortega D. “"Your Map to Become Empowered!" Newsletter. March 16th, 2020.

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