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Become The Creator of...Your Life!

How many times have heard the phrase "Life is unfair"? Or probably "Life is to difficult" or "Life is full of suffering", "Life is too short"..etc. Probably there are a million more creative ways to express that the life you have is not the one you thought or expected to have according to what you used to dream when you were a child? Nevertheless, "Life just is" simple and short as that sentence! Life is the amount of time that you were given to enjoy this amazing physical experience, life is just a series of beautiful, challenging or varied moments that have only one source! Your perception...from the way you perceive life! That's how it will be reflected to you! Just remember when you were a child, how amazing everything was showing up in your awareness, how much value you gave to things that probably now you consider them as not important, what did you feel when you saw a beautiful sunrise, a flower that you liked, a dog that was cute and tender, a squirrel running through the trees, a butterfly that pass you by ... How about when you were able to walk and everyone was encouraging you, when you produce your first words and you made your parents drop tears of joy just by listening you speak! You were clean, you were amazingly powerful and you believed you could be or do anything you wanted! Until there was someone that you told that you were not able to do or achieve something! Probably that's when your list of limiting beliefs started! Ironically, in those times you didn't pay to much attention to those messages and if you really wanted to do something, you still tried it! Well that energy to still try the things and by yourself testing that probably was not possible at that moment ...was your soul energy speaking, your driving force! And then what happened? Well, you were set to go, to a place that was going to put more restrictions, limiting beliefs and was going to give you more contact with other children that probably had stronger messages of not being able to do something, or if you were "lucky" you began to discover other children that were bolder to do the things although sometimes were the ones that got in troubles! The Education System ... Practically all of the schools in the education system worldwide are just dedicated to squash the imagination of children, to align them towards a certain line of thought, that sadly is the one that will be ruling their lives for a very long time! A kind of narrow thinking, focused on "learning" what is necessary, to start a ladder of accolades that will be marking your way towards becoming another featured product that will be released to the job market to find the "right" job to keep following a structure that is just a mold to sustain the desires, ambitions and revenues of the major capitalists in the world! That's the destination of more than 80% of the population, however, you still have some "pit stops" that will give you some hints of a different life if you become awaken and see the other path, that probably already in some of your lucid dreams gave you a glimpse of a different life that you could have! A Rebellious Phase! Throughout the journey of education some individuals find the passion that starts calling them to pay more attention in the inner voice than in the noise that is outside! Nevertheless many of them are seen as rebels, undisciplined, trouble makers, or unadapted to the "standard" way of thinking! Therefore, they start breaching apart from the "herd" and ironically they start listening more to the intuition within that's telling them to pay more attention to their dreams, to their own desires, to their own purpose from within that is just there waiting to be completely ignited and starts producing a bonfire of expansion! Many of the history geniuses, many of the famous science characters, many of the most influential people in the world where tagged in their early beginnings as nerds, as unadapted, as different, and even with all those bullying labels and the social pressure to adapt to certain standard they kept going following the flame that they have already produced in their souls! All of this internal transformation for many people would appear as just "luck", for many others they would think that were gifted! Moreover, the difference between them and the rest of the people, is just a simple single quality! They paid attention to what they wanted, they sharpen their clarity, they expand their knowledge on the things they were passionate about! They took the risk of going deeper into the queries that were being generated within them, by the action and expansion that were allowing to the voice that was within them! As a matter of fact we all have those skills, we all possess the same kind of traits, the radical difference is when you start listening more to you than to the noise! When you start becoming that weird person, that suddenly the same people you used to hang out with, just seem to not understand anymore is one of the most clear signs that your light, that your voice is becoming louder and the vibrations that you're having simply don't match the people you used to be around with! Even with your relatives, something strange start to happen but you don't seem to be able to fit the mold they're talking, you don't seem to find coincidences in the way you think and you start creating distance between them! This distancing process might seem challenging, however is the perfect echo, that now you will have to follow in order to find the right kind of people, in fact it won't be that hard, you'll find many synchronicities that will be guiding towards your purpose! You will be able to find life just as a thread of unfolding experiences that will start to resonate with your internal vibration allowing your heart coherence waves to expand and just produce within you the most unmemorable time of your life! All of these experiences are just there, so that we can impact the right kind of people, so we can create a vortex of healing vibrations that will just gather more and more people that will become pulled towards you because you're emanating a different kind of frequency that will just tune in with people that now is ready to embark in the journey of their own creative process!

Are We All Creators or Just the Ones that Drift Apart from the Majority? We're all creators, we all have the same energy substance that is divine, that is empowered, that is enlightened! The difference, as partly mentioned above will be the kind of life that you want to create! And that decision, is only decided by you! It can be influenced of course, it can be biased, it can be sometimes "imposed", but in the end is a decision that can and will remain with you as long as you need it to be! Or as long as you need it to acquire the experiences and the insights that you need to start drifting in the other direction! You just have to be very conscious and aware that you can change lane, at any moment that you want, but you just have to do it with your appropriate blinkers that will start moving towards the road you want to get in! Meaning, that if you're feeling that your life is not longer being fulfilled and whole with the activities that you're doing, you're no longer matching socially with the people that you want, you're becoming to feel empty! Those are the big pointers that you need to consider to start looking for the destination, and you will need to encode first the place to where you want to get in order to have more accurate directions towards that end goal! If you happen to be in confusion, becoming kind of frustrated because you don't seem to know what is that final destination! Don't worry is part of the process! Getting lost, is ok! Because, by getting lost! You'll be able to one day find the right path! Nevertheless, is not getting lost forever is just getting lost for certain amount of time, but trying to encompass a sorted variety of things that will start shifting your energy towards a more creative direction! By experiencing new things in your life! You will suddenly start finding your way! You'll even start hearing your inner voice with a louder sound! And more and more trying to give you a much clearer quality of the address and directions that you will need for your new destination! I'll give you a very powerful advice here! That will make your life so much easier to find that clarity! I'll give you a very powerful advice here! That will make your life so much easier to find that clarity! - Start writing down every kind of thought, idea or clue that tells you what you're enjoying, let the voice guide the journey! - Surrender to the light of your own inner wisdom, that will suddenly be stronger to light up your path and start allowing you to see the next steps, the next skills and the set of behaviors that you will need to start developing to sustain the journey! - Don't become obsessed with something that is clearly showing you that is not for you that is not your path, because you can loose quite a while becoming stubborn with something that probably was there in your mind but when tested it proved to be not for you! - If you start to feel a little bit anxious, desperate or frustrated along the way! Just find someone in the field that has done the things that you want! Start following the examples, the experiences and the probably curves that you will encounter! - If needed, get a coach, get a mentor that helps you with some of the questions or struggling experiences that you can encounter, just until you grab your confidence and be able to go along by yourself! In summary, we all can are creators in of our lives, some of us can loose track of the direction, some of us can just overlook the cues and not pay attention .."when we should have"! However, we always have plenty of opportunities to listen to our own inner voice, to become synchronized with our hearts, to become aligned with our purpose, and even to become lost at some point in the journey! And all of the stages are part of the creative process named life! Life, as corny as it sounds "Is your most beautiful canvas, that everyday is renewed, so you can create or continue your best piece of art"! There will be bumpy roads, there will be curves, there's also some uphill roads but all of the landscape along the road will be worthy, will be valuable, and most of all will create as well in you a more coherent, congruent and fulfilled sense of existence than if you just had all your life figured it out! So, be comfortable, grab your GPS and enjoy the ride of your own life! #life #direction #creator #design #commit #recognize #enjoy #journey #experiences #shift #vibration #innervoice #influence #mind #cognition #shape #empower #inspire #reflect #coherence #energy #intelligence #feeling #power #healing #beliefs #environment #responsibility #commitment #become #Ortega #davidortegab

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