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Discover the Real Path to Least Resistance & Thrive!

So many people nowadays are looking for the trending option, they’re constantly trying to avoid doing the things, making a real effort to enjoy a life full of balance and abundance, which by the way it is possible!

Why are modern humans driven to the easy path? Lured to engage in instantaneous rewards, creating toxic cycles and even addictions due to not having clarity and just reacting to “life”.

The incredible amount of distractions, options, information, accessibility to practically everything instead of leading us to a more evolved way of being is just derailing our journey towards a more reactive, distracted kind of society that is just living in automatic pilot to the demands of the media and other's opinion or expectations!

A huge amount of people has lost the will to do something for themselves if there are no rewards in terms of having the approval of others, gaining more popularity in their social platforms or just being able to brag about it with their group of friends!

Appearances are what matter and that's something that COVID-19 pandemic took out of the picture and start making things more real and less driven by the external demands or distractions!

Hence, we should take that as fuel to keep the momentum of building a society that can live with the premise of knowing yourself, of being able to love you first before you desperately engage in looking for the ideal partner to complement you!

In the end, science, research and statistics of real life have always proved that shortcuts are not the way to move forward in life but a way to hurt yourself in multiple ways, you can end up provoking imbalances in your body that can lead you to a disease or an injury in terms of any trending shortcut to lose weight or to attain certain physical appearance promoted in the media, you can lose a lot of money, motivation and confidence trying the new "hacking" way to become rich, you can mentally and emotionally lose your confidence proving a three hour training that will completely change your life or a expensive weekend retreat that will definitely shape you into another human being!

All of the marketing design offers, hacking tricks, shortcuts disguised are really built like that because media platforms know you more than you do! Just because, you have not been interested in knowing what you want, in feeling what you're experiencing, in satisfying the most important person ..You!

That is the main reason that those kinds of business opportunities and offers are floating around in every platform and that has been now affected the credibility of you in pretty much everything and just keep living in the comfort zone!

For a long time in our lives, we have been sold the idea that we're here to just live a life dictated by rules, patterns, old beliefs to "fit in" in a society that already has everything prepared for us! When in fact we're the ones that already have an agenda, a mission, a divine purpose!

Nevertheless, we lose many of our inner divine qualities when we given in to the desires and mold of many activities, likes and thought patterns that are installed in our mind, that programmed and reinforced for years trying to make us evolve when in fact we're becoming more primitive and living in an automatic pilot driven by the social media desires, the society expectations and the will to be followed, praised or validated by other and external platforms!

All the modern technology has primed the effect of losing the originality and uniqueness that we had when we were without it, just because we haven't learnt that technology was created to impulse our own qualities, abilities and vision! Not the other way around!

Many people has become slave of the technology losing their most wonderful and amazing connection with their body, mind and even the spirit in the endless path of looking the promised rewards by the external marketing and the enterprises that are determined to hack into our mind, body and now even into our souls to kidnapped our will, wishes and vision to mold it into a generalized society that eventually will end up being the same!

Therefore, What is the real path to conquer freedom? To detach from resistance? To thrive and fulfill our divine mission that we came here to fulfill to achieve and of course to leave an imprint in the Universe that will lead to a path of less resistance for the ones to come?

I firmly and humbly believe that we are here to sort a series of lessons, to learn every step of the way how can we be more connected with our inner self, how can we reclaim the inner voice that we had when we were children and we lived under the divine present moment, under the guidance of our most powerful connection with God/Universe and Nature!

We all were extremely simple, honest, pure, whole and we still are!

Hence, the first step is to accept that you're capable of doing almost everything you set your mind and will to! But at the same time you need clarity in what you want, which is the main problem in the society nowadays!

Clarity will only be obtained, if you really want to do things in a different way and you allow time with you! If you detach for all the desires, demands and wishes to fulfill anyone's expectation!

Therefore, start designing a block of time where you have the inner guidance, peace and silence to make a pause in your life and evaluate at least your three most important priorities that you want to change!

Once you have that, allow a simple process, designed with a rhythm, frequency and of course small rewards to enhance your motivation towards the goal or change that you want to achieve! No one else will design a better path than you, because you should know what are the things that have been derailing your journey, you know the bumps in the road and by being conscious of those, you can start now focusing in a solution to overcome them! Instead of finding excuses, blaming others or looking for the hacking solutions that you should know by now are not real and just will leave you with a very bitter taste of mouth and a lower confidence threshold that will only lead you to surrender and stay in the same place for the rest of your life!

Throughout the ages we have been able to appreciate the people that are really thriving and succeeding and we also have seen people that has been stock in a way of being just because they decided to be comfortable, to excuse themselves and to blame anyone but themselves!

There's nothing hidden in the way you can achieve the things and the real and unique people that are called "geniuses" have two things in common! They have discipline and constancy to do the things! Those qualities, if you have been led to believe that you don't have them, they're difficult to construct or you were not gifted with them, it is all a complete lie!

All of us have discipline and constancy, we just were not all trained or cultivated with those skills or abilities at the same degree, but that is something that can change at any point in time! And you don't need anyone external to set your mind and accomplish the task of ingrained those skills within you!

The secret if you want to see it like that, is that you really have the complete and utter decision to finally do the things! Because if you want to pay enormous amounts of money for someone to change you, you might end up losing your money and being frustrated because in the end you are still the same!

The only one that can produce and create a change in you is ..You!

How is it that you have been sorting out many difficult situations in your life and you're still standing? What has been your journey? Start identifying also the strengths that you do have in order to raise your confidence!

By detecting the struggles, curves and different situations that you have been able to adapt to, you will see for yourself that you're completely whole to fulfill what you want!

Second, start assembling the pieces of your life, the turning points, the social discouraging environment that you have also promoted and the clear sabotaging path that you have had towards three or five failures that you have had in your life!

That will give now the curves, the uphills and the bumps that you might encounter again in your road, but the huge difference is that you will be prepared now for those moments, so when they appear in your life, if they do, you will be completely skillful to shift, bounce and get back in your feet to go on with your purpose!

The third magical word and action is intention! Have a powerful intention fueled by what you want, boosted by your dreams, enlightened by your passion that allow you to see the road in spite of not having yet a physical proof of it! By starting from the end, thinking that you already are or that you already have whatever it is the you want, then you're having and tuning in the same frequency of the Universe so that it help you to open the roads, the detours and pave the way for your success!

Everything that happens in life has a perfect reason and timing to happen and the unfolding of events is always a consequence of the thoughts, vibrations, environment that you're creating for your life! Nobody else is responsible for it!

Hence, trying to take the "hacking" path, spending in the pill, thinking that just a magical weekend will change you doesn't really have any supporting evidence in terms of the paths that need to be created in your neural system to support the habit creation, it can give you a sense that things are falling into place or having some "aha" moments but if you don't keep in the track and doing the things that are required to build the new practice and rituals you certainly have low possibilities to succeed!

Instead, creating the rituals, engaging in a more supported environment, developing new tools everyday, even if you're doing it in small dosages is what really can and will support and create the neural pathways in your brain, start building those new connections theta you need to reshape your brain and sustain the long term journey!

We all have been led to believe in the instantaneous world, in pursuing the rewards, in the enjoying the quick change with terrible consequences, spending in the end more resources time and money, as well as diminishing our confidence to after all leave in the same place or even worst.

All that model of instantaneous solutions, technology created to manipulate the mind through the liberation of more dopamine by your brain, an immense amount of advertising "easy" options to enroll you in the "amazing" path to discourage more your credibility in you!

The obvious consequence that we are now having is the amazingly high statistics of chronic diseases, sky rocketing of mental illnesses as well as addictive patterns that were just created for perpetuating the same style and keep making those corporations (food and pharma industry) richer and more powerful!

It's time to regain control in the practices that work, in knowing ourselves, in creating loops of confidence, in engaging for the long run of our inner health and not for the superficial reward! Only then we will be a healthier society that can detach for the dark and luring options that will just keep us in the same place but sadly without any confidence and will power to pursue anything else.

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