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Harnessing Your Power Back: Perception!

During this season, you have been blessed with the "time" that plenty of people was asking, even if for some period the tasks got a little complicated, even if you had to adjust some things so that everything could work fine! There are so many lessons! That you should probably learn that maybe when all this is over, you will also complain or feel that you need more time to finish what you finally set your mind to it! And this is probably the biggest lesson of all this "pandemic state", stop the complains for mundane things and start doing what you can with what you have! We all have been so used to living in the "comfort zone" for many things, whether it is an easier way to commute to our job, whether it is to having the easy and immediate access to information, whether it is to have quick and fast food delivered, etc. A convenient way of living has been promoted since at least two decades before, and with advent of those commodities, ironically we have been loosing the freedom of our perception of things! Whether you want to realize it or not, many of your decisions in terms of what you want, now they don't even depend of your parents or family influence, as all of those family gatherings have also been reduced, or they have lost the attention and time that they used to have in many countries. So, What is the result of all this crazy era of technology, information and "hamster wheel" effects are bringing to the new generations and to many of the old generations as well? In my point of view, all that we are now living is an era of selfishness, of moving forward, of losing connection, and becoming wining about almost every small modification of things that we suffer from anything external that is not of course adapted to the circumstances or to the square idea that we had of things! As we move forward in this global lockdown, many people are experiencing now the effects of being socially driven, of not knowing what to do with "time", they were asking so much for time, and now that it is given, they don't know what to do with it! I bet that many people internally asked for a pause to breathe, asked for some kind of release from their overwhelm, stress or anxiety to achieve things, to accomplish another goal, for the demands of the new job or position they obtained, or simply because they were also looking a way to turn around things and find a job, because they were already suffering unemployment or some kind of financial crisis! Whatever it is your case, now you have the chance to do what you were thinking, asking or procrastinating. Thus, don't let the overwhelm, the stress, the fear or let alone the news/social media! Play your mind to what they want! What are the key elements that you probably need to harness back the power of your perception? 1. Start having clarity and setting up priorities! To begin, you first need to know what you want, and most likely that is the problem for many individuals, more in these digital age! They have so much access, information, instant rewards, and of course, distractions, that it is hard to know what do you really want? So, my recommendation is that you first try to align your priorities with your deep desires, try as much as possible to connect with your inner voice and the thoughts that you were having recently, identify those itching thoughts that were constantly scrolling around your mind! Give them a number of priority, so you can identify, which one was the most important in terms of the urgency that you know you have wanted to accomplish them! Learn that new skill, clean those toxic thoughts, build that dream that you were waiting for! No one else knows those priorities and itching desires more than you do! Another important aspect, to start seeing a clearer path coming to light, appears when you start linking what you want deep in your heart with the motion and traction that you want to create in your life! Let's give a brief example, to understand what this aspect entails: Suppose, that you have been laid off from your job, however you manage to find some peace because you were able to grab some money from things that you could sell and from some small savings. Nevertheless, you also have payments due every month, and you know that your time is ticking for you to start creating debt! In your list, that we talked about above, with your desires and things that you want to accomplish, probably you listed first, Learning to manage Excel!, and this is an acceptable wish that comes straight from your heart! However, learning Excel as number one won't give you peace of mind in terms of your financial situation! In spite of being a heart desired goal! On the contrary, probably your number 5 of the list was creating a website to offer food services! That item was also deep in your heart desires, as you love to cook, but you're really afraid of the entrepreneurial world, and you know the statistics of failed business! That's way you placed it at number 5. In spite of all the information that has already discourage you from scaling that desire to number 1; keep in mind that, in the current moment and situation that you're living, this item would be better of, being in number 1, meaning that you could start making this wish a reality right now, and this will fulfill your heart and purpose issues. Moreover, it will give you financial peace, while you find another job, and who knows you might end up becoming your own boss in this new field! 2. Let fear out of the equation! The most disempowering feeling is fear, and we all have heard about that, starting from interfering with your mind, fear is an emotion that will practically block your prefrontal cortex, which is the region of the brain that you need to have clarity and to feel motivated to do some changes in your life! Fear will also start triggering all your metabolic functions to be shut down and start acting as if you were in a danger situation, what does this mean in terms of energy availability? Well, this means that your hormones that are needed to move your body and react, will be released in a much higher amount, adrenaline, cortisol and noradrenaline, these cocktail that is being released will also shut down the production of positive neurotransmitters such as oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins and BDNF. All of these internal chemistry will prime you to feel tired, reactive, probably angry, sad and anxious, which is exactly also the type of emotions and chemistry that will downregulate your immune system and therefore it can lead you to begin to have symptoms of any kind of disease! This is a scenario that of course we don't want, because our energy levels and inner motivating abilities will be practically kidnapped by these kind of emotions! Nevertheless, this is the perfect scenario for the external media to control your wishes, desires, and even some of your behaviors! If you counteract fear with a stronger feeling which is gratitude and love for what you do, for what you are, for what you have accomplished then you would start lowering the power of that emotion, without needing to see it as threat! Just by placing your attention on all the things that you already have, for feeling grateful, and for being conscious that previously in your life you have faced difficult situations and you have been able to surpass them! That will shift your energy towards a much healthier and empowering setting, which is the one that you're looking for in terms of obtaining clarity and control in your life! So, start listing 5 to 10 things that you were able to overcome in the past six or twelve months, describe how you felt when you turn around the situation and you were able to succeed in your journey! Even if they seem kind of trivial, write them down! This exercise will start to make you feel strong, purposeful and empowered to continue with a positive outlook of the things! Now, start depicting a powerful story of your life, a moment that you know brings you back to feel strong positive emotions, it can be when you met your partner, it can be when your first child was born, it can be when you had your desired job, it can be when you bought your first car, whatever it is your moment, just describe it, re-live it and mostly allow yourself to feel the emotions! Use both exercises to start igniting your power of self-confidence, to start triggering now a different chemistry within yourself, and start launching a very powerful positive chemistry within your body and your mind! By doing these two simple exercises, you will be able to open up your prefrontal cortex, you'll be able to release dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin, growth hormone, BDNF and plenty more cytokines (immune messengers) that will not only activate your metabolic functions giving you more energy, but they will also allow your brain to expand, to be able to motivate yourself and to trust in you, to reclaim your power, your attention towards the purpose that you drafted in number 1. 3. Step up to the situation and start acting! The biggest trait that we have to connect our inner emotions, traits, features as a higher species, and feel connected with our divine source, is the fact that we have a fast track freeway to our universe energy! To awaken our vibrational field and start connecting a higher power to guide us, to link us with like minded people, to open up doors that we were not even aware that they existed! All you have to do is move forward, start creating, start giving the steps, preparing yourself for the situation, acquiring the knowledge and abilities that you will need to sustain that new purpose! In order to be successful with that journey, what I can practically recommend you, is that you write a list of 5 successful people in that new realm that you want to become part of, look up all their content, access to their life story, motivate with their journey, see what were the first steps, start searching information of the things, abilities or contacts that they had! By doing that, you will activate your own inner wisdom for your journey, you will be able to come up with ideas, and most of all you will be able to brainstorm your new image, you will start creating a new persona, a higher version, your imagination will start to fly and you will be able to visualize yourself in that position where you want to be! In summary, taking back your perception abilities, is the biggest achievement you can have during this lockdown stage! It is the perfect time for you to have a healthy distance from all the stress, the distractions, the energy draining people, and even to be able to filter the kind of content that you're accessing with your devices! If you also take seriously this gift of being able to finally know yourself deeply and ignite your most powerful traits, skills, and even redesign your purpose in your life! Take my words for granted, after this lockdown you will have become your best version! And you will feel so fulfilled, empowered and strong that it will almost impossible for you to go back and lose what you have already won! #perception #purpose #emotions #empower #visualize #create #build #higher #self #consciousness #abundance #body #mind #spirit #heart #inspired #connect #behaviors #insights #knowledge #attention #intention #grow #resilience #reflect #coherence #energy #transform #fear #intelligence #feeling #power #beliefs #commitment #become #Ortega #davidortegab

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