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Love: The Divine Bridge to Healing Yourself!

When we were born, many of us felt that strong emotion, energy and connection with the first human being we were in touch, which for most of us was our mother! Conversely, we were faced with a strong experience of facing an unknown environment, a "scary" sensation of being colder, more exposed and with a world full of sensory stimuli!

Of course many of us didn't know what to expect, do, or even think as we were just beginning to be in contact with every physical sensation and yet within us every system was already in place to allow us to survive, to allow us to perceive and to start developing all of our senses!

We learn to express what we wanted through crying because it was one of the most effective ways to obtain what was needed almost instantly, without also having too much awareness of many things we start learning to listen our body sensations and identifying cold from hot, exposed to protected, feeling things, starting to develop our sight senses to distinguish silhouettes and of course bit by bit arriving to a much higher definition of what we were seeing, listening to every sound and recognizing some of the voices that we have already listened to inside the womb, smiling to people where we sensed a positive kind of energy as well as turning down our attention from negative energy sources!

Plenty of the experiences that we were living as small babies were guided by that strong "feeling" force which after we were taught to label it as love, however there's so much inside of that word, scientifically, spiritually, socially and every realm of interaction that we can think of!

And yet in my humble point of view, we as humans, as a society, have undermined its divine nature because we don't seem to understand in many aspects the huge power within that divine force, even as science advances, probably the most sacred secret will remain intact which is using that force to heal, which sharing that force with everyone, which is becoming an internal generating entity of that power that was delivered to use, so that eventually one day we could really learn how to use it for our own benefit and probably discover that many of the most amazing experiences are lying within that strong force!

Seeing love through a science point of view, we now know that inside of us a cascade of chemical hormones, messengers of every kind are released, some of which have been identified and studied, serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline, noradrenaline, oxytocin, many sexual hormones such as testosterone, progesterones, estrogens, growth hormone, a whole range of endorphins, etc.

The effects of these complex chemical cascade has been tested mostly when we refer to bonding love with a partner, a family member or a pet.

The neurochemistry of love would explain better how love can affect the pain response. In fact, love at an early stage stimulates all happy chemicals at once and can induce euphoria. Love is a cocktail of brain chemicals comprising several hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphin (1).

Other researchers found that, men and women who are experiencing passionate love released neurotransmitters and other chemicals that prompt greater euphoric sensations such as attraction and pleasure. Those couples had high levels of dopamine, oxytocin and vasopressin; and low level of serotonin; which resulted in low pain sensitivity (1).

Taking the idea found by research and the neurochemistry of love we can easily verify and even trigger all of those chemicals just by using a memory experience within us, when we felt that strong sensation of being loved, accepted, cared, nurtured, everyone was experiencing a healing sensation and if we could get inside of that amazing sensation within us, I bet that we could witness all the amazing healing changes that happen within us, that of course will completely obliterate any kind of pain sensation that we could also be recently experiencing as it was demonstrated by these kind of studies.

Which, if we give a more deeper thought on those ideas, would make ironic that we many times choose the negative emotions instead of letting the positive ones override our emotional journey, however many of us grew up in societies that made love appear as a "marketing" word, as a business empire, as a biased way of thinking that love means only to be attached to someone, means that we should be desperately looking outside of us to be "completed", to eagerly yearn for acceptance of people around us and to expect that love will always come from external sources.

Instead the pure notion of love, when we really are faced with it, and when we let ourselves dive deep into that powerful force by generating it from inside, that's when we start discovering that we were tricked into a concept that was just manipulated to control impulsive reactions and behaviors. When in fact when we learn to produce that love force inside of us, the first feelings that many of us experience are completely opposite to the ones sold by media and social platforms.

Gratitude, freedom, empathy, compassion, energy, motivation, empowerment, giving, helping are just some of the range of feelings, emotions and sensory experiences that we feel whenever we let ourselves be guided by that powerful force which is readily available at any time inside of us.

And we don't need to own someone, something, or be anywhere to experience it! It will come naturally the more we let our minds to release the toxic program installed in many of us that gave such a narrow and manipulative perspective of something that should have been used to heal us, to allow us to become as strong as we were created inside!

Every cell, organ, tissue, system inside of us is working towards one purpose which is allowing you to live all your experiences as heightened and enjoyable as possible. Nevertheless, we many times let that biased perception of fear, lack and anxiety to turn on the cascade of the negative, toxic, shallow experiences which will of course generate the exact opposite range of chemical cascades within you!

Moreover, all of those negative thoughts, generated by the biased perception of love will only create fairy tale stories, imaginary scenery, and unrealistic expectations that will reinforce a cycle of addiction, just as if you were consuming any kind of toxic drug, and eventually the accumulation of those chemicals will create an internal unbalanced state within you that literally will make you feel "love sick" just like in the movies, just like in tragic "romantic" stories, and hilariously (and I mean this with all the respect) we would be driven to think that nothing can heal us, because we have lost love, because we were neglected the possibility of being accepted, we many times also feel so vulnerable and exposed that we feel in danger of doing something very irrational, as we have witnessed as well in many real life stories, all because of that erroneous concept of "love".

How does this divine force creates a coherent state within us?

Nowadays, there's a strong evidence of the energetic effect within us from many emotions that we could generate without dependency of external circumstances and that now due to the advancements of science can be tested, verified and of course even used to heal erratic, incoherent states that will only create toxic vibrations which will eventually through the release of many chemicals will little by little start to create a dangerous disease.

For instance, below we can find a tangible and real example of how that coherence works within us:

Researchers at HeartMath Institute and many others around the world now believe, based on scientific studies, that a great deal of human intelligence is heart intelligence. As numerous as the studies demonstrating this are, for most people, it only takes one simple observation in their daily lives for a clear example of their hearts’ intelligence: How many times has the brain in your head told you to do one thing while your heart advised another? No doubt, experiencing an actual physical feeling in the heart when torn between one direction or another has left many a skeptic of listening to your heart at least somewhat skeptical of their skepticism (2).

How strong is the power or intelligence of love? Here is a scientific experiment HMI researchers who wondered about this conducted several years ago (2).

A boy, Josh, and his dog, Mabel, were placed in a room together. Then Josh moved to a separate room, the result of which was that the dog’s monitored heart rhythms were chaotic and incoherent, unlike with Josh in the room. Josh was instructed to use a coherence technique to consciously feel feelings of love and care for Mabel, which he did upon re-entering the room with her and while having no physical contact with her. Mabel’s heart rhythms quickly became smooth and stable, or coherent (2).

Taking into account this powerful example of creating coherence, with such a "simple experiment" that of course if we paid more attention to those kind of interactions that we constantly have in our everyday experiences we would be able to thrive in the world more easily and with a bunch of positive emotions, instead of being selflessly tripping and generating ourselves generating those kind of obstacles with many situations that we are faced with.

I bet that at some or many points in your life you can be identified with this kind of situation presented above, and the example is depicting us the image of a boy with a dog, but we have had more powerful experiences with human to human interactions where we can feel those powerful sensations and emotions of love even if we were not aware of course of what was happening inside of us!

Those coherent waves, have been shown to expand and create a magnetic field that has been demonstrated to heal complex and many times even "terminal" diseases, just by using the power of love and the whole range of positive emotions that will be generated as a result of allowing that powerful force to inundate our entire being!

There have been experiments with water, there have been experiments with nature, and of course now there's plenty of evidence that creating these type of coherent vibrational waves in our hearts and allowing a synchronization with our brain is going to be one of the future treatments for many entropic states that we are just stubborn to reinforce due to the poor lack of attention to knowing ourselves!

We are constantly being bombarded with messages of knowing external things, of diving into meaningless information, of entertaining our minds, of being alert of threats that are just created to distract our minds from the important focus points such as acquiring that self inner power and wisdom of ourselves and how we internally work.

All the keys of knowledge are inside of us, they are available for your, they are even in front of you, and presented in so many opportunities, varieties, flavors, sceneries, persons, events but you won't be able to see them unless you decide once and for all to go inside, to go within, to listen to yourself, to stop the addiction of external triggers and cues that only want your attention to fulfill a selfish cause which is generating power, ambition and enrichment of "mafia" enterprises and industries which are sustained by the fact that you are distracted, anxious, stressed, desperate, depressed and are constantly desiring the next big discovery that will take all of your suffering out and will allow you finally the happy life that you were promised by them!

We just passed the "Day of Love" or Valentine's Day, and if we can use in favor of us that powerful marketing strategy to promote love from external sources, we can certainly take advantage of the massive expense and those emotions generated and use them to now direct ourselves to the love that is free, to the love that is true, to the love that is intelligence, that is wisdom, that is healing, that is Universal, that is Divine and that is everywhere, in that secret place within every living organism, every life expression, every nature interaction, every social interaction and that is my wish for everyone in this world that one very near day, we finally find that is the force power that will save an entire humanity bonded by that same force, feeling or emotion as you wish to identify with it!


1. Tamam, S., & Ahmad, A. H. (2019). The Healing Power: A Review on the Various Aspects of the Love-Pain Relationship. Malaysian Journal of Science Health & Technology, 3(1).

2. Ortega D. “Microbiota: More than a Gut Feeling?”. September 10th, 2019.

3. Love as Advanced Mode of Intelligence. July 16th, 2016.

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