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Shaping Your New Identity!

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

What are the major components of your identity? What is your personality when you interact with others in your everyday situations? Are you obsessed with the image you're projecting to the external world? Meanwhile this whole lockdown is happening, the puppeteers are constructing new artificial technology, more gadgets and more directed advertisements to manipulate the way you think! Whether you're seeing or you prefer to be oblivious to those facts! We are marking a new landmark in the world, we're shifting the vibrations towards a very different world, where we can be masters of our own destiny and minds or we'll be more than ever at the expense of what others want to do with us! Therefore, we also need to strengthen our psyche, we need to go within to heal our deepest wounds, we need to empower ourselves to be more truthful to what we want for us! We all possess a divine source energy that comes with the gift of guiding our way towards a more enlightened path! It nurtures are self or consciousness, as you prefer to refer to it! However, we have been programmed and trained to believe that the self is completely dictated by the input of others, and we don't really have too much choices! The self is relational— or even entangled— with significant others and that this has implications for self-definition, self-evaluation, self-regulation, and, most broadly, for personality functioning, expressed in relation to others (1) Indeed, we maintain that an individual’s overall repertoire of relational selves, stemming from all his or her relationships, is a major source of the interpersonal patterns that the individual enacts and experiences in the course of everyday interpersonal life—whether at work, at play, or in therapy (1). This is just one part of the self, that evokes and comes from every past experience, that shares an influence for what we have seen throughout our lives! Nevertheless, this piece of the puzzle in the self could be more seen as the ego traits that we all possess but we don't learn how to control many times and if we let our lives be driven by ego that's our most vulnerable side to be infected by the external media and just be easily driven to react to the demands of almost anyone! More importantly when we dare to navigate into the layers of our deepest desires, when we are bold to question many of the patterns, beliefs and behaviors that we are projecting in our lives, but that we recognize that are not our own, and we acquire more awareness on how we want to shape a new personality in the future, that's when we start discovering the most powerful insights, that will come right from our core beings! They will emerge from a new self that we are able to shape, a self that is detach from the ego wishes, which is more aligned to your best advisor within you..Your Heart! So many times, when were children we listened to the messages and instructions of teachers, parents, or other authority figures! But, we rarely were encouraged to listened to our messages, from the body, the heart, the deepest core of our mind! The social–cognitive model of transference, which undergirds our theory, defines the phenomenon as occurring when a perceiver’s mental representation of a significant other is activated in an encounter with a new person, leading the perceiver to interpret the person in ways derived from the representation and also to respond emotionally, motivationally, and behaviorally to the person in ways that reflect the self–other relationship! (1) Our research has also shown that both chronic and transient sources of accessibility play a role in the activation of significant-other representations (1). Chronic sources derive from the frequency with which a construct has been activated in the past, with high frequency resulting in a construct’s chronic readiness to be activated, or its chronic accessibility (1). By contrast, transient accessibility stems from cues in the environment. For example, cues that perceivers are exposed to prior to encountering a stimulus person are priming stimuli that temporarily increase the accessibility of the construct, thereby heightening its likelihood of activation and use (1). As confirmed by the mentioned research, all of this constructs that our mind is replaying in the subconscious level were ingrained since childhood and throughout our lives! Nowadays, there's even epigenetic reference to how all these emotional environmental messages are permeating in the structure of our blueprint and of course they're also shaping the neural pathways that we are constantly reinforcing and allowing them to ruminate in our minds creating just fictional stories supported by the pain that was also inflicted to us! This is just the essence of how emotional memories are created within us! We are the only ones responsible to clean those memories! As much as we're the only ones able to shift our thoughts towards a more progressive and supportive way of seeing life! Just like the brain possess this amazing ability of plasticity, we also can regress, repair and decodify the message of all our beliefs and just keep what works for us but discharge everything that doesn't match our new intention and outlook! We're about to enter a new stage era in the world where many of the known effects will no longer work, where many of the abilities will need to be updated, improved or reinvented to allow ourselves to keep growing and moving in the direction we want to be in the future! What can you start doing to shape this new identity? 1. Start diving deep in what are the attitudes that you're witnessing in your life that are repetitive, be aware of the patterns! Don't judge yourself, punish or overwhelm about them, just be mindful which are the ones you need to discard! Have a questioning attitude towards them! Meaning, be aware where are you showing them, with what type of person, sometimes even at what time of the day are you more prone to show them! 2. From whom did you pick it up? And what was the purpose of that pattern or belief? Many of the beliefs or patterns we have, come from caregivers, teachers or strong influential people we had, most likely in our childhood stage where we were not aware enough of the damage or the purpose of the pattern! Now, you're completely capable of questioning the pattern or belief and have a sight of it, from an objective perspective that will allow you to see the real value of the belief or pattern. Moreover, it will give you a very clear clue to be able to discern and evaluate if it worthy to be kept in your new inventory of assets to shape your new identity or if it is discharged and set aside as a belief that doesn't match your new vibration! 3. Allow yourself to forgive and emotionally detach from many of the memories and messages that you cultivated with! Many times, the biggest issue of letting go some of the past messages and stories is just because we have just created an emotional link with the person and you're afraid you will be disappointing them if you don't follow the line of thought they had! Other times, that emotional link is so real, that in fact the people that created that pattern or belief in you will try to discourage your new way of thinking, will even dare to threaten his/her love if you decide that you want to think in a different way than they do! This is just a reality, in many overprotective or over-possessive families this kind oof behavior will show up very frequently! It is just emotional blackmail to keep you controlled or where they want you to be, or sometimes even worse where they think other people won't judge you by the way you think! This kind of overprotection and control, just can have one very damaging result! You'll be one more individual shaped with the mold that they think is the one accepted by society! Which will have as a result a very high opportunity to be dominated and set to give in to what others want from you! You're being trained to be a hypocrite with others and also to shut down what you really want, enjoy, feel or sometimes even to be driven to think that your value is defined by how much you're accepted by others! 4. The cornerstone of why many people think that are not worthy is just the way they're being shaped to be condescending with people's wishes and commands, but not educated to discover what is it that makes us happy?, not encouraged to discover what is the destiny that we can design, but more directed to fulfill everyone's expectations, desires and cravings! It becomes so transparent how all these expectations and desires to be "adequate" to the demands of society, starts creating a snowball of low self-esteem individuals that eventually will become people pleasers and will desire the attention of others more than the attention that they can give or have for themselves! This is the key message that has to transcend all of this lockdown stage, we didn't come to this earthly platform, to be able to fulfill the wishes of others, let alone to accommodate our lives to fit the pattern accepted by all! Be careful, as well to understand that these paragraphs are not designed to allow you to be a complete rebel in your life, rejecting advice, support or guidance from the people that love you! It just means that now you're able to find your own path, that you're worthy for who you are and not for what you have accomplished or how complaint are you with the rules or way of thinking within your family or social network! Finding what you like, finding what love in life, assessing your new direction, and finding out what is your true purpose in this short stay on earth, has nothing to do with encouraging a rebellious attitude! Has a lot more to do with discovering your true self, your new identity based on a more solid ground that has a strong foundation in love! The love that you first you deserve to show to yourself in so many ways, by living your body, taking care of the food you eat, by allowing yourself to do physical activity which will clear your system from toxins and taking out all the unwanted chemical debris from your digestion, shaping a new microbiota in your gut and cleaning also toxins from your brain! Accessing a new level of emotional states that now are motivated by a clear vision of who you are and where are you moving to! Reclaiming time for yourself! To reflect in the variety of topics that for sure need a more grounded consciousness and awareness for you to cultivate them! And finally, being able to create gratitude states that will connect you with your inner partner, your heart, which will engage with the new paradigm within you and will start to emanate a powerful coherent vibrational electromagnetic field that will allow your whole body and brain to reset, creating a new homeostatic level! 5. Cultivate your new identity, it is of paramount relevance that you now commit to this new identity, and start developing some mindful practices to nurture the new dimension of your new self! Remember that if you don't engage with your new mindset, with your new way of thinking, and start allowing yourself to read, listen, create a new social network supportive of this new mindset it will be easily dissolved, and most likely you will find yourself driven to repeat the patterns that you had before! Even if you did the homework of questioning them, falling back will be easy, mostly in the recent days or months while you're still shaping this identity! Those are the curves, those are the bumps that you will be given to prove that you're really a new person, that you're really committed to become a higher version! We are all able to do it, but not everyone finds the commitment required to succeed! However, be proactive, hopeful and mostly fall in love with that new version that you want to shape! Gather the resources, create a strong web of support and if needed find a mentor or coach that pushes you through the journey even for the first 3 months while you start gaining traction and confidence! Don't be ashamed of needing help, don't be discourage by anyone that doesn't accept that you're changing, and better convince yourself with every little step that you can, you will and you deserve to succeed! In summary, a few months back when this 2020, a new decade begun, would have pictured that we were going to pass through these times! At least not in the way we're being sometimes directed to feel it! That's why, now more than ever, you will need to work in you, you will need to access your immune strong divine source to guide you through the journey of misguiding messages, toxicity and directed messages sent to predispose you to think you are vulnerable! Create your body, mind and spirit shield based on love and your own truth to access that new version that is within you, waiting for you to decide and let it out! #identity #self #relationships #influence #mind #cognition #shape #empower #inspiration #reflect #coherence #energy #intelligence #feeling #power #healing #beliefs #environment #responsibility #commitment #become #Ortega #davidortegab References. 1. Andersen, S. M., & Chen, S. (2002). The relational self: An interpersonal social-cognitive theory. Psychological Review, 109(4), 619–645.

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