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The Key to Stop Suffering: Appreciate Life!

How many times in your life have you felt when someone or anyone appreciates what you're doing, saying, or contributing? Does it feel similar to not belonging to a place, activity or even to a family?

Well, if you answer yes to any of those questions that is the answer that is also exactly the way your body feels, your heart and your mind feel when you don't appreciate what they're doing for you!

Everything has to start with you first, so that you can be able to share what you have already acquired in you! If you don't start to appreciate more who you are, every single unique trait that you have and that fortunately makes you different from everyone else is hard that you find appreciation in others and let alone in simple facts of life and the environment that surrounds you!

And the perfect analogy is very fresh right now, it had to be a global pandemic the one that awaken in us appreciation for nature, for witnessing the sunrise, sunset, the sounds of the birds singing, the smell of rain, wet soil and trees entering the most blossoming state which was spring!

Doesn't it seem even perfect timing for the pandemic to fall? For half of the world it was spring time, for the other half winter. Two seasons that represent renewal, winter to become stronger with the purification and shedding of the old paradigms, messages, beliefs and letting go the toxicity!

For the other hemisphere of the world spring a time to blossom, a time to take out the best from you, a time to see life as the amazing opportunity of a reset, a new start, picking up just the necessary and helpful things that have happened in your life! Also releasing a lot of baggage, messages, and beliefs that get in the way of letting your best version to come out and shine!

Life, was never meant for you to suffer, to be miserable, or to play the victim! As harsh as it sounds that a choice you have make for yourself every time you choose to repeat the same thoughts, creating the same toxic emotions, reinforcing the toxic habit loop and driving yourself even deeper in despair and in a place where for sure is hard to see anything positive!

However, all those are just consequences of choosing erroneously and not wanting to notice that there's also another choice that life offers you every time you want!

In spite of how sad, depressed or anxious you might be feeling, your higher self, your divine source, god or the universe, whatever name you want to give it! To that amazing powerful force and energy, is always there with you and it will never abandon you!

Every step of your path, is going to be with you, so just have to ask for help, to start moving in the scale of feelings probably from depressed or sad, to angry and frustrated, and then start raising the power and energy to access more positive emotions!

But, how to do it when I'm at the bottom of the barrel? When there's just darkness?

Even in the most chaotic situations, there's a ray of light that begins with appreciation!

Why not instead of forcing yourself to see everything as bad as it can be, you start detaching from that emotional place by finding the reason and the lesson of the situation?

When we engage, in becoming students of life, instead of being the undisciplined, arrogant person that knows it all and complains about everything! Letting yourself be driven by the lesson, by the meaning, will keep your mind busy and ironically will start to ignite the brain region of your prefrontal cortex, which will allow you to see things with a different lens, and from there you will suddenly be able to understand the series of events that might be happening in your life!

You will also be able to start feeling appreciative of the things, as you find that the timing for the things to happen was just perfect! And that happened because you raise a good number of vibrations leading to those events! Meaning that all along, if you dare to go back and see the line of thought that you had, you were already luring those thoughts, emotions and vibrations towards your life!

But probably you were busy looking for someone or something outside to blame and that's why you didn't see it before it crashes into you with a bigger consequence!

It is just when people start texting while they're driving and then some minutes later turn out to be an accident, in the best-case scenario you just damage your car! But in the worst case you could be able to hit someone and cause a serious consequence!

Nevertheless, while you're doing the texting, you don't seem to have the awareness to stop doing it until something happens!

Well, that's exactly how life works, the moment you step away from the appreciation side, which is of course the lane where we all should be, and that in fact is a lot easier to get back to that side if we just witness the amazing set of traits, functions and processing that we are able to do!

And for that let me depict for you a very simple exercise to tune in your appreciation for who you are!

It's better if you close your eyes and you let yourself navigate your whole body, just naming the simplest functions of your body and something that you have perceived with them!

  • Let's start with your eyes, remember the most beautiful scenery that you have had the experience to witness, transport yourself to that place! Describe the place, give as much details as you can so you can start turning on all the emotions in your body to feel as if you were in that place again!

  • Now, move to your ears, what were the most beautiful song, words or speech that you have ever listen, again use your imagination and go to the moment where you listen to those words, where you listen to that song, where you witness that speech!

  • Remember the most amazing fragrance that you have been able to perceive, whether it was some type of flower, the smell of a morning after raining, when you enter the woods, or maybe the way a place smelled that made you also start seeing more details! Or probably the perfume of someone and of course, the feelings that you had for that person that also probably can remind you of something that happened!

  • We are now in your mouth, what has been the most delicious dish that you have ever tasted!, describe the sensation of eating it, remember the restaurant, remember the event, remember who was with you?, place all the details that you can in the experience to even feel that your mouth is starting to salivate and you are even craving the dish or dessert!

  • What has been the most amazing sensation you have had when touching someone or something? Your most heightened experience in terms of touch, can be with a person, can be with the snow, the sand, the water, a massage, just let your imagination flow and also place yourself in that moment, feel the touch, feel the emotions and just relive the experience!

As you can see the exercise was not difficult at all and we pass through all the five senses that you have to perceive life! And of course, those are just one example of each of your experiences, I'm sure that you have plenty more experiences to remember, to relive, to awaken your most valuable quality as a human being and probably as a living being!

Because also animals, insects, worms, trees, flowers, are able to appreciate a lot of things that happen around them! And in fact, all living beings are the most available example that we have of how appreciation can turn a rose that probably was dying, because it was dry into the most beautiful rose if you start watering it and putting maybe some nutrients in the soil!

You can also, if you have a pet, be able to see how simple and appreciative they're with everything you do for them! When you even arrive to your house, for sure they are always happy that you are there and run towards you to feel your touch, to show how much you mean to them!

Well, life and everyone around you can also be appreciative with you if you start being more focused in the positive side of life! If you start seeing the light, when someone else can still choose the darkness!

And here is also something very important to highlight, when you allow appreciation in your life for who you are and pretty much everything around you! You also awaken and are more aware of a compassionate state that can be very helpful to understand that other people around you might be in that dark place, because they don't know how to get out from there, and sometimes many advices in those moments won't work, let alone a sermon of what they should do!

But, what can definitely work for them, and you can just get closer to them, is asking them to narrate an experience that they have had, or if you know them, bring a moment that you know they enjoyed a lot and as much as possible, try to describe plenty of details from the moment, jokes, food, smells, people, music everything that goes with the tour of the five senses that you performed to start feeling better!

And also, just do the talk, nothing else, let them rejoice in those feelings and enjoy them as much as they can!

The next day repeat the dosage, with another even or go beyond and take a picture of some past experience with them, or something that reminds them of those moments that you know they will allow them to feel better!

That's the best way we can help people that find themselves "stuck" in those negative emotions and moments! Just having a spontaneous chat about something that we know they will remember with joy and trying to describe the details, so that they can start reliving the moments and shifting their inner chemistry, releasing a different set of neurotransmitters that eventually will take them to more positive emotions, and also pay attention to that because that's the moment to help them feel empowered and of course appreciated!

This, exercise that we perform with our senses, can also be performed with what you have in your life in terms of the material things that you have, just be careful that if you suddenly find yourself deviating towards negative emotions because you lost something!

Just be aware, open and receptive that everything material is replaceable, and the easiest way to attract more of what you want, is to focus more in what you already have!

And stating that you have already all the things that you want to bring into manifestation, describe them as if you already had them! Place yourself in the appreciative mode to be grateful for everything! Even if it sounds dumb or too simple to be grateful, there are many people that can't even enjoy some of the things that for sure you have!

In summary, we came to this experience to appreciate everything arounds us, I believe that if we choose to be here in this physical experience is because we were able to enjoy the ride! To allow ourselves to be channels of the energy of our higher self to experience the best of it! And to keep attracting more joyful experiences!

So, start with you! And spread the same appreciation for all others around you and everything in your environment!

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