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Welcome the New Reality: Enlightement!

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

As time goes by, as we're starting to move in a different direction, as we perceive that something has already change everywhere! We're being getting ready to open our wings and spread them into a changed world, into a nature's theme, into a consciousness rebellion, into the life we were expecting and craving to see!

Nevertheless, that reality starts within each and every one of us, is a new reality that we need to believe we can create, starting with the way we're perceiving and sensing the world, being more in touch with our inner wisdom that comes straight from the heart, that beats to the rhythm of our thoughts, that strides to the rhythm of our emotions, that impacts to the drum of our consciousness, and that screams in joy to the message of abundance, compassion and love for everyone sharing this physical experience!

It is about time that we start seeing ourselves in others, it is about time that we start detaching from judgement, from division, and creating a much stronger bond that is not feed by any kind of divisive message, that is created by one universal language which is love!

We are going to experience many things from very different points of views, some people will be still scared or overprotective of the situations that they are going to live, some will be more relaxed, confident and hopeful, some will be somewhere in the middle of those sides, but all will want to experience life with freedom to think and be who they want to be! That is for sure a fact!

There's where all of our empathy, compassion and love as to emanate, understanding that every one of us is different and we all have different heart rhythms, all of us have different drums of emotions and all of us have different paces to walk, jog or run!

Nevertheless, most of us will get to the destination that we all want! Which is a complete and utterly space to navigate in wellbeing, peace and love.

I don't know about you, but I perceive that a lot more people is waking up, a lot of people is coming to their senses that they need to care for them, need to understand what is happening inside of them in order to be able to have a different external reflection!

I choose to focus in the positive side of things, I choose to think that the world will unfold in a different direction where more people will open their eyes to see themselves from within, they will start picking up the messages that the outside world is giving them just to deflect the toxicity and embrace the positivity!

That doesn't mean at all, we won't have contrasting situations, there has to be some point of contrast, which sadly sometimes it will also be stronger or bigger, but if we choose to pay more attention to all the positive, if we start believing more in the power that we have within us as humanity to become an orchestra of healing and loving vibrations! Then we will certainly achieve the purpose of co-creating a different reality!

One that emanates different messages to the new generations that are just growing up and they're eager witnesses of how as adults we will behave in this different reality, they will pick up the emotions that we are showing, they will pick up the examples that we're acting to them, they will pick up the empathy and compassion that we can have for others!

If we take this pausing time, as the best opportunity to reset everything in our lives then we will certainly achieve a better starting point, we will be able to see the past as all there it is, lessons, takeaways to not repeat the paths that we now know are toxic!

To stop the divisive messages, to gain perspective on the things we want to cultivate and make them grow faster, to eventually blossom and giving us a lot of fruitful results that we will certainly be joyful and grateful to witness them!

If all of these situations that we're living have a purpose in the timeline of humanity is to clearly mark a new beginning, is to set to time frame to a new era, is to allow us to see that now we are part of this renaissance, where the expected human being will be more insightful, will prioritize his/her wellbeing, will learn to harness all his/her power from within to ignite a new set of thoughts, that will in turn produce a new set of emotions, that will reflect in a completely different set of behaviors!

That's what we want to depict in our clean canvas!

If you were given an opportunity to make a drawing, assuming that you're a natural artist and you can create a work of art, what is the world you would like to see?

Why not let ourselves be carried away with our imagination, with that powerful creativity that we had when were children and we started to loose it as soon as we thought we were growing up!

Often times we thought or many times people made us believe, growing up was supposed to be less fun and more worried about single details, many times we received a incongruent message of enjoying the things we wanted to do but following the directions of someone else!

However it is never late, to start loosing the messages that are creating resistance within you, we have everyday the opportunity to perform a reflection of what kind of messages are still productive and resonating with us, and which ones are not matching the intentions that we have, are not matching the direction that we want to embark on!

Those are the first steps to start aligning yourself with the new future reality you want to create!

The more time you invest in knowing yourself better in terms of all the reactions that sometimes you have and you're not proud of, tracking all those behaviors to the feelings that you're having, tracing those feelings to the emotions that you have been having, then you will certainly understand that it all comes down to be at peace with you, to have more attention to your messages, to be less distracted to what other people want you to think, to be more open to listening the internal voice that sometimes may seem is whispering, but if you pay more attention, it is already screaming for you to listen!

However, it is hard to listen or to be concentrated in something important, when the external noise is too strong, isn't it?

What is the best action that you can take when the external noise gets louder?

Pause, breathe, don't say a word and just go within, touch your heart, feel the beats, interpret the rhythm, and let the noise pass without paying any attention to it! Is just a truck noise passing by, it is just some noise that external people is producing for you to be distracted, for you to be obliterated of how you're feeling, it is just there to engage you into some mindless and reckless behavior to consume or believe something, that is designed to create a chain reaction of distraction and shallow emotions and feelings!

Instead, when you leave the noise to simply pass, when you allow yourself to listen to the most important voice, that is the voice that comes straight from your heart! That's when you will feel that you're being liberated, that's when you're going to feel alive again, and ironically it is also when you're going to feel free!

Free to create, free to give, free to grow, free to expand, free to merge with the energy that is just waiting for you, that is constantly emanating from the source, from the earth, from god and the universe to give you what you now know you want!

Because all these process of not paying attention to the noise, and concentrating more in your messages, is just giving you all the right vibrational field that you need in order to attract what you want!

You are starting to become aligned, you're starting to place yourself in the spot where you wanted to be!

The new science of life, the emerging spirituality that we are going to have and experience is exactly what has been here all along, however we were being misguided, we let ourselves be carried away with incongruent messages, vibrations that just wanted to direct us to being more divided, to create more separation either with the skin color, nationality, language, traditions, religion, etc!

In the end and at the core we all are the same energy, an energy that is part of an amazing source, that is never-ending, that is full of possibilities, that has all the answers, but that needs your attention, that needs your five full senses concentrated in the kind of experiences that you want to develop, create and attract!

Let's just picture all of these reflections into a powerful and common example:

What happens to you when you wake up and the first thing you do is check your feed of social media, or your emails?

If you're completely honest, more than 80% of the times you're going to experience anxiety, other times you'll probably get angry for some sad or alarming news, other times you will be worried of how the "external situation" seems to the ones feeding your platform, other times you will feel frustrated because "nothing seems to be changing", and we can continue the list of toxic emotions!

Can you imagine that was the first thing you did in the morning, then you're setting your mind to "react or respond" to other people's worry, anger, frustration or desperation, and the source of all those feeding messages will always be the same, will be the news, will be the producers of that kind of toxic information, that they manage to make them viral and be spread all over the platforms that they know you will be checking!

Hence, if you're not selfish, and start your days with you, with the messages that come from you, from listening your heart and breath, from listening in meditation the peace and harmony that you have and that you can produce! It is most likely that all your day will be directed to be chaotic and toxic!

But if you become selfish, and start your days with a beautiful meditation, with a wonderful walk in nature, with a connection with silence and listening to your heart and inner voice, and from there you start visualizing how do you want you day to be, what type of emotions do you want to experience and produce, how fulfilling do you want your interactions to be, then I assure you, you will have a completely different day!

You will start catching, perceiving and emanating the magic that you have within yourself, you will be able to assemble the small puzzle of our day with the right pieces to create your work of art!

And from there, you will not want to do anything different but repeat it, by repeating it, you will start creating a habit, a loop of positive feelings, a shield of loving vibrations, an expansion within you that will attract everything you want to your life right in the moment when is supposed to be with you!

That is the new reality we all can engage with, that is the new reality we can start creating and believing we can be the new producers of it! And expand those types of feelings and emotions to create a viral society of love, compassion and empathy were we can all co-exist with nature and share the world we were supposed to experience!

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