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What Can You Learn from Your Seasons?

Everyone of us is placed on earth to be connected with nature whether we enjoy it or sometimes it doesn't look as thrilling as playing a mindless game over a tech device, nature is around us to teach us so many insights, so many lessons, that we're constantly oblivious about them and if we just pay more attention we wouldn't be as obsessive compulsive to live by!

I'm guessing many of you have through the rainbow of emotions and actually if you were conscious enough you have notice that during winter your mood tends to be more self-centered, sensitive and prone to react.

Well that is not a surprise and in addition of now being also triggered by the amount of people selling things, of the immense amount of distractions. our bodies and internal circadian rhythms are just an amazing symphony that also needs renewal and the light, lower temperature and just the fact that you consciously know that you're closing a cycle have a lot to do with your internal emotional state.

Nevertheless, if we like nature, become more reflective of this kind of energy cycles, of internal clocks and we listen to what our bodies are telling us, then we would more compassionate, empathic and congruent with the way we feel and that can give us as a result a more productive and meaningful evaluation of our lives.

Just like when the trees start losing their old leaves and dropping all the excess of "luggage" winter is designed so that you release all your toxic emotions, all the things that maybe you were supposed to do but you didn't, all the projects that maybe failed but also that means two very important things: 1) You release things, project and "failures" to extract the meaning, to learn the lessons and 2) You allow space for the new to come, you start becoming more resilient, stronger and hopefully you mature with all the lessons that were present in your life and as a result you become an improved version!

If you just take winter lightly to start having as much fun as possible, to "relax" recklessly and enter a victim mode or a zombie mode , then probably your life will just feel like a repeated movie, like a continuous struggle and then you are just increasing the possibilities of doing the same and each year becoming a worst version, more reactive, less mindful, more aggressive or bitter that in the end will find no meaning or way out for many of the things that are happening in your life.

Instead if you find meaning, if you evaluate, if you compromise and embrace the lessons deeply your destiny is in your hands and when the spring comes you'll be more than ready to blossom, to start allowing yourself to create a more meaningful and powerful version of you that will just spread joy, energy and will be able to infect others with the same spirit of help, of community, of compassion which hopefully can generate a chain reaction, even if it is at your "small community" or family level.

Generating a fruitful spring, a valuable blossom season will not only help you to keep the momentum of growth, but will also increase the probability of having more meaningful thoughts, emotions which will create challenging actions that will continue the growth path.

Spring was designed to be the most creative season of the year, the time to reinvent yourself, the time to be risky and bold with your decisions, the time to test and try new paths because is the most energetic seasons as everything in nature is suffering a metamorphosis and is literally reinventing the result, is redesigning the internal assets to reborn and create a new version of you that this time starts feeling empowered, motivated and inspired to live life with a deeper meaning, with a greater connection, with an insightful process of becoming alive, awake and ecstatic to embrace life with all the beauty, with renewed expectations not based on external triggers but more deeply rooted in all your internal process of reflection, growth and new knowledge about yourself and your emotional insights.

If we just follow the sequence and end up having a very bold and deep spring season, who knows?, maybe you just end up having an amazing summer which is now a time to recollect results to enjoy the juice of the fruits, to delight yourself with your new decisions, even if some of them turn out not to be as you expected, if you really did the work during winter, then you'll see the struggle as a meaningful consequence and teaching experience. If you didn't rooted the learnings and experiences in winter then probably even with a joyful spring you might find yourself in a pickle during summer thinking that your decisions were not the best.

On the other hand, if you did the work in winter and you rooted deeply the lessons and experiences then you'll probably even feel grateful for the failures, because then you will understand that the path for you was another, that the universe had prepared for you a much bigger surprise than the one that you might pictured.

And then your summer will just give enough end products to keep the momentum, to surprise yourself of how much you can achieve and to even design something more with all that positive energy.

Summer is a time to experience life at the fullest, to enjoy your new version, to embrace those new projects or decisions, and as mentioned to even savor the struggle or “failure” and see it as a great teacher to course correct your life and find that new path that you probably need or that with some help of the universe will start to shine so you can follow the trace. In fewer words is a time to allow the process of maturation just like the fruitful harvest that you can witness in nature, during summer many of the “products” that were seeded are ending their process of maturation.

It is also a time to physically take care of your body, to gain strength and energy for the upcoming season where you will have a second chance to pursue a transformation and to experience some bold decisions but now you’ll need to be stronger and wiser because right after autumn you’ll have a renewal season to let go but with some emotional lows that might not be uplifted with a beautiful weather or with enough light, which exactly why your physical and emotional strength has to be strengthened enough to withstand any possible consequences that you might not expected.

Moving forward in the sequence we’re arriving to autumn, which if we’re more curious to what happens in nature, we might pick up some valuable lessons that could be completely applied to our lives.

During autumn is now the perfect time where you will be able to experience a full maturation process, where now your new projects or decisions were already tested and experienced, is a time to accept the changes and to still be able to transition to a different lens and perspective of your life to finally put that last brush to your piece of art that you have been refining throughout the year, is a time to root deeply your confidence, to embrace that new role in your life that you chose and be able to flow with it in order to be able to expand.

It is also a season where you’ll be able to experience different layers, different perspectives, and you’ll be able to give a smaller or maybe a larger twist to your life but with the mindset of liberating space for winter in order to plant the seeds needed to create that profound reflection in your life. A time where you can start investing in your mind training in your cognitive abilities in order to be able to acquire now a mental maturity to be prepared for winter reflection and for the effect of less light and cooler temperatures that biologically will decrease your energy levels and that could have repercussions in your emotional state as well.

Therefore investing time in your cognitive abilities during the autumn season , trying to increase the level of awareness that you have in your overall health status and strengthening your mind will help you transition your winter as a very peaceful and insightful experience instead of being just a melancholic and probably painful experience.

Your autumn season as well as in nature could be one of your most colorful seasons in terms of the insights that you might generate, is not just about expecting life to bring the lessons and react to them, without even having the preparation and resilience that you could have if you are more proactive and use the energy flow of life to impulse your intentions to really allow and use your human abilities to extract the most of each time of the year.

Nature is always there for us, with the most meaningful and powerful ingredients that you need for your life, but many times we give that for granted without noticing the clues that are all around us and that if we were more awake and aware we could be witnessing and experiencing with a lot more meaning and pleasure. As well as extracting more the energy that is coming with each of the season that in the end is part of us and impact our circadian rhythms, so why go against with it? Why resisting to change and flow with Mother's Earth wisdom and energy?

Often times our lives become entangled, twisted or complicated because we are producing those effects with our attitudes of not caring about the basic things, but caring about the mindless things such as giving a "fake or produced" image to some people outside just so that "they" can admire us, they can relate us, or even worse they can pity us and stay because we're victims of the external mess and we couldn't do anything else but succumb to the will of "bad luck" and then of course we feel trapped in a cage were we intentionally but unconsciously lost the key.

Our pure and essential nature is to be curious, is to be inquisitive, amazed, appreciative, full of love and kind but through the course of our lives and many times with an unconscious education or simply due to erratic messages from our parents or caregivers that also did the best they could with the tools, consciousness and awareness that they had, we end up peeling off the best qualities that we were born with, to transform into human beings that are immersed in the stressful, chaotic and many times unconscious external reality and what is worst with the concept that we can't do a lot of things, as we thought or as we would have liked, because according to the overplayed messages of society and marketing we're doomed to be responsive, reactive and if we are lucky things just might go well and probably we will achieve what we wanted.

The victim mode is often programmed since childhood, a powerless state is the most common way to "raise" your children, just because is what works, is what you need to be prepared in a world full of "mean" people, were things are increasingly becoming more difficult and above all if you add the ethnic component and often seeded mentality that just due to your nationality or color of the skin you'll have it more difficult that is just the cherry on the cake to finally declare you another one that literally will bite the dust and will have a series of limiting beliefs that of course afterwards it will be more challenging to get rid of.

Many people that "luckily" encounter the path of self-discovery, reflection, inner knowledge and spirituality end up having to do a deep inner cleaning process and also dive deep into all of those created layers that just made a good portion of our lives to be lived unconsciously and in a reactive mode, strengthening the messages that life was tough and that the world was a "mean" place.

Hence is not at all a surprise, that our beliefs of going against the flow, against nature, against our inner and divine structure is the common denominator of most people.

And once you become conscious, you start gaining knowledge of your inner self, you start awakening all of your wonderful assets from within, don't be surprised that many of your "friends" start either seeing you strange, judging you or simply stepping away from you.

Instead of feeling surprise, feel relieved and grateful that the people that stay with you, that supports you, that does something to spread your message or get curious about what you're doing and why you "suddenly" seem so happy, aligned, at peace and full of energy, all of them are the people that really valued your core essence, are the people that no matter how you "transform" into a much better version of you will be there for you.

However, there is a huge reward for being brave to know yourself, for being committed with your deep truth and that is ..the amazing blessing that you'll be given a new sight, a potent lens that will more than high definition clarity, to see the world as it really is, to see that you were placed on the most amazing spot that you could be, that there are a lot more kind, loving, compassionate and exceptional people and now it will be the time to start synchronizing with them, attracting another kind of experiences, and being the witness of many things that people told you just existed in fairy tales.

Moreover, you'll able to identify and now be able to align easily with your true passion and once you start practicing it, once you're start doing it, acting on it and letting yourself be impregnated with the love for it, you will be given the second most precious gift, the power to help others, to give and share what you learn through all your journey and by doing it, you will just feel so blessed, so connected and awake that now life will become the reflection that you probably had when you were a child before all those toxic messages penetrated your mind.

In summary, our lives since the moment we were born, and probably even since the our conception, are aligned with nature, are part of a higher call, are built with a divine set of abilities and tools that many times are just not recognized or "believed" due to culture, due to society, due to limiting beliefs but we truly are blessed, the challenge is to now educate a new mindset for parents to cultivate and create a new generation that starts thinking differently, that starts maintaining their layers in spite of limiting beliefs or messages, to allow them to turn inward, to know their body, mind and spirit fully in order to be able to preserve their access to the world that they are already witnessing!

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