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Your New Best Asset: Inner Peace!

Updated: May 24, 2020

As we enter a new phase in this whole disruption that eventually was needed to find balance again, many of us might feel challenged by the state of things everywhere, however we have had a period of inner reflection that hopefully you used up for own benefit to know yourself better.

Hence, all the work that you have performed about yourself is now ready to be tested in an environment where your biggest asset will be for you to stay calm, centered and fulfilled with what you are, with what you feel about yourself and with the acknowledgment that you have all the tools needed to overcome the situation!

What can I do to assemble a strong peaceful and fulfilled state within me?

Part of being at peace and satisfied is about learning to witness your thoughts without judgement and seeing the message that they want to convey to you, as you start becoming more conscious and aware of the kind of thoughts that you are having, you will be able to decipher the perception that you are having of the things that are happening around you.

By doing that you can keep digging more with some simple questions:

- Why is this event making me feel insecure or fearful?

- What is this person doing that bothers me and who am I being reminded of?

- In this moment do I have everything I need?

- What are the things that I can control in this situation?

By just posing the questions even though you probably won't have all the answers right away, you're priming and challenging your mind to start opening up the prefrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain that will help you figure out the message of the situation.

Decodifying the message that is behind the uncomfortable or triggering experience you will be able to reclaim your attention and start navigating through calmer waters!

So much time we have been conditioned to believe that being successful, that having the most trending stuff to show off with our social circle, to even compare the amazing parenting that we are doing and just depicting an artificial setting in social media to gain satisfaction is the ultimate goal to feel happy, loved and fulfilled!

Nevertheless, that message is the complete opposite of what we have learned after being in a pause for a couple of months.

Experiencing this stillness, the peace that was felt in the streets if you were taking short walks at any time in the day, enjoying the silence is hectic cities where you never imagine there could be some silence, not having to dress up because you know that you I are not going out and you are working at home, realizing all the things that you do have!, by simply being able to have a roof under your head and food to eat!

All of those experiences that are priceless, that for sure were never sponsored by any type of brand, and certainly were never encouraged by almost any kind of media outlet!, with the exception of the platforms that predicate those values! All of that knowledge that was being derived from living that kind of life for two or three months, gave all the people a different perspective of the things, in spite of the struggles that also many people experienced by feeling lonely, by having arguments with their partners or their children.

The most valuable lessons that we can extract from all this time, in my humble opinion, are:

- That material things are just coming and going, and are never the source of peace or happiness, except for the basic things to survive and be comfortable;

- Your peace and fulfillment with your own life, comes more from the fact that you have done the best effort in what you have done, that you share your knowledge and help others feel good, and all the experiences that you have enjoyed throughout your life!

- That not having the need to dress for anyone, to show off what you have, to be anxious of the things that social media offer, to experience stillness at the deepest levels and to engage with nature in a more integrated form by just witnessing its majestic lessons, certainly make you lighter and give you a profound sense of peace that nothing material will ever replace!

- Having time to reflect on many things that you did in the past and probably were not your best behavior or performance, now suddenly surface the meaning that you had a lot of pain, resentment, anger or frustration within you!

- Becoming an observer of your thoughts is the most helpful, creative and releasing experience that you could construct, to start learning what are the limiting beliefs, what are the emotional wounds, what are the patterns that you still need to work on!

- Experiencing a different variety of emotions is sometimes needed in order to realize that there are some underlying issues we haven't been able to completely address and work on, and ironically those emotions will only appear in your life when you allow space, when you are challenged by a complete different situation or setting and when you are face to a certain type of crisis, that offers you an opportunity to grow!

Then, the obvious question after assessing this new whole outlook comes to your mind.

What can I do to develop a more sustainable ritual or routine to be at peace?

Well, that is just going to come when you start having a clearer picture of the things that disturb your peace and how can you handle them better to detach from the effect they are causing you and address them one by one.

These are a list of steps that can you start creating in order to feel more relaxed and flow more with the meaning of things:

1. How do you start the morning is key to project the type of vibration and the type of emotions that you want to have, of course there are no guarantees about how the day may unfold, some things can just show up, but by aligning yourself with the type of peace you want to develop then you'll have a much higher opportunity to maintain your emotions throughout your day!

2. Set up small reminders in your phone, post-its or cues so you can maintain that state throughout the day, this is the easiest way to handle the possible struggles or surprises that you might have in your day and that will also allow you to come back to your main perspective to maintain your peace, to keep strong and that you are able and believe in yourself! Choose a very small line or word that reminds you to be at peace!

3. During your day, remember to have breaks in between your work, it is proven by science that our brains as much as they have a great capacity to concentrate and keep doing things for probably ten or twelve straight hours, you might end up just completely drain of energy, but if you design your day to have a 5 minute pause every 50 minutes that will allow your brain to recover and come back refreshed and with more energy to keep going!

4. Try to design your days to fit a space to have social interactions, careful here I'm not saying social media distractions!, I am taking about calling some friend that cheers you up, or seeing someone to have a coffee, dinner or a meal! Or if you don't find anyone available design a hobby that you really enjoy such as reading, taking a long bath, listening to a beautiful playlist that relaxes you and just close your eyes for some minutes, painting, journaling and of course exercising or walking can also do the trick!

5. Unplugging yourself from every external noise and outlet of information, to be in touch with your inner voice, to be more in tune with what you're feeling, with all of the sensations that you're experiencing in your body, and all the things that are happening through your ming might be the ultimate tool that you need! You can achieve this detachment by practicing meditation, listening to nature sounds, classical music, being in contact with nature!, journaling about how you're feeling. There's no tool that will work for every one of us, you might just try them all and start assessing what are the best ones that work for you!

Overall, the purpose of keeping yourself at peace, by maintaining a good emotional and energy stamina, is something that in the long run will allow you to look in you the best tools that you have and start addressing them with ease and with patience!

It is clear that in these uncertainty and soon to be a noisy season again, it is challenging to keep your peace, to deal with the emotions that probably you also generated from this period if you didn't allow time for you to start knowing you more!

But that is just the flavor, the curves and the rollercoaster of life! Therefore, we might just enjoy all the spins, all the ups, the downs because through the experience of all the range and rainbow of moments, emotions and challenges is the only sure way we're going to grow!

Being steady, being always in control of everything is just something unrealistic, and that's also a possible symptom that many people experience! Trying to control everything!

We have to make peace with the situations, with enjoying the seasons where everything seems to fit, letting go and flowing with the struggling seasons, squeezing the lessons of the things that sometimes are going to be there to test us, to hurt us and why not to experience some pain that in the moment might feel uncomfortable and sometimes unbearable! But, by maintaining a student mindset of what is the pain, the situation and the struggle trying to teach you, you will be able to surrender and flow!

When you allow yourself to flow then you will start opening the book of lessons that are just going to show up for you, making the moment appear a lot more accessible to you and being able to cope with it, to embrace and receive the teaching and to move on!

Because remember that nothing stays forever, every moment is passing us by, and the painful situations or experiences will also pass you by and if you were mindful with them they will leave you amazing messages and knowledge! Which is something that in the end will allow you to become more resilient, stronger and a better person!

The final advice to maintain your peace is to stay in the now! To embrace the moments, to return always to the here and now, that will always allow you to live the situations with the underlying message that they are just that experiences that you need to live and enjoy!

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