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Your New Reality: Infinite Possibilities!

We have lived in a movie/story that is getting old-fashioned, an era of action and reaction, a time were our whole energy was concentrated on the exterior things and then we were headed or directed to a change. Now, finally we are waking up from that dream and realizing that life generates and comes all from within and just as when you project a movie, you are now more aware that what is being reflected has everything to do with what you are thinking.

The old models of physics were based on the Newtonian model and some of them still appear to be true when we are just obsessed with what our senses can see. However the physics model of quantum theory and all the concepts related to this field go back to the phrase "quantum mechanics" was coined (in German, Quantenmechanik) by the group of physicists including Max Born, Werner Heisenberg, and Wolfgang Pauli, at the University of Göttingen in the early 1920s, and was first used in Born's 1924 paper "Zur Quantenmechanik" (1).

From those years to more or less 1970’s and 1980’s the new paradigm of particles moving through time without being able to localize a particle in specific position and time, renders a new concept where reality seems to be dynamic but happening most likely at the same time, this can be understood if you picture yourself in a house of mirrors where you have several reflections and just one “real” you, however what is the point of all this scientific approach of particles, several realities and you?

Well, this quantum physics model is now being applied more seriously into a healing setting from many scientific approaches, which allow you to use your inner capacity of keeping yourself in this moment of time and becoming a beam of energy so refined that you can access future realities and attract to you the new reality that you want for your life. As mystical as it sounds, this new approach is based on several scientific concepts of quantum physics which allow your conscious energy to travel in time and heal, access, generate all the conditions in your life to start generating synchronicities in your life.

According to Capra (1975), many difficulties that currently exist in the world are medicated on a crisis of perception similar to the crisis in physics in the 1920s. Capra (1982) stated that the concepts of space, time, and matter conceptualized in subatomic physics imply a reality that cannot be understood through the view of the Cartesian-Newtonian model of science. Capra (1982) contended:

What we need, then, is a new “paradigm”; a new vision of reality; a fundamental change in our thoughts, perceptions, and values. The beginnings of this change, of the shift from the mechanistic to holistic conceptions of reality, are already visible in all fields and are likely to dominate the present decade (2).

Quantum physics provided a new paradigm that told us how mind and matter are correlated. It indicates that mind or consciousness plays a major role in the construction of reality because in it we have this facet of life that says, “Observation of objects in reality affects their reality.” In other words, it isn’t just a question of consciousness arising from particles banging into each other in your brain—which is the way many scientists tend to look at it—but it’s more that what we imagine to be particles banging into each other is what gives rise to waves of possibilities (3).

From physics to the world, we were presented with these concepts almost now 5 decades ago taking into account the statements above, a stronger revolution of this quantum physics concepts began being applied by some of them in the 80’s, however many people believed that was pure mystical experiences or pure magical thinking, which in my point of view, it is magical, however the public was not yet prepared for that shift of consciousness in that time, and we would really made a difference if we had embrace those concepts.

The effects of unctuousness, of looking a reality from the materialistic stand point has just brought so much destruction of nature, drastic changes in climate, huge impact in mental and physical health that we are now approaching a turning point, where if we keep being stubborn, skeptical, indifferent and egoistic we’ll cave our own tombstones with a generic phrase for everyone stating “didn’t care about living”.

However, this approach of quantum physics and the concept of being more conscious on what we think, what we feel and how we act is the keystone to start being more responsible and start looking in our internal universe to heal, to change the software, to let the old stories die, to renew and to embrace the concept of infinite possibilities which is also now linked with many theological concepts, without mentioning any in particular, most of them in their scriptures, by their enlightened personalities proved the concept that we are part of that universe, we are part and made from that divine energy, and we are all made of that same energy independently of any man created boundaries, we all share and have infinite possibilities which will only become a reality when we are able to access that sweet spot of leaving our physical world and become energy, even from some brief moments in time.

Using the power of our mind, using the power of meditation we can arrive to that point where we merge with the divine energy, however there are some pre-requisites to get there… Are you willing to meet them?

First of all there has to be an alignment of your heart and your brain which is the most powerful connection that we have to synchronize and generate a strong coherence between what we feel (heart) and what we want (brain);Access from a gratitude state, no one would like to be around people that only asks for things but is not able to give something first many proverbs said first give in order to have space to receive; Stop anchoring yourself to the past version of your life, leave the backpack full of emotions, pain, regret, or any kind of negative emotion out of you, otherwise you will only be thinking about that and not being able to dissolve into healing energy;Be patient with yourself, if it were easy, we would have been a different world by now, it takes time to get used to the fact that you will transform on energy, that you will be able to access a future reality and due to your vibrational synchrony you will pulled it to you; Become a healing power with your own experience, help others (that want to be helped), give and share your wisdom, create synergy in the physical world, because that means just a simple concept you’re paying it forward it will always and for sure come back to you multiplied !!

Capra (1982) noted two principal dynamic phenomena of the general systems view:

Self-renewal—The ability of living systems continuously to renew and recycle their components while maintaining the integrity of overall structure. . . .

Self-transcendence—The ability to reach out creatively beyond physical and mental boundaries in processes of learning, development, and evolution.

The principles of the new paradigm include emphasis on (a) relationships rather than isolated parts, (b) inherent dynamics of relationships, (c) process thinking, (d) holistic thinking, (e) subjectivity, and (f) autonomy (2).

Highlighted by the previous paragraph of the quantum model and how it can be translated to our physical present reality, we can clearly see that our journey of self-renewal were we grow, repair and maintain our own integrity is coupled to a self-transcendece concept which includes the relationship of ourselves with others and then expanding the energy shared by all of us into a concept of compassion, of selfless actions which will irradiate positive healing vibrations towards the people we interact with and eventually that phenomena can be repeated by others creating a more coherent field o energy which will allow us to replicate, maintain and self-renew the healing energy, let’s say in a community first.

Of course that this model implicates, taking your ego out of the equation, because it is the ego that has been stopping us from moving to this paradigm, as we are being bombarded by self-diminishing messages form everywhere because this model is seen as a threat to the narrow mind paradigm that resources are limited.

Every spiritual and now scientific concept states that we were created from an infinite source, with the same kind of expansive properties, with the same kind of selfless boundaries that should have being the primordial soup to create a sustainable environment where we all be able to help each other, learn from each other and transcend by evolving into a better version of ourselves.

This physical earth was not created to be divided, to be limited, much less to be destroyed or given. Nature is the nest example of this renewal and transcendence principles, the circle of life in nature is always represent as a powerful network where all creatures and living beings are part of renewal cycle and evolving species receive the energy from less evolved species in order to maintain life in an ecosystem.

Those same concepts are being applied in your inner biological universe, where all the cells, nutrients, minerals and every particle that gives you life cooperates and works in a perfect symphony to maintain your homeostasis, your health, your renewal phenomena inside of you, that you might not notice, bu they are happening all the time, while you’re alive!.

And who interferes with that perfect rhythm and cycle?

The primitive selfish mind, the primitive selfish ego that is not even able to be grateful for all those incredible phenomena that give rise to your perfect balance. Instead, those two entities created for a false conception of “limited/narrow mind” are the ones that keep you in your same reality, in your repetitive toxic thoughts, toxic relationships and pretty much toxic life.

Sounds harsh, but it is the plain truth, however even with those two primitive entities along your journey of life, most likely you have found opportunities where you would have been able to break those cycles, however you might not even see them because you were too self immersed in your victim role. Thus, in order to leave the victim role and see the opportunities to get out of that old primitive model where everything is practically assigned to you by your “destiny”, you have to be able to reclaim your own power, will and self-discipline to start listening your inner self, to start looking inward instead of outside, to start paying attention to your inner voice and software, to be able to reset your life and acquire the empowerment you need to move in a directions where infinite possibilities await for you and are right at your conscious tip!!.

What is a Fundamental Act of Consciousness (FAC)?

It’s an action in which something is perceived. Now, in ordinary physics, or in ordinary physiology, or in most of the classical realms of science, perception is something which is taken to be within the realm of physicality. In other words, if you visually perceive something (or use any other physical sense perception), you know that you see something and accordingly, e.g., light will strike your retina, you’ll get an idea, something will pop off in your brain, and all this takes place rather mechanically in a logical cause and effect order. We never get the notion that somehow the act of seeing something was affecting what was being seen either in memory or what was being looked at. But in quantum physics we’ve learned that when you’re looking at very small objects, subatomic particles for example, the very action of looking at them disturbs them to such an extent that we never really get a complete picture as to what they actually are. Now, this has led me to think that a field of consciousness may be at the core of this problem. This field may explain how perception affects and changes reality, and that maybe what we’re doing when we’re thinking or feeling or sensing or even listening to a conversation, is creating a FAC. This creation suddenly alters the physical reality of both the human body and the object perceived in much the same manner as quantum physics indicates a particle suddenly arises in the quantum field that harbors it. Furthermore, a careful look at a FAC naturally brings into question the nature of time and mind: how events may affect each other in a time-reversed order in much the same manner that quantum field theory indicates a similar reversal of time order (3).

Perception as stated above is such a powerful asset or liability depending on where you want it to go, if we rely on our old software, in a non updated flow of information, for sure the perception that we will have of our current reality most likely will replay sad, tragic, or limited possibilities in our lives, because that kind of perception based on the past usually brings a pretty significant amount of fear. Nevertheless, if we question that perception and we have work with the control of our thoughts, and we let the perception of a possibility to expand in a different direction, then we most likely paved the way to a much more positive, expanding and successful scenario where we are impulsed by that divine force generated through the practice of coherence between heart and brain (4,5).

It is pretty much a matter of how you want to start deciding and directing your life from now on, whatever story you were living or creating is already in the past, and there’s any logical sense to attach to it, as it cannot be changed, however what you can change, what you can access is a new reality full of endless possibilities, that usually will start with a new probably radical idea, however this new state that you experience once you really commit to working with the premise of knowing yourself and looking inward, is all about generating those radical ideas, experiencing self- generated synchronicities which will of course be unexpected at least from where you thought they could arise, however believing more in that new reality, accepting your new self, loving your new self, synchronizing more and more your internal universe will only lead you to one destination ..your happiness, peace, compassion, love and strong will to serve others as you encounter more and more opportunities to do so!

I encourage you to follow your intuition, to start listening your body, to start allowing your hear and brain to communicate, to align them and create healing coherence, because it is only path to create infinite possibilities of renewal, transcendence, and expand this energy towards others trying to revert the effects of our primitive egos and selfishness, we are still in time to do it, but we have to row in the same direction !!


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