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3 Keys for Coping With Anxiety & Negative Emotions!

Why have you been feeling a little off? What is happening within you that sometimes or some days you feel completely triggered and overwhelmed?

As we move along the new paradigm of reality, more and more people are experiencing the symptoms of being under "control", in lockdown, without really having a clue of what is happening outside, not knowing what will happen in their lives, not have certainty of pretty much anything and just seeing a chaotic type of world!

Well, to give you some comfort, this is all normal, this is what is supposed to happen and every kind of transformation process has to pass through these stages!

If you really give it a lot more thought to every event that is happening outside, this is the path that has to be developed, before everything went "out of control" you were kind of comfortable, because you had a bunch of distractions outside, because you were engaged in reckless or mindless behaviors that kept your life in the "Ok" comfort zone.

Where things were working for you, where you were just passing by, and surviving!

That was the "status quo" of the majority of people! However, neither nature nor anything in the universe is ever in the comfort zone, just passing by, whether you want to accept it or not, then how come you're not able to notice it? Simple, you're "too busy" distracted in the million or billion sometimes of stimuli that you're just perceiving from the outside world! But, what just happened is that the pause button was pressed!

And you don't know what to do with the sometimes the "bunch of time" you had, you don't know what to do if things are suddenly not so easy to fix or handle, because we were used to some kind of flow and it was disrupted by a tiny strange geometrical protein, named virus.

However, this entity, because it is not even alive without a host, needs to infect you in order to survive! Needs your presence in order to replicate, needs your support in order to perform the new changes that we need to go through in order to be able to face a new direction!

So, in order for you to find the strength, stamina, stability, and mindset to go through this process, you also need to be transformed in the flow of life!

What can you start doing in order to be able to cope in a much wiser way to face the new life that we're embarking on?

1. Nothing ever stays the same!

There's always something happening outside of you and even within you, as you wake up, several internal clocks start activating the release of a different profile of hormones that will allow you to have more energy through the activities of your day, as you eat a whole range of internal metabolic pathways have to start working and the profile of hormones changes, your energy starts redirecting its effort to digest the food, dismantle everything and allow you to have the magical molecules that you need to have energy, as you engage in emotional conflicts or you let your perception be altered by people, interactions or events in your day, you're programming your mind with a different kind of thoughts, you're letting yourself be immersed in what other people want, feel and need from you and it is completely normal to get directed sometimes to negative energies!

It is also, in those moments that your profile starts changing and sadly, sometimes these kind of challenges that we face with our emotions are the ones that we deny! Or as they're not physically present we just forget about it! But inside of you, there will be a build up of emotions and you will have different thoughts about your day!

All of these changes happening extremely fast, constant and are the ones that are impacting more your internal homeostasis! Meaning, you're developing a mood, you're raising your stress levels, you're being depleted from your energy!

But all of that happened just for one reason, you let it pass! Sometimes, even if right now you're able to accept it or not, you're the one that is attracting those experiences to your life!

Hence, the easiest thing to do is to just deal with the fact, that everything outside and inside is changing, prepare for the changes, program your mind for the situations that you're going to live, stop living in the spectator seat and move to protagonist!

Be proactive, plan your days, regulate your emotions by meditating, start planning your days, avoid being primed for the first two or three hours in the morning, which means don't check messages, social media or mails!

Tackle first your priorities of the day and then by 11 or 12 pm deal with the outside world, of course as much as you can!

If your job really needs to deal with people and demands from early hours, you still know sometimes which people are the priorities and what kind of issues require more of your attention and just be humble to accept that others people moods or agendas are not in your power, so let them be and let their emotions be deflected!

2. You own the power of your emotions!

The way you feel is only the result of your thoughts, of the kind of perception that you're having, of the kind of stimuli you're allowing in your life! No one else has the power to modify how you feel, unless you allow them to change how you feel! And this means you're choosing to change your emotions for what they say, do or didn't do!

The perception of things doesn't have to only come from the past stories of your brain, doesn't have to be polluted by patterns, conditioning responses or any kind of influence, it can come directly from your best advisor which is your heart! Your body sensations (interoceptive) processing!

Many times when we interact with certain kind of people we almost immediately feel that negative energy around them, we feel that sometimes they're just looking for conflict, they're trying to provoke a response inside of you, but you already know by how you feel inside of you what you should do! Avoid them as much as possible, be extremely objective, direct and blunt with every matter you have to discuss with them!

And if they happen to be a member of your family try the same steps, objective, direct and blunt, change the subject if they just want to be the victims in front of you!

When something has already happened and is giving you a hard time, question the experience, take some minutes to walk and ponder the situation in your mind but trying to find why it bother you, don't try to find why they did it, because that is out of your control! What you can pursue is the root cause of why is triggering inside of you some old feelings or wounds that maybe you still need to heal!

Set a time to deal with that questioning experience, don't allow more than 15 minutes to think about it! And also if you can write the scenario so that you can be able to detach from the emotions and see for yourself that it is really something that is not as important as you thought it was!

3. Cultivate empathy and compassion!

Thinking that you're the only one struggling with this current uncertain situation is not only selfish but it is unreal! Everyone else, and I literally mean everyone, as this pandemic and new stage of the world is being lived everywhere is coping with similar kind of emotions!

Therefore, also be compassionate and try as much as possible that other people are also experiencing some sort of discomfort, disruption and probably even loss of a loved one during these times! Thus, allow some discharge of those emotions, understand that some people have to talk it through but also be very aware of your boundaries, when you start to feel depleted or sad in a way that is also permeating you try to change the subject to a more pleasant situation!

Listen to them, let them take out some of the emotions with you but also try to engage them in an experience of questioning what happened to find a meaning, to find something positive, try to lead them if it is possible to see a light under the darkness that they might be experiencing!

Remember that we are part of a collective experience as well, we're also dealing with the energy that is surrounding us, and trying to contribute with the social circle that we're in contact with, is the best we can do to regulate the energy that we're also going to experience!

Connecting ourselves with a higher experience, trying to help others when able and we they're receptive to it, is also going to help you as well to feel better with yourself, is also going to trigger within you feelings of gratitude and appreciation for your own life! In addition to be able to really produce a shift in the energy that we're receiving, even if you think that a little action of being receptive, listening and sometimes guiding people around you, might not be "a lot", for many it is! For a lot of people right now, what they need is someone to listen, is some empathy, is just a little cathartic moment to release some of the emotions they have been "saving up", but that as we spoke above you really don't save emotions, you build them up and the more you allow that process, the easier it will be for you to be driven to anxious states and more negative emotions!

Overall, these three key steps, practical tips or suggestions as you want to see them! Are just a small contribution I try to do so you can generate a different outlook of your life! Because as I also mention it before, everything will keep changing, because also as a collective society we had already reach a point where we had to take a big leap into a different kind of seeing the things, we had to be reshaped into a much wiser, conscious and more resilient type of human beings!

We had a good run of having things comfortable, sort of "easy", and now is time to push harder, is time to access a higher level of awareness and connecting more with the inner wisdom that we have inside!

Along everything that is happening around us, there's always a better reason, a wiser energy that is taking care of us and is allowing to get to the destination in small steps, but we also need to be positioned in a more proactive role of also moving with the energy, generating a change inside of us, opening up our hearts to guide us, remodeling our temples (body) into a healthier tool that will allow us to navigate these new challenging streams that are being presented to us!

Therefore, avoid what you already know that is harmful for your own health, stick to the basics, which will always be a very reliable way of facing the future!

Care for what you do with your body, how you exercise, how you eat, how much you sleep, find ways to decompress and release stress! Play, imagine, be curious again, let that child inside of you give you the hope you need!

Meditate, journal, reflect, be in silence, be grateful for what you have and where you are! Envision a new life, construct your own model to live in these changing environment! Pick up the lessons and always look for the meaning and positive in every experience!

And for sure you, me and everyone around us will be a light of hope, will be an opportunity to spread positive energy, to create a ripple effect that we need in this turbulence to get some stabilization and help from the universe and nature!

We just need to compromise with the only person that we certainly can change...You!

Take the leap and accept the challenge with your most positive outlook for life!

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