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Align Yourself to Create Your New Life!

How many times have you listen to the phrase align yourself? What does it really entail to be in alignment? Is everyone able to do it?

In fact, we're all born in alignment, we are set up to discover the joy of life, to be curious, to engage in new experiences, to start being dazzled by the beauty that this earthly experience can give us! However, many times, we can get distracted, we receive a set of beliefs and patterns born from the culture that we chose and those are the ones that will interfere with our divine nature!

Nonetheless, our internal flame, our energy within labelled as soul is in charge of giving us direction all the time, there will be a lot of signs, that will appear as people, interactions, places, skills that we will need to acquire, voices, books, messages, nature experiences that will call your attention, that you probably in the moment won't understand so clearly the why, but you will feel it! It will be that strong sensation that will make you want more, that will turn on your curiosity to go deeper, and that will mark your change of direction!

Of course, that there will be challenges, obstacles, struggles because all of those are going to "test" your real interest to get out of the place where you are and access a whole different setting!

Additionally those challenges will be given to you as a tunnel to transform your abilities that you will start encountering throughout your way, that you will start to decodify, to figure out what is the underlying message of that experience, encounter or lesson and how you can make it your new set of instructions to unfold the path that you are supposed to walk now!

A lot of times in our lives we ended up doing things that at those moments felt strange, felt kind of out of place, or were simply "shallow" things at that time, but all of them were leading to something, if you exercise your memory, you will remember them, you will be able to pick up the pieces and see where they belong in the puzzle of your life!

You will be able to notice that the piece was a "missing link" between you ending up with a completely different path or a different partner that probably was not supposed to be in your destiny!

In that amazing exercise of going back in your life, you will also notice how you have changed through all the experiences that have happened to you, you'll be able to see your evolution and see the clues that you had at certain points in your life! By doing that recounting of stories, facts, people, experiences and lessons you will suddenly be placed in a gratitude place where your confidence will be boosted, you will also feel empowered to give the leap towards a different kind of life!

Now, you will be in the perfect spot to start constructing the new aligned vision that you want for yourself and for your family and environment!

It is time to design the model of alignment the you want to pursue!

Let's start with the feelings of that new aligned version! Why the feelings first?

Because, feelings, are the secondary effect of an emotion, and we need to build a strong navigation system that is made up by your emotions to set off the boat in the right direction!

In addition to that, an emotion is preceded by your intention to get to that spot and followed by the feeling which gives you the experience in advance of having it available in a manifested form! That helps, your brain to wire the connections, to start building the networks, the connections, the paths that will need to follow to get to the beacon of light that will be your goal!

Moreover, whenever we let ourselves be immersed in a positive emotion, a very important area of your brain will be lighted up, which is your prefrontal cortex area, you will be able to be transported to the situation that you want to experience, even if right now appears as something that is far from your reach!

The blend of your intention, with the emotion and the feeling is the perfect wellness psychostimulant cocktail that you can create to ignite the power of your creativity, to feed more thoughts, ideas, resources, clues on what you will need for the road!

Everyone of us have experienced that feeling when we are planning our vacations, when we pick the spot where we want to go, when we start researching some pictures, spots, or things to do in the place that we're going to visit!

We almost immediately feel the excitement of wanting to get to the place! Of smelling the breeze of the sea, if it is a destination with those kinds of places, we smell nature if it is a place surrounded by trees, we imagine the streets if it is an exotic city that we want to blend with the people! And know their customs!

That's exactly what you want to experience in terms of your goals , you want to feel already abundant, already enjoying the freedom of life, of all those things that many times you didn't have the time to practice them, of having that certainty that your life is taken care of and that you're doing something that you really enjoy, that you don't see it as work! But you see it more as creative process that sends you off into a path of new experiences of meeting new enlightened people, of feeling encouraged and pushed to go beyond to what could have imagined!

Also, by placing yourself in the emotional situation of having certain kind of assets, commodities, fulfilled relationships with your children, with your partner, with your friends and being surrounded by people that stimulate your growth, that enlighten your life you will also be fostering the kind of neurotransmitters that we need to boost the next phase!

Are you ready to assemble the blueprint? Let's do it!

We've arrived to the phase of assembling the blueprint, of designing the picture, of placing the things where they're supposed to be, of picking the colors, tailoring the details, and creating almost the final design of your new aligned life!

The best way to start is just letting your mind blow up with 10 goals divided in categories to encompass a new entire life!

And to reinforce the message that we're built upon five core pillars, your best design would be to begin with them!

So, let's start to build the goals for your Nutrition Pillar!

- What kind of physical health do you want to have?

- Let's go beyond, how do you want your body to look like when you get to 40, 50, 60 or 70 years old? (Of course depending of your age)..

- What would be your best eating lifestyle, decide what kind of meal experience you want to be able to enjoy?

- How would you like your skin to look, your hair, your eyes, and move around your body to visualize the kind of ease of movement and vibrancy of life you want in every spot?

What about now your Metabolism and Exercise (Energy Levels)?

- How reliable you want your Metabolism to be?

- Would you like to have a strong Microbiota and Digestive Functions?

- How would you like to sleep? Restfully? Less hours, more hours or simply feeling energized?

- What about your cognitive skills? How would you like your memory to be? How fast and able to engage in mental activities would you like to be and experience? Would you like to be even better than you are right now?

- In terms of the level of exercise that you're able to do now? What would be a goal to push you towards the next level in that area? How would you like your body to endure and be taken up to another level?

Let's move on to your Emotional Profile Pillar!

- What kind of emotions do you want to learn to detoxify and release?

- Which are the ones that you want to foster and empower in your system?

- How do you see yourself in terms of the relationship with your children?

- What about your relationship with your partner or if you don't have one what characteristic would you like in a new partner?

- Do you already have the characteristics that you're asking for?

- What are three to five personality traits that you would like to improve?

- What type of social life and friends would you like to have?

We are arriving to the Consciousness Pillar!

- How much time would you like to have to reflect in your life?

- What would you like to do to unwind your stress, meditate, journal, contact with nature?

- How often and how much time would you like to have to enjoy and make this time as relaxed and insightful as you want?

- What kind of conscious patterns would you like to build?

- How aware would you like to be of your body signals?

- What kind of encounters or discoveries would you like to have in terms of finding the meaning of your life?

Finally, the consequence of all the above Pillars is Your Abundance!

- What type of financial freedom would you like for your life and family?

- What would be the products, companies, structure that you would like to have in order to sustain a healthy financial outlook?

- What kind of experiences would you like to have access to?

- How do you envision your dream house and what kind of surroundings would you like to have?

- What kind of car would you like to have?

- What kind of commodities and assets would you like to enjoy?

- Which world spots would you like to travel to?

- What kind of love would you like to be surrounded with?

- How safe and peaceful would like to feel?

Each and every block that we questioned above with all its accompanying questions are the instructions to start aligning yourself with the life that you want to experience!

Many of them probably you have already thought about them at some point in your life but it's not bad at all to update them every year or twice a year!

Because, it's easy to be lost in the sea of distractions or easy hacking options that can derail you from your original values, from what your soul is called on! And if you leave them also to be in the background, you're running the risk to not remember what you were once committed to and to the expectations and vision that you had!

In the end, all of these answers that you will gather to align your life will just be the best gift and recipe that you will create for your whole life and you can get back to the questions again or read your answers and fine tuning them each year with your new way of thinking, with your upgraded inner voice!

I wish you the best and most pleasant journey in your alignment with your life! Remember that it is all about enjoying the ride and have fun while you get there!


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