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Brain Update: Rewiring Your New Beliefs!

Wouldn't it be amazing if you release an update for your brain at least once a week? What would your life be like, if you had designated one hour every week, to analyze the kind of beliefs, thoughts and experiences that need to be sent to the trash can?

Is it too late to start? Are you set in your ways? You believe you can't change or it requires too much effort?

Guess what, those are the first "popular beliefs" you need to get rid off!

Your brain is an amazing tool that just as your muscles, needs to be exercised, and I don't mean doing the mechanical work you're doing every day in your work! Every mechanical task in the end it becomes like a habit and you can do it, almost even with your eyes closed, those kind of tasks will just rust your brain and start to making it prone to forget a lot of things!

Our brain are usually being used at its minimum capacity, because we get comfortable too easy and that comfort brings as a side dish a huge amount of apathy, beliefs and excuses for you to become mechanical, predictable and also to lower levels of creativity, agile thinking and less don't even talk about the attention span!

Since the digital era kick in, our societies have become a disgrace in terms of the attention, concentration, creativity, curiosity and skillfulness to solve problems, situations, interactions, to learn just 8 numbers of your phone, the plates of your car, sometimes even the address of your house, in general to face life with a more resilient attitude!

No wonder, our brains instead of starting to expand into a more powerful way of connecting, creating new pathways, accessing new ways of figuring out your life, and creating an internal rewiring process named neuroplasticity! They are shrinking, becoming more lazy to perform new changes, looking for excuses in terms of absorbing new knowledge, even to read some paragraphs, people are becoming lazy!

All of these facts contribute to the amazing epidemiological staggering statistics of chronic mental diseases such as depression, anxiety, attention deficit!

Furthermore, the knowledge that has been promoted to create a separation between your brain and your body has also contributed to think that taking care of one of them is enough to not suffer illnesses related to the other!

Nevertheless, diabetes, hypertension, obesity and many autoimmune disorders are also a secondary effect of not having a proper mental hygiene and exercising the amount of connections in our brain!

Having a "lazy brain" or feeding our mind with "processed" or "garbage" food in terms of thoughts and beliefs also deteriorates the level of responsiveness that you have for your hormones, neurotransmitters, immune messengers (cytokines and interleukins) which all of them encompass a signaling communication between your brain and your body homeostasis!

Moreover, your mood, the way you can express the love that you feel for yourself, your confidence, your self-esteem is also tightly linked to the health of your brain, as you care more for the type of content, knowledge, social interactions, audio information and pretty much every sense involved with your environment is producing a change in your internal neural pathways.

Isn't all this interconnectivity amazing? Wouldn't you love to have a much better mind? Wouldn't it be incredibly amazing to start discovering your real power?

In order to be able to connect to your higher source and start producing a much better fidelity and progressive capacity of your brain you will need to perform just some simple changes in your life!

So, let's start to navigate through the type of changes that will boost your mental power, in addition to connect it to a higher platform where love, wisdom and compassion will flow right through you repairing as well many of your metabolic processes:

  • Care for the Type of Nutrients that you Allow in Your Life. I am not referring at all to be on a diet, but to be more conscious of the way, the times and the schedule that you have for your meals!

Knowing the basics of your nutrition in terms of balancing the amount of your nutrients, not abusing in terms of times you eat and trying to keep a tight schedule for your meals is what really will balance your overall metabolic input allowing also to have the proper amount of nutrients and minerals for your brain!

Having the right amount of macronutrients, carbohydrates, fats and proteins as well as aiming to look for food that have a rich content of minerals, which pretty much is the whole range of vegetables is the key to allow a correct balance! Which is the most important that you have to care to let it out of the equation, simple carbohydrates, meaning sugary foods, glucose, fructose any synthetic sugar will damage your brain and your body as we don't need as much as every media outlet promotes, you need a rough amount of 50g per day maximum! And that implies that you're a person that performs at least two times per week some physical exercise! If you're completely sedentary you can have a normal functioning with 35g per day, remember I am talking about simple sugars!

Complex carbohydrates also shouldn't be more than 35% of your overall content!

For fats and proteins the percentages are much easier! As long as you keep proteins in a range of 20-30% and fats in the range of 30-40% but with at least 25-30% of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats you will be fine!

Remember that this is general percentages, for a healthy population, if you currently are cursing any type of metabolic disease you should consult your physician to adjust some of the macronutrients!

  • Increase the Amount of Physical Exercise. Exercise as sadly has been popular just for your body health, it has a lot more impact in your brain than the one you can imagine!

Over and over again, it has been proved by research that the easiest way to expand your neurotransmitters, regulate your hormones, boost your immune system you should at least perform 30-45 minutes of moderate exercise. What does it mean moderate? Well, just verify that your hear rate according to your age be in the range of 50-85%, you can easily find that range in terms of beatings per minute in google. That hear rate zone is the one that has more benefits in terms of regulating your whole metabolic activity, increasing the production of these chemical messengers and producing a considerable amount of one of the best protective substances for your neurons and your neural pathways BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor). This "new" neurotransmitter performs a variety of functions in terms of regenerating your neurons, expanding your neural connections, regulating the other neurotransmitters important for your overall functioning of your brain (dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins).

Additionally, performing that amount of exercise per week, will also help your brain and body to get rid off the toxic substances, release toxic energy and have a clean blood supply as well as boosting your oxygenation tissue availability for your body and brain!

Some of the most deadly mental diseases such as Alzheimer, Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis have been able to be completely cured with exercise routines combined with mediation protocols!

  • Accessing a New Level of Healing Information. Having a proper mental routine in terms of the information you're perceiving, the type of content that you read, listen or watch is of paramount importance for the overall health that you want for your brain!

Furthermore, once every week having the amount of time available to just evaluate yourself in terms of toxic thoughts, emotions and behaviors that you have had is just like brushing your teeth! You will have a much sharper and motivated mind, if you give yourself as a gift 1 hour every week to assess how your life is unfolding and make the proper adjustments.

Embodying a meditation practice in your life, whether is through guided meditation, being in silence or walking in nature, will not only allow yourself to unwind the stress in your life but it will also slow down the processing of your thoughts in order to give you the proper amount of clarity and focus to witness what are the repetitive thoughts that you're having, what is the purpose of those thoughts, evaluating the message of some of the situations that you're living and discovering the meaning of your experiences!

  • Aiming to Have a Healthy Social Circle of People. Could sounds strange to you that your social group is influencing the neuroplasticity of your brain, but it is, nowadays with the research of so many platforms of how are brain works, there's a lot of evidence demonstrating that the people you surround with, the level of support that you have form them when you have struggling moments as well as the moments to share something profound and important are also a key modeling piece in the plasticity of your brain!

In fact there has been a lot of evidence supporting the fact that you need a social life in order to have a good mental health, we all have been witness of this fact at some point in our lives! Just recently, globally we all suffered a changing experience of our environment which made a huge impact in the mental health of many people, showing how we need to bond, we need to be in contact, we are connected, and it was encouraging to see how many boundaries started to get lost in the way of the pandemic state, as we needed communities that support us, as we needed to talk with people, as we cared for the wellbeing of our families!

If technology has good opportunities to allow us to be happier, certainly our recent events proved that we really appreciated the ease of having technology handy to make a video call, to start feeling closer to experiences that otherwise would have not been possible, and it was amazing the way creativity started to blossom to create new experiencing ways to feel closer with music, with events, with certain type of "entertainment" that is also healthy to have such as music events, artists gathering their abundance and connections to help, a lot of summits, networking events that only had as a main purpose a way to stream hope, wellbeing, connection, help and allow people to feel loved and embraced by the warmth of being close with millions of people streaming!

That certainly proved that our physical connections were not necessary during those times to feel the presence of people, to feel the energy and to feel an expanding connections all around the world!

If we have had a way to measure in those moments the levels of serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin and BDNF we would have been amazed of how high they were almost for everyone performing the event, connecting with the energy and with one single purpose the hope, the love and the connection with our matching energy in another human being!

The way we experience life has certainly changed, the way we can interact for a healthier future certainly has to change at the same pace, otherwise plenty of the old patterns and beliefs the only thing that they will do with you is keep you behind, will just keep making you mentally slower, you will keep falling for the same toxic information, toxic nutrition, lifestyles, as well as maintaining a social circle that for sure will not be supportive but it will also pollute more and more your environment matching your energy frequency.

We are right now in the verge of being more malleable, of adapting to the new circumstances, of learning how to cope better with the situations, that this new life is giving to us an opportunity to also access another level of influence, another level of knowledge, and now is not for anything external but is more a new level of wisdom of our inner worlds, now a new type of intelligence is coming and for me a good title for it would be "inner intelligence" we are moving beyond the emotional intelligence that permeated our societies since early 90's and up until these days!

Now it won't be useful to be emotional intelligent but also, you will need to be resilient, malleable and have a deep knowledge of your inner abilities!

Therefore, welcome the new era with a powerful update for your brain and expand the capacity that it has to give you the life that you want!

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