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Create Powerful Connections in Your Life!

As technology is more in charge of what happens to us, how we live our lives, how we engage in experiences that shouldn't be of our business but we're still immersed more in the lives of other people than in ours!

We're losing one of the most powerful qualities of human beings, the power of creating a real connection with someone! The power of really be plugged in with the most important person in the world: You!

If you don't cultivate those kinds of connection, if you are not even aware of your own emotions, feelings, moods, actions, reactions and behaviors, what kind of connection are you going to generate with other people!

We should always remember that our external reality is just a mirror of our internal world, hence if you really want to connect more with a different kind of people, you have to begin by knowing who you are and figuring out what you want!

Otherwise, you'll probably end up surrounding yourself with the same kind of people and be also lured to toxic people! In addition to that you will also need to start accepting the fact that you're the creator of your life, owning every single aspect of it and begin from there!

Becoming for some moments an observer of your life, reflecting on the kind of relationships, friendships, partners that you have had through your life, you will start to notice a clear pattern that will highlight to you the kind of traits that all of them have and that will guide you further into the realm of witnessing the kind of energy that you're matching with!

Moreover, let's make this exercise more productive and take it to a further stage where you are also able to see how through your journey of life you also have encountered those different individuals that represented a change in the pattern, probably because for some moments you were reaching a different kind of vibration!

However, probably those people are now further away from you, because at some point you were not reciprocal with them, because you didn't foster and cultivate those relationships, and I'm daring to say that it happened because you didn't feel worthy around them! You felt shadowed, you felt diminished and/or you thought they were too cocky or narcissist to be around you! Simply, because they had a different kind of life, a different kind of energy and their vibrations certainly where higher but instead of seeing them as a positive influence you felt threatened and you push them away!

Whether they were friendships, partners or even relatives that really cared about you, you were not prepared and ready to create more powerful connections because you were still anchored in the victim mentality and subconsciously you thought they were too good for you!

Maybe, you didn't say that at loud, but I bet you thought about it many times! And deep inside of you, you were questioning why do this person still wants to be around me if I don't have too much to offer?

Well, in the end your vibrations, the level of how you were feeling inside was brought to the physical realm, giving as a consequence a level of energy that they were also not comfortable around you anymore! More because of how you kept wanting to feel like that, than because they simply step away from you!

This same phenomenon happens when you finally learn that the one person that has to change in order to bring a different circle of people is you!

Therefore, when you are decided to own your life, to step away from the victim mode, and you engage more in the growth mindset, you start knowing yourself better, cultivating a different kind of inner value for yourself! That's when things will start to shift from your side!

Now, it will be an upward road, where certainly you will also face new challenges, mainly because your brain is pruning the old low self-esteem connections and creating the new empowered connections.

Probably you will also feel kind of lost, lonely or confused at some points in the new road, but that is completely normal, is just an inside struggle that represents that an internal change is taking place. Then, you should be patient, kind and compassionate with yourself! Accepting that this is a new way of being, this is you leaving an old self, full of patterns, limiting beliefs, used to drawing attention from your problems or for how you could "save" others but not for who you really are!

Through this new road you will also start knowing a lot of your archetypes that were created by witnessing poor examples of behaviors from your parents! Or from old figures that imprinted an emotional image in you at an age where probably you were not conscious that it was going to be developed now as a way of being!

This stage is exactly the same as the process known as metamorphosis in butterflies, in humans is better now as transformation and by the pure meaning of the word, you're really engaging in these internal renovation process that will include letting go the old self, detaching from limiting beliefs, breaking paradigms, going against the "norm" or some of the principles that were fostered and programmed inside of you but that nowadays are no longer being accepted by you!

Now, most likely you are able to see them as what they really are! Anchors that kept you in the mold, that made you fit in the family, society and social group that you were having around you!

All of these alchemical processes and I use the word alchemical on purpose, because you literally are igniting new connections in your brain, hence sending new signals to your genes, which will give as a result a new set of proteins that are much stronger and healthier!

Furthermore, all of these new internal chemistry cascade full of new neurotransmitters, hormones and for sure pheromones will start to radiate a different king of energy field, which will start to permeate you outside and create a new level of higher vibrations, which now it will be time for you to be in a higher position!

That will mean, it is your turn to start noticing more the kind of people that you will no longer be attracting, the kind of people that you want to be surrounded with and the kind of people that will help you stay in that same course of action!

It is time to push harder and move forward into a realm of possibilities were now you become more conscious of the kind of people that you want to keep in your close social circle and the people that you will need to be distant from them in order to purify more your energetic field!

That will require a lot of courage from you, a lot of awareness and also compassion to the people that you will need to leave behind, but that you know that they will also don't want to be around you because now they are seeing you as threat, as a weird person, as an outlier!

This is the beauty of life, this is the experiences that we get to witness, live and savor!

With these kind of complete justice for everyone, you now are able to see that the Universe/God is kind with everyone, is always there for you and it will always please your desires!

If you choose to be in the disconnected endpoint of the social scale, you will be there, and you're there only one that is choosing to remain in that place and no one else can move you to another setting if you first don't take ownership, awareness and consciousness that you need to do the work!

However, if you dare to be in the other side of being connected with you, knowing yourself, assessing your emotions, paying more attention to what your feelings are trying to tell you and listening more to your inner voice, you will gain a lot of knowledge and wisdom about yourself instead of being just a product of someone else's desires, needs or self-pity circling thoughts that in the end leave you completely drained and also you notice that you feel sad, disempowered and lured to those low energy archetypes that will just make you return to that old self!

By being more in tune with your own higher vibrations you will also achieve a level of clarity that will make you think different, will push you into taking new challenges, you will also start feeling more empowered to believe more in yourself and of course you now have a much supportive environment that will sustain those kinds of emotions! That will even encourage you to do the things, that you will no longer feel strange, weird or guilty because your life is finally on track!

A new realm of emotions will start to flow through your system and the most important fact is that you will feel amazed by them! You will feel a new level of energy, vibrancy, connection of course, attention, intention, potential, gratitude, compassion and self-love that for sure is now being reflected in all the aspects of your life!

You’re finally entering the realm of coherence and congruence with your inner self and who you really are, which is the end purpose of this experience named Life!


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