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Enhancing Synchronicity & Abundance in Your Life!

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Have you ever felt that your life could really improve? Do you constantly ask yourself why things are showing up in that sequence in your life? Are you constantly looking for people to blame, excuses or complains?

There’s nothing strange happening in your life, it is never a punishment sent from above, what is simply happening, is that you’re being constantly tuning in the wrong station, allowing disempowering thoughts!

We have mentioned before the concept of being energy, made of tiny particles that are constantly vibrating throughout our bodies, and at the tiniest center of your core, those atoms made up from protons and electrons are producing a melody! That can have a sad, worrying, anxious tone! Or it can be a joyous, exciting, happy tone! It's always up to you!

There's only one director of the orchestra, your own mind, which should be controlled by you! Nevertheless, many people believe that they can’t control what they’re thinking and they just fall for the illusion that they’re a product of their memories, of the old program that was installed early in the childhood stage and it has been reinforced over time!

The great news for you is that all that story is completely fake, invented and supported by society patterns, but at any point in time you can start detoxifying yourself from it and becoming more self-aware of the kind of information that you want to imbue in your mind! Does it seem like a big challenge or unattainable goal? Maybe, if you want to do all that cleaning process from one day to the next! But as everything in life, it is a process of unlearning the toxic messages and installing the positive ones to start creating that powerful bubble of abundance, motivation and empowerment that you need to be able to start having more manifestation in your life.

Additionally, once you commit to this process, you will be able to start also understanding that your mind, your life, and the Universe work for you not against you! That, is the first concept you need to start ingraining in your mind.

If you really want to start creating new and empowering experiences in your life and give a complete shift of the things that are happening, the first thing that you have to do is engage in a process to discover what you really want, I know that you might be thinking that is a hassle, or you might be really confused right now to know what you want! But an easier road is to start listing what you don’t want in your life, and just with a few things that you notice in your life that you don’t want, you will be able to clearly know what you want! You don't have to keep the negative road, it is just to give you an idea of what would be better for you!

Don’t spend too much time narrating the things you don’t want, just use three or four of them, to figure out what you really want and desire, also, as much as possible do it in a relaxed state, prepare yourself for the experience, and allow peace in your mind, you don’t want to bring negative emotions to the process! Sometimes it's might seem easier to start with the "don'ts" because our primitive, reactive brain is biased to see the black spot, but once you get started with the positive ones it'll be easier to stay there!

You can even think of this time as if you were going to watch an amazing movie that you have been expecting, that you’re eager to see, and you can even prepare the setting with some peaceful music, a room without distractions or maybe in a spot in contact with nature! It is a private time and it is a time to connect with your higher intuition, therefore set it up as comfortably, relaxed and inspired as you can be!

Once you have put some effort in the preparation of the place and time to do it, I’m guessing that you will be in the right place now to feel the joy, excitement and expectancy that you will need!

For the next stage of the process, take some deep breaths, listen to silence, nature or any music that also gives you the mood that you want. Put your attention in the things that you want to attract in your life and don’t create a huge list, just begin with three things that in the moment you begin the process you can identify as the ones that you most likely want to change or draw to you!

Now that you have your attention in those things, start creating a powerful intention towards them, what does this mean? Well, simply start justifying why you want to attract those things, list three reasons to support what you want! You don’t need to be too specific, but also don’t stay in the general phase, just justify all of them to the extent that you’re still in a good mood without any anxiety or worry over nothing!

Continuing with the process, you will repeat the list for a period of one week, it can be five days or seven, of course that the more you do it the easier it will be for your mind to believe in it! This loop of repetition is going to rewire your brain with the proper set of thoughts and patterns and don’t worry if you have certain doubting thoughts mixed in between, juts let them pass, don’t pay attention to them and keep on bringing your attention to what you want!

Keep writing the justification of them and most likely, it will come to you now a different set of reasons or they will be clearer, the process will start to raise also the level of vibration in your mind, your emotions towards the things that you want. Just take into account that you don’t need to be anxious about wanting to see them in manifestation right away. In that regard, what can help you a lot with the anxiety is writing also three things that you’re grateful for, so that you can also have a counteractive effect for any kind of hesitation or desperate thought that can cross your mind.

In order to be empower more this phase, I will clearly explain what is happening in your brain under this kind of circumstances! When we start having attention towards something that we want and we also have a powerful emotional state, we will be having small, probably “insignificant” experiences that will relate to what we want and are those experiences the one that you will need to be more attentive to! Because those are the “small” whispers of the Universe telling you that you’re in the right path of creation, your neurons are already creating a pathway, the signal of your favorite station is getting clearer as you move on in that same frequency!

You’re also impregnating the neighboring regions of the brain that will participate in the following sequence which are: your internal set of timing the experiences, the memory of your hippocampus, and the amazing power of your amygdala influencing your mood in order to give you the best suitable mood to enhance the experience!

These three ingredients will participate in the stage of bringing some synchronistic experiences into your life to give the right set of divine signals that you need to verify that you’re still in the right frequency, creating the right set of thoughts and firing the right neural pathway of neurons to reinforce the process!

If anything strange happens throughout this stage that probably might not be in tune with what you’re wanting and asking to the Universe, just adopt a mindset of a child or student, question the experiences, not in the form of complain, but more in an inquisitive endeavor to find out if you probably were biased with some kind of toxic thought, you probably had an encounter with someone that was not supportive of your ideas or simply had a very negative energy spreading news, complains, excuses or anything that might left you with the sour flavor and that unconsciously you picked up some of that energy which made you also stop the positive loop that you were already creating and trusting!

There’s no need to doubt about yourself, the fact that some things are appearing in your life and probably they’re not aligned with what you want and the process that you were performing is just a little hint for you that you need to clean the energy that absorb from those kind of people that were in negative frequency of energy.

So that you can understand better this kind of interference, it is exactly as when you are driving in your car in a highway to another state and as you cross the border of the other state and you start entering the new destination, then a different kind of radio stations will be available in the frequency of your car radio, although the car is the same, the radio device is the same, the antenna is the same! The frequency that you now have available is not the same it just changed! And you will start listening either to a different station or you can hopefully pick up the same station but in another frequency!

That’s what is happening inside of your mind, you were in contact with people that doubt about your ideas, that probably didn’t support you or were not agreeing with you or maybe they even gave you some things to thought about and those messages were inside of your mind producing interference, creating doubt, biasing your empowered vibrational frequency towards something that was not at all in your sight and it didn’t have to be!

Hence, the best thing that you can do is to look again for your bubble of abundance, create the time, the space and all the conditions so that you can again practice and repeat the information that you want to reclaim and get back on track!

Additionally, you can start now the next stage which is finding meaning, connecting everything that you want with a higher purpose, developing a more powerful visualization stage that will bring back your confidence and it will make it even stronger as you will be able to now attached a more significant, broader and extended sense of gratitude, a higher reason of why you want that you’re asking for!

By allowing this mechanism in your brain, what you’re doing is that you will be enjoying the experience already, in spite of not yet probably having something material, or having just a part of what you ask!

During this stage it is important that you also remain confident that in the creation of synchronicity and abundance, things might not always be as you asked them for, but they will have pretty much all that you needed in that moment! Therefore, don’t be disappointed or engage again in the negative loop of complaining or victimizing yourself, because that will just throw you back into the stages of attracting negative outcomes in your life!

Instead, connect with positive emotions, start counting the blessings in your life! And better yet, let yourself be driven into a creative stage where you can give shape to a new project that starts stimulating the attraction process all over again!

As human beings, we will always be motivated for that creative spark within us, whenever we start having negative emotions, complains, excuses in our lives, that is a symptom that something is bothering us and most likely we are feeling disappointed, bored or simply not encouraged by what we are doing with our lives!

Those are the big symptoms and signals that we need to pay attention to, listen more to your inner voice that is always whispering the right kind of information so that you can take action in your life!

In summary, the creative process in your life is always happening, whether you do it consciously or unconsciously, having said that, you’d better start assessing your life to see what is happening with your thoughts, reclaiming the attention to what you want and embracing the beautiful journey of creating more synchronicities and abundance in your life!


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