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The Burning Flame of Your Heart: Desire!

Even before making our presence in this physical existence, we already have the desire to come to this Earth and use the physical earth suit to navigate our whole set of experiences, with the amazing power of our mind, perception, five senses and guided always by our heart!

How is it that we can start developing a desire when we don't have anything that everyone in this earth thinks you need to experience the life you want?

Well, turns out that if we go deep down the rabbit hole of the physics of our bodies, we will always get the point of discovering that we are energy! Our souls, are energy, our thoughts are pure energy! That is why the evolution of our species have come to the point where science has to merge with spirituality, in order to start understanding the unknown and "inexplicable" facts that come beyond what we can see!

This also sets the stage to start diving into the nature of our desires, the forces that allow us to have a steady drive and a clear trajectory, which as mentioned by many evolutionary researchers, are just comprised in four categories: desire to acquire, desire to learn, desire to bond and desire to defend.

As we can see all the categories make perfect sense with the everything we are experiencing in this physical realm.

So without further ado, let's start going deep into each of the categories.

Desire to Acquire.

I believe that this is one of the easiest desires to relate to, as we all have experienced that urging need to have more assets sometimes, to have economical stability, to of course be driven to buy a lot of things that in fact, this is the desire that many companies have primarily access to, and also is the most manipulative one!

However, acquisition not only refers to material possessions, it can also be directed to be accepted, to have an impact in the society and in that sense goes linked with the desire to bond!

As we begin this reflection with the idea of wanting to come to this planet to experience the physical treats that we have access, it is in our primary nature to want more, to always be looking for that! And in that sense of course we can derail from the good cause of the desires, if we allow ourselves to be driven by ambition instead of the nature of living a different experience!

There's a thin line between having a healthy desire to acquire more in the whole sense of the word, meaning acquire experiences, material stability, comfort, society relevance and the other extreme of this desire, when you obsessively let yourself be lured by the evil forces of wanting more, without even watching out for the damage or destruction that you can perform to others along the way!

In fact, this is the desire that many times can be out of control, if we don't allow also a good set of values to be the solid foundation of our desires! When we forget that we live in a society that we need, that is always connected, that we need each other to be able to survive as well as to thrive! That's when a desire that is healthy by nature, can be transformed in a force of destruction!

On the other hand, if we have a healthy balanced desire of acquisition, then it would be very easy to push forward the other three desires, because as we want more in our lives, as we feel the hunger to do more, and if we have a solid healthy foundation of spreading good, helping, serving, loving energy then that burning flame of acquiring more will be expressed as building more for others, designing new assets, devices, health, learning tools, knowledge, justice to others!

When we stop wanting more in life, is also when the comfort zone kicks in, and as a consequence we usually stop growing, no matter what is the most powerful realm you want to succeed in! Let your desire of acquiring grow in the right direction, feel grateful as well with every mile achieved and savor the journey not just the end result!

Remember to always celebrate every little step that gets you closer to where you want to be!

Now, let's move in the spiral of desires to ...

Desire to Learn.

My favorite to write about, learning experiences are the most satisfying way to savor all the different set of spices that life has for us!

This desire, is of course based upon our nature to explore, to be creative, to be curious, to always maintaining a student attitude, discover more pleasures, lessons, meanings that our path has for each and every one of us.

Every single opportunity you take to learn something, you will have that chemical liberation of dopamine, serotonin and of course depending on the experience, if it involves more people you will also start boosting your oxytocin levels!

This is the desire, where we extract the whole power of our minds, where we expand our infinite realm of brain connections, where we can strengthen our synapses, and of course when we design a different landscape in our brains that can help us to solve the most amazing mysteries and puzzles in life!

Without this ability to learn, we would have stayed in the other category of the evolution with many of our animal kingdom partners, that they also have but supposedly we should be more effective and assertive to do it!

Although, this ability also can be hampered by the ego driven actions, that can polarize your learning experiences to the two extremes that can damage your life and our others, or you can use it to serve, help and allow growth in others!

When, we use it wisely the learning desire, will take us to places that our human nature many times could not even imagine, and in fact this is the key of allowing yourself to stay in that stage of a child, boosting your imagination to expand the power of the learning experiences!

Every learning lesson, experience, encounter will make a profound effect in our internal neural connections, allowing ourselves to either use the experiences to grow, or to create toxic cycles that can lead to diseases, negative emotions and of course the number one destination for many people suffering!

Nevertheless, the beauty of our brain and our neural pathways is the plasticity that they have, therefore you can always let yourself be paused by the nature of the experiences that you're producing and also use the learning desire to reflect on the things that are happening in your life!

When we engage in a deeper sense into those experiences, that's when we let our best self and our inner nature to come out, to communicate with us, to guide us, to highlight the spots that we need to pay attention and to start learning that we can change the experiences, encounters and destinations that we're creating!

This is also, an innate quality of our human nature, the ability to reflect, to pause, to allow time to move slowly and to position ourselves as observes to witness the kind of experiences that we have attracted into our lives! The whole physical life experience is learning journey that you're supposed to embrace fully and of course take the most out of it!

And this is where we're going to take another deviation to dive deeper into the next desire that is very linked with learning!

Desire to Bond.

It's time to talk about, I believe one of the most satisfying desires, sharing our existence, experiences, breakthroughs, failures, emotions with everyone around us.

And beginning with the fact that we choose the country, the family where we wanted to grow in! I believe is so important to start raising more attention to this kind of desire!

as it is the one that can save the destination that sometimes seems more evident in terms of destroying a lot of nature sources and being reckless in the way we're letting the human direction to be taken!

We all possess the sense of belonging since we're born, and from those moments we experience a very strong with our parents, more with mothers in terms of the divine link that is formed due to the strong oxytocin connection, to the fact that we were inside of her and fed by her for the first nine months and if you were lucky for the next two years with breastfeeding!

That kind of energy, connection and divine energy exchange will never be substituted by any kind of artificial food that probably could be invented! And, that is the same energy, that many times if you were gifted enough, you will be able to pick it up very quickly in terms of feeling bonded with nature, with every sentient being and of course caring for others like no one could understand it!

This desire to bond is the one that will also allow us to heal a lot of our emotional wounds, will allow us to expand the energy connections with others, to the degree that just by narrating, sharing or expressing our living experiences we can awaken a very deep sense of compassion, love, empathy and of course learning to any human being!

Sadly, this is the desire that has to be more fostered in these new digital times, as all the technology is setting us apart more and more, to the degree that sometimes people are looking more to a screen than to the person they're supposedly in love with!

Or to the surroundings that they could be experiencing in terms of nature, animal connections, sounds and the landscape that they might be passing by!

As we have highlighted in the other type of desires, these are the extremes that we can experience with this desire! When we bond more with a material digital device than with another sentient being!

And, I humbly believe, that the experiences that we can live by boosting and expanding the desire to bond with our lived ones are the most meaningful and most likely the ones that will be ingrained in our memories!

Whenever we develop a strong emotional connection with a experience is when we start living everything in a deeper sense, is when we start fixing the information to a deeper level in our brains, and is also when the neural consolidation patterns will be strengthen and fine tuned to never forget those kind of experiences!

Even to the extent, that many people still have fresh memories of their past lives, due to the bond and connections that they had with some particular person!

Moreover the desire to bond, is one of the ways we have to express in a deeper way the love that we feel, empathy, compassion which are three of the most powerful driven forces to change the outlook of things in other people, to heal them through the power of love and to repair their whole system by creating a cascade of homeostatic events within them, just by having a strong connection with them, just by allowing to flow the healing energy through the divine energy field!

And several research has supported this information, when you're raised in an environment full of love and positive emotions that strengthen the bond you have with your parents, that will have a huge impact in the kind of relationships and even in the kind of achievements that you can have in your adult life!

As we also know when we have a poor, negative environment in terms of emotions and bonding opportunities we're fostering a damaging environment that will cause sometimes a profound damage for the whole life of the people that suffered from the lack of love or bonding contact.

Which will now lead us to the final desire ...

Desire to Defend.

This is one polemic desire, as it the one that is primarily activated by the primitive brain, is the one that protects us from danger, that give us those red signals when something doesn't seem right, depending of how perceptive you are and how much attention you have given to your inner assets of listening your intuition, of feeling your gut feelings it can also be the one that will guide you in the best direction to take!

It is also of course intertwined with the other desires as when we feel that we're loosing something material we tend to fight for it, as we protect our possessions!

More importantly is also linked to the desire to bond, when we also feel that some of our loved ones or that we care for is being treated unjustified and is passing through a rough patch in his/her life!

So, it is also a desire that of course, can be a modulator for the other ones, and can either boost or diminish the intensity of some of the other desires!

It can also be the one that will give rise to attachment and paranoia issues, creating scenarios where we think that we're under a threat, when in fact, is just the natural course of life, and the way things have to be in order to be able to appreciate more who we are and what we have!

As we have pointed out, this desire can be a huge asset if you start developing a keen sense of intuition and you start allowing more awareness to your inner voice, feelings and you take more seriously the voice of your chemical, energetic and emotional signals within you!

Everything that we possess as human species, encompass as you could witness, a thorough and complete set of desires that could really create a different kind of society, if we start setting stronger foundations on the values for each new individual that comes to this physical experience, if we start engaging more in cultivating, forging and shielding a strong platform of experiences that can help every human being to exalt their true nature.

Can you just take some time during this weekend to inspire your desires into having a new human society based on the pillars of acquiring a more joyful experience, engaging more in a learning journey to set a healthier and more loving course for everyone, fine tuning your ability to bond, to feel part of this amazing human experience and feel connected with every human and sentient being on this earth, and finally to defend the healthiest, joyful and loving experience of life!

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