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The Patterns of Your Life!

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Approaching the end of 2020, we can start reflecting now more about how this whole year has been an introspective gift from the Universe, in spite of all the chaos, drama, distractions and for sure emotions that you have experienced through the year.

I firmly believe that as a new society, that is entering a new stage,

We’re starting to discover new ways to live, we’re always adapting ourselves to the situations and successfully navigating through another whole year. But, we’re being left with enormous lessons, reflections and experiences that are going to shape the future that we want for our lives!

Hence, the fact that navigating though the waters of your emotions you should have been able to reflect, to go deep into every big shift of your life, every turning point, all the things that were not working in your life for sure experienced more core shaking movements of your emotional fibers, which I wish you have arrive to the conclusion that everything in life is about patterns!

And certainly we’re not the exception, every individual has its own number of years, months, weeks and even days, where there is a clear pattern being pointed out, to something that can be positive, encouraging growth, developing powerful habits or it can also lead you to repeating the same kind of experiences, to the same struggles, to pretty much watching again the same movie and not even paying attention to the common scenes, to the availability of information, to the clear red lights that are trying to wake you up to see that your life can be different and can be a lot better if you just pay attention, make a pause and engage in the cleaning introspective process of analyzing every scene of your life as if you were the editor of the movie, which by they way, you are!

Every single day in your life is an experience that can shape you, is a new canvas to set a new direction, you really don’t have to wait until a new year begins or to wait for the first day of the month and even less waiting to be in the dungeon of your life, literally touching rock bottom to understand that the Universe is on your side, the signs have been there all the time, the knowledge is all within you, the access is your will and the manifestation is in your will to start doing the work that is required!

Or as we spoke some lessons back you can still keep the mindset of comfort, victim and keeep replaying the movie over and over again taking the shortcuts to probably get to those “aha moments” maybe in other 5 or 10 years when many of the possibilities that you could have access have just banished! (1)

Certainly, every decision is only in your hands and the Universe/God is still with you and will always be, even to the extent that there are many valuable people through your life that have been trying to give you some advices or hints but you have been acting like a child throwing a tantrum and not wanting to see any of the signs or taken any of the advices, just because you’re too proud and no one can tell you how to live your life! That’s your childish excuse! If you keep rejecting life's opportunities to point you in the right direction just because you think someone really is trying to tell you how to live your life, you probably will end up falling in plenty of holes and false doors until you learn the hard way what you could pay attention to in the first place!

So, just try to relax and see your life as an amazing window of opportunities where you will be able to attract the right people, moments, situations, and experiences to make the proper adjustments to line you up in the direction you want your life to be. In fact, all these process of reflecting in your patterns through your life if you really engage with the analyzing process you will be able to detect, to see and to witness the right kind of signals where you will definitely recognize that also someone probably told you what you had to experience later, just because in the moment where you receive the advice you where in that childish state of not following the advice!

Life is just like that, is so amazing that everything has a very logical and reasonable explanation to what the circumstances are trying to point your attention to, you just have to learn to trust more, that not everything has to be laid out for you in plain sight, exactly as you would like to, but it will be sometimes disguised, kind of hidden, but not inaccessible for you to find out what to do with it.

However, keeping yourself in the shortcuts, comfort zone, being in the hamster wheel and playing safe is for sure not going to lead you to the life you really want, to the life that sometimes, when you trust your heart, you're being drawn to experience!

Think about those moments where your mind wanders, where you let yourself be free of limiting beliefs, where your imagination flies and picks those new lines, to edit your movie, picks those clever hints that your own intuition is giving you, to depict and shape the life that you want!

Allow yourself to be in the position of becoming aware to all the information, clues and sparks of wisdom that will come to you when you’re in the receiving mode! Try not to judge for the label, the experiences, but be more as the observer, placed to witness the bigger picture and finding the lessons!

In order for you to do that, you will need to follow a quick simple sequence:

  1. See yourself as a creator of the opportunities. Meant to become a higher version, where you can really use your inner power of intention and vibrational emotions, to place yourself in the right spot where you can allow the attraction process, where you really let those rockets of desire, to be picked up by the frequency of the universe and start assembling the puzzle of what you're wanting to be manifested in your life!

  2. Enable yourself with the right space. Start creating that space in your life where you're able to allow peace within you, to receive what you want, that implies of course to start cleaning the old beliefs, to start letting go the anchors, to finally arrive to that place of allowance, knowing that you are tuning in the right frequencies, feeling the right kind of emotions and just being able to let go those random thoughts of depriving yourself of what you want and what you need in your life! This step probably will be the most "painful" but at the same time it will be the one that will allow to finally feel the freedom that you need in order to not only be able to see the things but also to be able to make them real!

  3. Being ready to embrace what the Universe/God has for you. Well, this might sound like a "tricky" affirmation, but part of the creation and allowing process, also entails the fact that if the opportunities are being presented in your life. You will be mature and ready enough to pick them up! To really believe you're worthy of them, to start stepping in those higher places, where now you're not only an spectator of others manifesting what they want, but now you're also playing the same game and finally you're in the place that you have been craving and witnessing from afar!

This step requires you to be aware and very conscious that some ghosts of the limiting beliefs might still be present, there could be some creepy voices telling you, that you're not ready, you don't deserve someone like that, you're not good enough!

However, those are the moments where your inner self has to become louder, your heart wisdom has to be released and you need to trust yourself that you really are ready, of course that you're good enough and it is your time to enjoy the gifts of life. Because you have done the work, because you have been responsible for your own past mistakes and now you have learned the lessons! Hence all that is good enough to "justify" your freedom to allow things to be manifested and start enjoying the new outlook of your life!

We have to be able to dare to do things, to take the risks, to really harness our own inner power and wisdom to believe that the answers to what we want are in our set of events of our lives.

We are always able to edit the movie, each day is a new opportunity to say cut as well as implementing action in our lives instead of just keep playing the self-pity role that we're victims of destiny or external factors! We're always in control, if we really commit to pause, witness and analyze our lives!

However, we can also get distracted or be lured to take the shortcuts and just delay the process of attraction, creation and manifestation. Because when you're looking for the "hacking" tools is when you usually are getting to the anxious level where you just want someone or something else to be in charge of your life!

Therefore, I invite you to take this last months of our precious 2020 to reflect in your own turning points, your shifting options, your best opportunities and start noticing the fact that you have been always choosing right or wrong and that led to the path that you succeeded, enjoyed or suffered! There are no other people responsible for your life, it's all about you and your choices!


1. Ortega D. “The Magic of Your Turning Points: Living the Dream!" October 24th, 2020.


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