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Unlearning Your Limiting Patterns and Beliefs!

Through life we are learning so many, varied types of information! Nevertheless, not all that information is as productive as one would like or think, and with a young mind it is of course challenging what to filter or believe instead of just following the herd! Instead of many times "respecting" some of the traditional ways of doing things.

But, without doubt we come to this world with a powerful, wild and strong soul chip, that has an inner wisdom, which many times protects us from just believing in everything we're being told, from being lured to things that our whole body senses as being harmful, weird or scary.

And all of those messages are the ones, that we should be taught to listen, all of those inner things we're feeling! Are the ones that we should encourage children to feel more comfortable, to pay more attention to them, to start even making them louder and clearer in order to be a more reliable guidance system!

What a different world would be, if we were raised with the awareness that we can tap into the inner voice of wisdom that comes from a higher source, if we would be guided in developing skills to knowing our bodies, to listen the subtle messages that they send us, to care for the simple activities in our lives such as eating healthy, sleeping peacefully, performing some physical activity, identifying our emotions, being guided into the magical world of meditative states, enjoying the silence, listening to the beats of our heart, when we learn to write, keeping a diary of how we feel, cultivating gratitude into our lives!

That for me, would be a more advanced world instead of being more attached to technology and more detached of all of those gifts that come innately, and were given to us to take the most of them!

What are your most treasured memories when you were a child? How do children pick up the present so easily and how can we grasp again that magic?

In spite, of many times having hard times as well in your childhood, I'm sure that you have also deep loving memories that you're fond of, that you remember them vividly as they bring back a smile just by letting yourself go back in time for them!

While you're there, can you remember how easily you left the "negative" states or emotions, and you moved back very quickly to the beautiful ones, or the fun times that you were enjoying with your friends! Well, that is the magic of being unattached to everything, to follow your bliss, as many would say, to simply let your intuition guide you into a different direction and be practical about things!

And it was not, that you really had the knowledge that past or future didn't exist, you just had a huge awareness that the present moment is all you wanted to enjoy!

You were primed to suck life with every moment of fun, curiosity, freedom, eager to experience the things that brought a smile and that made you feel comfortable, happy and fulfilled!

Which, ironically, is something that when you grow up, you keep searching, you think something outside will give all of those feelings, emotions and wholeness sensation!

Why are you biased or primed to look for things outside?

Simple answer, the culture, society norms, and domestication of your soul! The example, would sound probably strange, but it is the same that happens to any kind of animal that is domesticated, and once it lived in the nature! If you release that animal after 2, 3 or 5 years of being domesticated, probably it will die, if its inner soul or wisdom were too dimmed, if its resilience at the core level was completely shut down by all the domestication process!

That's exactly, what is happening with many human beings, after so many years of domestication process, after a long life of living under the wings of society rules, family patterns, limiting beliefs, it looks almost impossible to get out of the darkness and start shining again with the bright light that you had inside!

Nevertheless, it is all a process of unlearning all the domestication rules, detaching the shallow value of many of them, and start knowing yourself again, start falling in love with all your inner traits, will your amazing magical tree of life that was planted in you with the purpose to lighten it up and start assembling the puzzle of your own life!

It is never late to start, it is always a good moment to say enough is enough, and tapping into the wisdom of your inner self, letting the connection signal again with a stronger range, beginning to empower a higher bandwidth into your soul's message!

The great news about realizing that you can really transform your life into the one that you've always wanted, relies in the fact that you're extremely malleable in the whole meaning of the word!

For instance, your brain can always, at any moment tap into the neuroplasticity mechanism to start constructing a new set of connections, pathways that open up your signalling channels that might be a little dusted! But, still is just a matter of decluttering them from the garbage that probably has been there just rotting and creating of course certain kind of toxicity within you! It is time of a detoxification process! Which your body is always up to it and will be grateful with you for doing it thoroughly and more often!

Your genes, your blueprint (DNA), it is extremely malleable, as recent epigenetic processes have been discovered, more and more evidence is being surfaced that at any point in time, when we really go for it and commit with ourselves we can change the epigenetic marks that probably for many years we have let built up in our system!

We just need to harness, the power of our will, discipline and constancy to engage in a journey of discovery, in a "Walt Disney" movie with the child/student mindset, with all the special effects, with the most treasured background music and of course with a delightful scenery that also will be now your own creative process!

That's, in my humble point of view, the purpose of our lives! Creating our paths, discover all the amazing things we have within, be amazed each day with our inner power, let your imagination fly without limits! Becoming fearless, knowing that you're here to experience everything you can, but still, you're infinite, timeless and boundless!

Because, after enjoying this earthly experience you'll transcend in time and space to an infinite destiny of energetic interactions, where probably in a few minutes, hours, years or centuries you will come back to experience again this physical ecstatic journey!

So, what better motivation do you need than to know that you're ready, you're whole, you're full of power to jump in, to start crafting your legacy in this world and leave the dent in the universe that you were supposed to make!

There's no higher purpose than surrendering yourself to your commitment with life! To grow, to evolve, to be better than yesterday, to learn one thing each day, to apply it at the next day! To impulse others with your own example that things can be done, whether you were born in an special nucleus of wealth and uplifting circumstances, or you're just a "regular" person, which of course has unique abilities and creative expression to prove that everyone else can do it!

We're being called to let go the past beliefs, to let go the domestication process and plunge into the new magical era of consciousness, awareness and expansion that begun with the advent of an invisible force, that according to all science doesn’t have life unless it has a host! Isn’t that a clear sign to pinch everyone’s consciousness, in spite of course, and with all the respect to the people that sadly lost their lives due to it! But all the ones that manage to beat the signal, and were given a second chance, for sure will turn their lives around! And all of the others that are witnessing how the world is changing, reshaping, how nature is screaming for help to transform us into a more conscious species and partner with her to enter into a new future, full of endless possibilities!

That is the call, we will probably be given one year, the whole 2020 to reflect on it, to harness the courage, to step into the next stage for humanity and to be part of the amazing world of consciousness that has to begin with you!

That needs your compromise with yourself to say yes! To say I can do it, to say I want to do it! If you have already lived in the world of distractions, domestication, and reckless decisions for a good amount of your life! What can you lose to try a different way of living, what would be the worst thing that can happen if you let go all the things that have been anchoring to where you are!

Unless of course you’re already in the place where you wanted to be, and if that is the case, let me extend a huge congratulations message, but if you’re there I suppose you still want more for your life, you still need that need and tickling sensation that you can now even share everything you have experienced and learned through your journey, because that is also the next stage of the ones that already are where they wanted to be! As you can see it also with many examples, the real leaders are the ones willing to share it all and to stop just feeding the ego!

Well lastly, I would like to say welcome! To the unlearning process, to the freedom, to living the bubble of domestication and to receive you into the magical world of consciousness, awareness, responsibility, constancy, discipline and ingraining the habits that will make your life feel just the way you pictured it when you wanted to come to this experience!

Have a blast in this mystical, wellness and endless journey named life!

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