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Consciousness vs. Reality: Is Everything You See Real?

Over the course of time, we have been lured to believe that we are made of this physical body, that we are our names, that we are our roles in life, that we are our age, that we are what we do in life as a job, that all that is physical and palpable is what really exists!

Your parents, caregivers, teachers, relatives and friends have been immersed in the same dilemma for a very long time! Therefore, is no wonder that they will engage you in those same paradigms, beliefs and many limitations that they already experienced!

The domestication cycle can only be broken by yourself and for yourself, hence the need to start waking up to a new concept of life, where we can enter a new matrix of concepts where instead of being attached to the physical experience, we understand that our consciousness and awareness of us, is what will help you grasp a more expansive experience of life!

Consciousness can peripherally be explained as the state of being aware of ourselves and sensitive to our surroundings. Consciousness is thought waves; it is awareness of our thought or that of others.

Can consciousness be explained in terms of brain activities? There are two major traditions within philosophy as regards the nature of consciousness and they are dualism and materialism. Aspect of dualism posits that mind or conscious mental state is non-physical and that we are an immaterial stuff beside our physical or material expression. The materialistic metaphysics posits that mind is the brain or neural activity (1).

As you can see through research the concepts of consciousness exemplify the way we look at things from two different paradigms either we are this physical entity comprised of our brain and body or we are a broader concept that entails pretty much the whole energetic realm of the universe and beyond!

These two paradigms have been around us since a few hundred or even thousands of years, as many philosophers, scientists and writers have touched these concepts leaving the freedom for you to choose what kind of experience would you like to have? An experience with boundaries, rules, programs and restrictions! Or an experience where you realize that when you are just awareness and consciousness of this moment you're everywhere and you receive what you want from life!

Asking ourselves deeper questions, reflecting in the nature of life, understanding that most of our thoughts are just phrases, examples or beliefs repeated by generations is what will allow you to start accessing a life that can be lighter, more peaceful and filled with a lot more moments of fulfillment and happiness than the one that you have been living!

The moment anyone of us attaches a personal meaning to an experience that someone else is having or to a concept that someone else is expressing is when we lose the awareness of our true self and we engage in a game played by society, where others opinion seem to be addressed to you, where you take someone's else's state of mind as your responsibility or where you're overly attached to a person, a role or an object and you suffer every time you seem to experience a threat on the control you think you have over the person, role or object.

In order to make this abstract concept of consciousness and awareness let's relate it to a real-life example:

Picture yourself in the following situation: You arrive from work, tired, frustrated and sort of drained from your energy and of course in not the greatest mood to engage in mindless talks or let alone discussions! Nevertheless, your wife/partner has been at home dealing with your child, work as well as home chores, hence she is also energy depleted but also concerned about some issue she had with her boss again! You know the story and how this type of talks usually end up because you have listened to past situations, meaning that you're already predisposed, tired and not in the best mood! Still, you listened to her and by half of the talk and discussion you start pointing out to her that she's the one that is driving herself to those kind of situations as she wants to control many things at her job, including the moody state of her boss!

However, in this conversation she really feels judged by you, sad and even angry that you're not on her side, when in fact as far as you're seeing the situation, you're just trying to help her see what you perceive from the story she's been telling you about the issues with her boss! As mentioned earlier, you also don't have patience and both of you end up sad, frustrated, rejected and probably even insulted by the attitude of the each other!

In reality, as you can see from this example, objectively you're not doing anything wrong or being inconsiderate with her, in spite of arriving tired and drained! She also is not doing anything but letting her own feminine nature to share with you a problem, where she only wants to be listened to, but you happen to be also driven by your role of giving opinions as a trained male role and not being able to just listened! Both of you have been domesticated in a culture where women share and want to be listened and men want to fix and are the providers!

These labels, roles and beliefs are the ones that are conflicting with each other, in fairness of the relationship or the example, you deserve to rest and just relax and she also deserves to just be hugged and rest, the issues and matters of the roles, jobs, and everyday life situations should be able to wait if both of you had a higher awareness that you are more than that!

Now, follow me in this new narrative of the same dilemma: If you and your wife/partner really where more awakened and aware that you're more than a role, that you're not responsible for whatever issues that are happening at your own places (home & work), but of course you can be affected by them, in terms of being energy draining situations! Both of you would be able to identify your own physical expressions of tiredness and frustration and any of you could be the first one to suggest to not talk at that moment and just do something relaxing that detach you from the stress and everyday situations and lead you into a new bonding energy where you will be able to laugh, probably recall some beautiful moments or simply enjoy a short movie, piece of music or a relaxing bath together and without wanting or looking for it! The solution for the other "issues" will be just forgotten, solved or taken to the level where it belongs at your work office and with her boss!

Often times we are taken into these spirals of emotions, that many times are just a consequence of everyday situations and that won't represent who we really are and our inner nature to simply connect in another energetic level that we all have! But we have also been driven to believe that we're not capable of achieving those levels of consciousness or awareness and we're simply victims of our thoughts (which mostly are not yours) of our roles (which for sure are never yours) and for the toxic energy of your surroundings!

In addition to that, those same levels of energy are the ones that we're passing on to our children, giving them examples that we're not in control of our emotions, lives and situations something that permeates their consciousness and attaches a subconscious belief in them that external situations, people or even things have the power to prime them into feeling not accepted, rejected, diminished and any other negative connotations that they can see in your own display of behaviors!

This of course, doesn't mean at all, that from today on you won't feel triggered, biased or primed into any of those states! It doesn't work as the magical pill that everyone also is trying to sell you out there in the media platforms! It works more as something that you need to practice, that you need to start including it in your own life as much as possible.

It also means that every situation that you will face in your life will be now an arena to practice a new awareness of your true self, a game board where you can start displaying your own new tools in order to access a different level of awareness that is a lot broader, expansive, compassionate and loving than the one that you didn't even receive when you were a child!

It is time to start entering this new stage, where we are going to be asked to be more than what we have been, to start questioning more the way we have been living our lives, to start empowering more the power of our true selves and owning our ability to witness what we are thinking, what type of stimuli we are letting ourselves to be engaged with, what type of people we're being surrounded with, the patterns and habits that you're also promoting in terms of what you eat, the moments that you take to rest, how much time you're also planning for your own reflection and finally introducing new healthier habits to envision that new life that you desire with the power of meditation or journaling.

It is in our own hands to start to produce a different reality, an inspired movie that you create based in your own expansive awareness and the curiosity that will start developing for questioning pretty much everything that has happened in your life, finding your own answers and keep learning step by step without rush, to be a more energetic being guided by the source of consciousness that is just made out of love, compassion and infinite abundance for you and for all the people that desire to access the reality that they can produce!


1) Nwanegbo-Ben, J. (2020). Consciousness and Quantum Physics in the Interpretation of Reality. Philosophy, 10(1), 36-43.

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