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Discover Your Own Inner Wisdom!

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Often times we can find ourselves navigating waters that surprise us, that confuse us, that challenge our core beliefs or comfort zones and we can become drifted apart from what we want if we are just trying to follow some noisy popular advice, some celebrity or public figuring trying to give advice without even having congruency in their own lives which is what leads to the same kind of results or also following some type of philosophy that you found interesting and luring but you really don't research more beyond the surface!

That type of way to find meaning in your life will not often be the best road to take as you're relying again in something external and shortcuts that will only deepen you in the same comfort zones or easy access to pleasure that will last while you receive the speech, lecture or become motivated externally!

However, once that sensation starts dissipating and you start losing the frivolity, slippery and superficial effect of those kind of "solutions" you'll end up being even more disappointed, frustrated and most likely without financial resources!

All because you wanted the quick fix, because you were desperate and took decisions from a negative emotional level, which can only lead to bad choices!

Hence, one of the first moves you would need to take, once you find yourself in those kinds of crossroads is finding some space to have peace and reflection! Connecting with your essence of your inner wisdom and from there realize that if you really want to be guided into a new endeavor, into a new lifestyle in the whole sense of the word, you would need to invest more than financial resources, you will need to be compromised, convinced and really committed with you!

Additionally, you would ideally be able to have the courage to dive deeper into your own life lessons, your own journey, struggles, hardships and rock bottom moments where all the knowledge and wisdom will be pouring out to you as you evaluate, assess and look at your life from a higher angle! As you detach from the emotional anchors of victimhood and step into the power place of an observer that now has objectivity, assertiveness, willingness to look for the "small" details, which often they're not as small as you try to fool yourself but what really happened is that you deny yourself from being able to see them as evident as they were!

And of course you were trying to construct a false story with all the makeup that you needed to create a facade of your own mistakes, flaws and weaknesses because your ego was trying to cover up, because you were not strong enough to face the reality that you're also human and there were some damage along with some toxic negative emotions and patterns that mostly you absorbed through your childhood, teenage years and you didn't know how to handle them, so the easiest way was to try to forget them or cover them up with some personality trait that compensated the low value that you were creating for yourself!

All of those low-level emotions were more than that, were just like a chronic, persistent virus that was ingrained in your DNA sequence, all that burden of emotional issues, years of saving up your feelings, swallowing the pain and trying to look as if nothing happened was exactly what eventually lead to the symptoms that you starting witnessing as you grow up as an adult!

First, you thought you were right and everyone else was wrong, then you tried to convince yourself you did everything in the correct sequence, order and with your best intentions! Probably, some of that was true, nevertheless if you never took care of those emotions, I can assure you that you were unconsciously replicating some of the patterns, examples, behaviors, thoughts and emotions that you were given as a guideline to live!

Precisely, this is the key for the whole paradigm that has to change within you! There's no hero or victim in your story, there's no right or wrong, there's just and endless way of repeating the same program over and over again, generation after generation, that has been registering some slight changes through time, but it has been really repaired, upgraded and reset to the original higher values that we come from! It is what your parents, grandparents, and many more generations learned and that's what they knew how to live by, how to apply, and what they thought it worked!

Despite all that trial-and-error phase that certainly has proved that it is not really working if you're not living completely the life that you expected, there's the underlying factor that we tend to tell the stories the way we want to be perceived by others! We're still following a broader and higher program almost set-in stone by society!

Ironically, when we are born, we are in reset mode, we came here almost as a blank slate to create, to connect more with our inner wisdom, to start figuring the world by experimentation, curiosity and discovering the amazing fountain of experiences, enlightening opportunities and moreover to be wired to our true inner wisdom! And sadly, that is the first thing that our parents and many society "rules" take you away as soon as you start experiencing the beauty of this physical experience! You're already being leaded to what others want, to what others approve, to what many believe!

How does the chicken or egg loop end?

In my own opinion, it has to end with a new mindset of looking at your life, becoming engaged with recreating your curiosity, questioning every experience, every way of living and now choosing from a standpoint of having a lot more maturity and consciousness to guide yourself from your inner messages, which encompass three main categories:

1. Your Inner Voice. All the messages that you receive from that amazing inner intuition is your connection with your higher self, is your frequency to tune into a divine message that is usually directed from that consciousness that knows what is best for you, what are your best choices, what are your inner skills, what makes you happy, what gives a sense of fulfillment!

Unfortunately, many times that magical whisperer that you have inside is often not listened due to the louder voice if your ego, which is craving attention, which is mostly wanting to be praised or is focused in external approval!

Countless times in your life I can assure you that when you have listened to your gut feeling/intuition or inner voice is when you have had your best moments, your best choices, your best encounters and that is just a fact, because you have been able to listen to your true self instead of paying attention to what the voice of the public/society/external approval or ego is driving you to do!

When, you let that external chatter guide your decisions, often times you have been choosing the wrong path and ended up regretting it!

Therefore, the next time you feel that craving need of being right, of showing off, of proving someone else something thinks it more than twice before you really listen to that voice and instead follow your own wiser advisor that has a true high-fidelity connection with your divine nature!

2. Your Playbook of Lessons. Here I’m referring to your whole experience in life with situations that can be similar, with memories that might guide you through a blindfold message, with your struggles, hardships and moments that you let yourself be driven impulsively by emotions, recklessly trying to beat someone or something but without really questioning if you really wanted the end result or even enjoying the experience.

If we really be committed to develop a wiser memory of past experiences that have happened to us and have been disappointing, we wouldn’t make so many mistakes over and over again trying to see if something different will be obtained with the same “plays” or with the same set of behaviors, when the obvious answer would be “never”.

In order to obtain a different result, you should always try to approach the situation with a different mindset, a wiser point of view and a detachment of emotional load!

We really have the answers to most of our life’s questions, we certainly know what to do in many events, encounters or situations but we lack the one key ingredient, which is love for ourselves, trust in our judgement and courage to execute the decisions that need to be made!

Hence, the next time that you find yourself in a crossroad, just breathe, take some time and try to see the situation from a higher perspective than just what is in from of you! Rewind your memory database and pick the best one that fits the requirements of coming right from your inner core!

3. Your Interoceptive Wisdom. Our bodies also speak, our cells, organs, inner chemical alchemy is readily available for us to signal our three orchestra directors, your brain, your gut and your heart! Those three managers of your body, will always concentrate most of your interoceptive messages trying first to whisper, then to talk and lastly to yell at you what you should also do, even if it doesn’t refer to just your physiology or physical health, but also referring to your cognitive and emotional choices!

We do possess, a huge arsenal of wisdom inside of us, but we were never trained on how to use all the available tools and we were thought to play with the same pieces, with the same plays and with the same background noise as our parents did!

However, as an adult you’re now fully capable of spreading that library of knowledge, expand your horizons, expand your mind and become humbler to be able to also listen to the people around us that for sure is also part and an extension of our body abilities. Why? Simply, because everyone that is around you is also being lured to you by your magnetic and electric field of energy, which if you’re vibrating at a higher frequency for sure you will be attracting the right people into your life to point you in the right direction!

Finally, if you really want to discover your own inner wisdom, if you really want to start playing at a higher level and aiming for your best self! Then, you’ll need to be fully committed to owning your life, accepting what it is right now and aiming to become what you’ve always dreamed of!

Is all inside, is all “locked down” in your own nature, in your higher connection, in your right frequency, you just need to figure out when and how you want to unleash your true power that you were given since you were born! Don’t be afraid, be courageous and dare to lead your own life!

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