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Do you Want a Collective Consciousness to Heal & Thrive?

As we move on into a new phase that seems more charged with a different kind of energy in spite of the turmoil that news or media outlets are trying to create! We need to start empowering ourselves to pay more attention to what we want to believe!

We ought to be more aware and awake to see all the signals when some type of information is driving us towards a path we don't want to visit or to feel in a certain way just because we were weak to believe what "everybody" in those platforms were complaining about, were creating a toxic bubble of low vibrations just to spread the bad vibes that create more chaos and allow us to be more in the reactive mode.

In order to harness our power back, we need to start understanding how our brains work in terms of processing those kind of emotions! And to begin that path you need to be ready to have an open mindset, a will to embrace the change and an eagerness to be part of the new movement that is already being developed, that we can certainly perceive it if we're in the correct paths and creating the right set of vibrations!

Our brain is mainly formed in three sets of major divisions (of course inside of these major categories there's a realm of structures) that for the purpose of having more ease and clarity to understand them I will be as simple as possible:

The First part of the Brain and the more ancient one is the primitive brain or better known as Reptilian Brain. Composed of the basal ganglia (striatum) and brainstem, is involved with primitive drives related to thirst, hunger, sexuality, and territoriality, as well as habits and procedural memory (like putting your keys in the same place every day without thinking about it or riding a bike). It is pretty rigid and compulsive. (1,2).

The Second Major part of the Brain, is the paleomammalian (old mammal) brain or better known as the Limbic Brain or Emotional Brain. Includes the hypothalamus, hippocampus, amygdala, and cingulate cortex, is the center of our motivation, emotions, and memory, including behavior such as parenting. It can record memories of behavior that produced agreeable and disagreeable experiences, so it is responsible for what are called ‘emotions’ in human beings. This is the part of the brain where we fall in and out of love, and bond with others. It is the core of the pleasure system or reward system in humans.

The limbic brain is the seat of the beliefs and value judgments we develop, often unconsciously, that exert such a strong influence on our behavior.

The limbic system contains six main parts – the thalamus, hypothalamus, pituitary gland, amygdala, hippocampus, nucleus accumbens and the VTA. Here are what they do.

The thalamus is the switchboard operator of our brain. Any sensory information (except for smell) that comes into our bodies goes to our thalamus first and the thalamus sends the information to the right parts of our brain to get processed.

The hypothalamus is the size of a coffee bean but may be the most important structure in our brain. It is involved in controlling thirst; hunger; emotions, body temperature; sexual arousal, circadian (sleep) rhythms and the autonomic nervous system and endocrine (hormone) system. In addition, it controls the pituitary gland.

The pituitary is often referred to as the ‘master gland’, because it produces hormones that control several of the other endocrine or hormone glands. It makes growth hormone, puberty hormones, thyroid stimulating hormone, prolactin and Adrenocorticotrophic Hormone (ACTH, which stimulates the adrenal stress hormone, cortisol). It also makes the fluid balance hormone called anti-diuretic hormone (ADH).

The amygdala handles some memory processing, but for the most part handles basic emotions like fear, anger and jealousy.

The hippocampus is involved in memory processing. This part of the brain is important for learning and memory, for converting short term memory to more permanent memory, and for recalling spatial relationships in the world about us.

The Nucleus Accumbens plays a central role in the reward circuit. Its operation is based chiefly on two essential neurotransmitters: dopamine which promotes desire, and serotonin whose effects include satiety and inhibition. Many animal studies have shown drugs generally increase the production of dopamine in the nucleus accumbens, while reducing that of serotonin. But the nucleus accumbens does not work in isolation. It maintains close relations with others centres involved in the mechanisms of pleasure, and in particular, with the ventral tegmental area, also called the VTA.

Located in the mid brain, at the top of the brain stem, the VTA is one of the most primitive parts of the brain. It is the neurons of the VTA that makes dopamine, which their axons then send to the nucleus accumbens. The VTA is also influenced by endorphins whose receptors are targeted by opiate drugs such as heroin and morphine. (1,2).

The Third major Component of the Brain is the Neomammalian (New Mammal) Brain or better known as Prefrontal Cortex. Consisting of the neocortex (prefrontal cortex), enables language, abstraction, reasoning, and planning.

This was the latest ‘brain’ to evolve. The cerebral cortex is divided into areas that control specific functions. Different areas process information from our senses, enabling us to see, feel, hear, and taste. The front part of the cortex, the frontal cortex or forebrain, is the thinking center of the brain; it powers our ability to think, plan, solve problems, exercise self-control and make decisions.

The neocortex first assumed importance in primates and culminated in the human brain with its two large cerebral hemispheres that play such a dominant role. These hemispheres have been responsible for the development of human language (15,000-70,000 years ago), abstract thought, imagination and consciousness. The neocortex is flexible and has almost infinite learning abilities. The neocortex is what allowed human cultures to develop. (1,2)

Once you know the assembling pieces, the major structures that participate in pretty much all your basic and of course some of the complex functions of your brain! You know are ready to embark in the journey of waking up to a more designed reality that can be shaped using the tools that you have!

So, let's start designing a new path to structure the way of a consciousness based in the main expansive idea that we are all one, that we all share the same abilities, inner tools and structures to develop the skills needed to pursue a different future! Needed to sustain the change, needed to support each other!

I humbly and firmly believe that our destiny is not shaped by randomness, is not shaped by a preset destiny but we are here in this physical, earthly experience to transcend, to evolve and to prove that we are that superior species that can start coming together, instead of finding differences, instead of fighting for superficial causes, taking out the society created separations dogmas, borders and so many limiting beliefs that they just use to manipulate some of the areas mentioned above of our brains!

In fact, all the social media platforms, as much as they were developed with a "partial purpose" of connecting people and making easier to be in touch in spite of the country, language or social class that you are! There's a clear deviation towards the ambition of profitability and of course now it has been influenced so deeply that many major investors and companies use them as their platforms to simply obtain what they want!

Just to be clear, there's nothing wrong with making a marketing business profitable, however when you're clearly biasing the information, creating unnecessary conflicts and even using them politically to bias democracy, that's not at all the purpose of the mission that they stand for!

There's plenty of proof of the type of unimaginable manipulation that we're receiving and the damaging effects in the documentary of Netflix "The Social Dilemma".

Just watching that piece of information will open your eyes to see a world that is behind the curtains of knowing you and all your inner structures better than you!

Therefore, it is time for us to also take a leading cause for our lives and start placing the attention in the real world that is slipping away every time we connect to any of those outlets of information and gadgets!

The only way to create a different kind of consciousness is to stop being selfish, to start cultivating compassion and connection with the healing waves that also are using those platforms and promote all of their services, information, courses, reflections, because also those platforms are the ones that all the people immersed in a healing journey and trying to create a wellness, balanced and compassionate society are also there!

The time has arrived know to stop complaining about the toxicity, to stop excusing about our behaviors or past, to stop envying or generating toxic emotions inside of those platforms and to finally start empowering ourselves with a different road, we are stronger that any of the investors or owners of those platforms and if we now open our eyes and engage in a commitment of knowing ourselves, creating the right set of habits we can easily and quickly shift the kind of platforms that we want and need!

And with all that responsibility also comes the side dish of detaching from the addiction to check every hour what is happening there and instead start activating our lives outside of those platforms.

Designating a schedule were we have some reasonable time to engage in the experience of social media and digital devices but with a clear conscience that it is just for a small amount of time and ideally it is also to consume positive information from the coaches, specialists, and experts that we can find there to empower more our journey! Or to connect with friends or family that are far away!

The idea is not to ban any of these ways of interactions because of course we know that they have great advantages that we just recently experienced during the pandemic and lockdown that was lived worldwide and where all of those tools were an oasis of healing information if you knew how to use them!

We certainly don't are the owners of our destiny and we control the things that our senses are being exposed to, hence we can really start using our third part of the brain the prefrontal or neocortex and use it for our benefit to construct new neural pathways that support the conscious awakening that we certainly are going to live, the more people we engage in this journey, the easier it will be to expand the wave of positive, healing, wellness, science, spirituality, compassion and love that we want to promote in this new stage that is already being lived!

We all going to remember 2020 as a year that shifted our lives either to positive consequences, if we want to or to the negative loops if you also decide to play the role of the victim and stay in the primitive stages of just using your two more primitive brains, your reptilian brain to survive and your emotional brain to justify and validate the victim state!

Instead I humbly and happily invite you to join me together with all the agents of change that you might already be following or know about to create a huge expansive wave of healing energies, to come together as One Whole Community of Human Beings that are here cohabitating this planet and that if you're already in this Wellness path you will certainly resonate and agree that we need more of this feelings, more of this emotions, more of this content were we can cultivate the birth of New Consciousness Paradigm that will reign for an eternity of time!





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