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Restoring Balance: The Power of Hope!

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Just a year and some months back everyone of us was excited to enter a new decade, we had so many hopes, dreams, plans and things to achieve or change. Now, probably many of those plans have to be re-scheduled, many of those dreams have to be reshaped, many of those things you were planning to achieve have acquired a new meaning, but the hope that everything will be fine and we all get through this tough times never has to cease, in fact now is the time where you can also show your adaptive and transforming abilities.

If we stop paying attention for a few days to the news, to the outlets, to the toxic information by harnessing and reclaiming our mental balance into a positive wave of hope, into a positive wave of thoughts, we will surely raise the vibration, first of ourselves, second of the people around us, third of the country we live in, fourth of the continent, and fifth of the whole world!

Instead of being an easy pray for the agenda of mainstream media, we can turn back every programming message, which all around the world is already making progress, trying to now adjust your job to what you want and not only to what your employer demands! If you already gave in towards an imposition (vaccination) now it is time for them to give in and realize that every employee counts and without the people their service, product or investment simply will plumet to the ground! We live in a world of dualities, we are surrounded by many examples of balance that should have called our attention long before a virus came to wake us up! We had several "small" attention calls, other more severe screams for help from nature, but we didn't listen to any of them. Therefore, stronger measures had to appeared, because we all contributed to generate them, it is not a time to look for guilty people or individuals, because in the end, if there were some, we allowed them to do what they did, by choosing them to rule a country, by choosing to support decisions that we knew where not in the best interest and we many times let ourselves be carried away by selfishness, by greed, by materialistic desires that deep down in our heart and intuition we know they are not the best decisions. Now, is time to face the consequences, but ironically it is also where the ignition power of hope begins, as much as we have been able to construct materialistic empires of wealth, technology, medical advancements, or even spatial breakthroughs, we for sure can be smart enough to think of solutions to amend our mistakes, in terms of the damage that we have caused to nature, to wild animals, to messing and poking realms that are there to sustain a particular and specific balance. In order for any of us to feel well, for instance, let's use a trivial example, picture yourself being invited to a fancy dinner, everything is very elegant, is an event for your company that you've been expecting, there will be delicious food, soft music to set the mood of people to feel comfortable, of course you can't miss the wine, champagne, cocktails and any kind of luring beverage that you would like to imagine. You are having a blast in that party/dinner, you ate amazingly delicious and you drank plenty of cocktails, glasses of wine and why not some of champagne mixing them up! Additionally you end up chatting, eating and even dancing as of 4:00 am of the next day. Can you picture how are you going to feel the next day? First, let's start with the simple consequences, because you didn't sleep at the next day, your body will be completely exhausted, dry and giving you a hard time in terms of the thoughts, emotions and even pain that you will experience. Second, due to the amount of alcohol that you ingested, the terrible mixed that you did, and the obvious effects of this substance in our body, you will probably experience nausea, vomiting, headache, and even stomachache. Third, due to the amount as well of food, and with the help of alcohol, your body will expel plenty of that food, even if you think you chose the healthiest appetizers and dishes, why? Very simple, it was an excess of food that you're usually not ingesting, as well as the time of the day that you ate them. All of these symptoms, arose from the fact that you were not thoughtful and mindful about all the choices you did while you were having fun, however your body is so extremely amazing, efficient, resilient to your oblivious and reckless behavior, that many of the consequences such as the headache, nausea, vomit, dehydration and complete depletion of energy are safety measures for your body to restore everything to balance. Most likely you won't be able to eat for at least another 8 to 10 hours, that is the way your body is cleaning itself from the excess of food and alcohol, for sure you will be very thirsty but you will only tolerate pure water, and later maybe some ionic mixture (hydrating serum) to restore your minerals and salts, to help your body start pumping your metabolic pathways and creating energy from your storage fuels. The headache and depletion of energy are just additional symptoms of the dehydration and your body using all of its fuel to fix the mess that you did the night before. Well, I hope, that by the middle of the "trivial" and everyday example that I gave you, you have picked the message that what you did to your body during that night, is what we have been doing to nature, over and over again! Hence we are now, suffering more common symptoms of nature, that is trying to do its best, with all of its tools in order to repair all the damage that we have caused for practically 400 years, or more! It was about time that it had to find a way to cease the pain and allow us to stay at peace. Nevertheless, by witnessing and just helping our memory to pick many of the symptoms of the earth, we know, we trust and we believe that it can be repaired! Because, there's a higher power, call it God/Jehovah/Buddha/Universe, etc; that is wiser, and that is just supervising and in charge of caring for us, but it also expect that we can cooperate and show our beautiful planet that we are worthy, we can be a lot more compassionate, loving and empathic with it! In the end, we all want the same thing, and I bet that by this time almost everyone is having the same intentions and thoughts, which I will dare to say that it is to heal, that we all want for the virus to stop spreading, that we all wish that our frontliners (physicians, nurses, cleaning personnel, and everyone that can't stop their essential work) will endure, will strive and will succeed to maintain and restore the health to the ones that are sick! Well, all the positive thoughts, emotions, behaviors and empathy that we're already generating is the belief system that we have to strengthen, is the belief shield that will guide us to pursue one common goal! And in my humble wish, I think that we all want to live a more living, joyous, shared, and empathic life without boundaries, without restrictive or even dumb discriminative behaviors, just because we have a different way of living our lives, just because we are of different color of skin, just because we have different religious or political beliefs, etc.! We now recognize that we were all created with the same energy, we were all created with the same set of traits and abilities to pursue the same values, in spite of having a very different style to express them! Whenever we feel that we did something wrong, there's a slight and subtle voice of consciousness that right after we realize we screw it up, that voice is there to make you feel aware, to make you react, to help you restore a balance in the situation! Following that line of thought, to restore the balance of something you did wrong, or something you said that hurt someone, you should then apologize, amend your action and perform some restoring measures to bring back the situation and trust, to a comfortable level again! Well, as simple as that sounds, that exactly where all should be aiming for right now, coming together to first showing our gratitude and forgiveness for nature, by concentrating our energy into a single beam of light and energy vibration, that is so powerful that it can travel from the farthest place, to combine with the other thoughts of gratitude and love, in order to create an amazing expansion reaction that breaks the layers of fear, separation, isolation and doubt that many people are letting to be surrounded with! Let's switch gears here a little bit, to the amazing power that our body and immune system have, here's another short story to relate to... We all have felt in our lives when we are celebrating our birthday, a success, a promotion or whatever event that comes to your life a sensation of wholeness, a sensation of being accepted, of being complete, of having all that you need! Even if it last for a few minutes, hours, or in the best case scenario days! During that time I bet, and you can recall any kind of event, that internally you feel strong, complete, joyful, grateful and alive! Thus, all of that cascade of emotions that you're generating inside of you, if we could take you a tube of blood and measure your immune cells and some specific markers (immunoglobulins), the result would for sure tell us that you have a perfect healthy and strong immune system! Also, if you go back in time, I'm sure that at one of those multiple events where you have felt really grateful, joyful and happy, even if there was someone close to you that would be sick, you wouldn't even notice, and of course you were not infected with anything that he/she had, Why? Because your mind, your emotions had another type of vibration, another type of energy, that energy is the one we need to generate now for ourselves! Your immune system is stronger than what you give credit for, most of the people older than 5 years of age or even less have been in contact with viruses and bacteria, and we're surrounded by them, in fact we're more bacteria than human, our population of bacterial cells in the gut is higher than the amount of cells we have, hence we already have memory of being in contact with many of these pathogens! So, whenever you become afraid for some kind of toxic information that you saw, or for the amount of small talk that sometimes is in the environment, get out of that fear, and get back in your line of thought that gives you hope, that gives you trust, and that you know and believe is true for you! You're stronger than any kind of virus, of course that doesn't mean you are going to go against the hygiene rules, but you won't be excessively triggered by the wave of toxic information and become afraid! You will reclaim your attention, breathe and start closing your eyes, connecting with your heart, to create a strong wave of coherent and congruent thoughts, that will almost immediately start signalling your brain and your whole body to produce health! Remember that the meaning of the word health, means "to make whole", it is an innate ability within us, it is our true nature, you just have to be reminded of it every time, you have a thought of fear! I believe that the majority of people, even if they don't want to admit it right away, were longing for a little break, for a breathe from routine, or were simply using excuses to not do something that they know they had to do, because they didn't have time! Guess what, your wishes were now the command from the Universe! You know have a break from your routine, you now have time, now you can generate patience, and now you can engage with one, two or three things that were waiting for you to take them more seriously! For the ones that love to find more excuses than solutions! Even if you didn't had something pending in your to do's list, you could surely use some of your time now to start developing awareness and clarity of your life! Take the last emotions that you felt, during the last days or weeks, before this pandemic was declared, use those emotions to be your starting point to work for a better outlook of your life, if you were exhausted or drain of energy, reflect what were the things that you were not doing right, such as eating poorly, not having a good sleep, being too sedentary! Start creating an action plan that you can even begin to test, to incorporate healthier set of routines or rituals even if they're now short, eating better, more mindfully, getting some motion for your body even if you start with 15 minutes but try to do it a little but intense so you feel the benefits, if you have a hard time to meditate, journal, or just close your eyes with a beautiful piece of classical music or nature sounds and set your mind to a clearer path in terms of your job or work that you do! Above all, feel grateful, feel the confidence that we all are together helping you to overcome this situation, believe that you can access a higher version of yourself, this is just a fall that had to come, so that you prove you can back up again and regain strength and resilience that will definitely make you a higher version that for sure will keep renewing and that it will more full with love, compassion, empathy and coherence for a better world! #hope #live #connect #coherence #energy #intelligence #emotion #feeling #power #healing #beliefs #environment #behaviors #insights #thrive #attention #responsibility #commitment #empower #heart #body #mind #spirit #Ortega #davidortegab

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