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How Do You Enhance & Protect Your Perception?

In a season of incongruencies, contradictions, biased information, untrusted sources, one of the most important tasks that we have is protecting our mind from all the content that just want to control our perception, that wants to lead you to become weaker, divisive and permissive!

One of your best assets as a human being is questioning what is happening, arriving to your own conclusions, using curiosity like children to better rationalize what is the best avenue to take in terms of the decisions that you're taking. If you're smart enough, most likely you have already acquired the power of being more conscious that every decision that you have taken in your life has shaped the way you're living and it will keep giving you either an environment to thrive or a toxic environment to survive and simply pass the time!

I dare to point out that no one in this planet, wanted to experience a life full of confusion, struggle, hardship and victimhood! Hence, if you came to this physical experience to enjoy it, to live it fully, to heighten your present moments, then what are you waiting to become the owner of your perception?

What are you willing to do, to shield, strengthen and open your mind?

If we want to succeed in the future picture of the world that is being shaped, our mind has to be a priority in terms of having an acute sense of awareness, a more strategic sense of consciousness as well as the ability to self-regulate our environment to shield our senses from the toxic information flow that is being launched with more purpose to control each time more and more your emotions, opinions and even make you doubt about your own abilities to heal!

The hierarchical organization of information processing gives rise to the time dependence and subjectivity of motivation. If motivation were a vector, its length would represent the amplitude or intensity of pursuit, and the angle of the vector would represent its focus on a specific goal. An uncanny ability to automatically (independent of consciousness) reorients itself against disturbances imposed on it by the environment forms the basis of the mind's homeostatic regulation (1).

As presented by the above idea of picturing our motivation as a simple straight line, of certain magnitude (vector), if we just let our consciousness of things out of the equation, chances are that we will be lured towards the direction that the information that you're consuming will take you! Meaning, that you'll be one more asset to the wishes or goals that the "puppeteers" want you to be!

You'll live your life drifting from shore to shore trying to accommodate your life to someone else's expectations, comparing yourself with what the social media presents you, feeling frustrated because you don't seem to have an objective in life but of course dressing up every day with a fake smile and three words that will allow you to move in the society without anyone questioning anything about you, your three favorite words will be "I am fine".

Additionally, some of the symptoms that you will also experience at your job will be: you're not feeling motivated by what you're doing or achieving, developing a deep sense of defeat towards implementing ideas that you think can make things easier for you and your peers, but that can't be taken into account because it is all already written and there for you to follow instructions!

In terms of the relationships that you can already have or look to cultivate, you also can feel that sense of alienation if you abide with the same stereotypes and standards that your circle is having, therefore, most likely you'll end up adjusting your life to please others in spite of neglecting your own values and uniqueness just with the small and limited mindset of fitting in!

All of these kinds of experiences will have a permissive effect in your psyche that day by day can shape a personality that serves the purpose of anyone but not your own inner desires. Which eventually, will end up sinking you more and more in the swamp of toxic, chaotic and diminishing emotions that for sure start to develop a sense of anxiety, dependence, depression and sadness about your life!

Self-determination theory (SDT) considers competence, which is protected by a restorative response, a basic psychological need for well-being. Any adaptive change in the brain will minimize free-energy (prediction error, cost).

The stability of the inner world of consciousness forms the resting-state networks (RSNs). In the absence of stimuli, mind-wandering, autobiographical memory, future thinking, and introspection integrate motor and sensory information into an abstract model of the world. The constancy of the self depends on the stability provided by the resting state, which is maintained independently of conscious awareness (1).

It is about time that we understand that intention, motivation, and confidence are self-generated assets or abilities that we need to cultivate and as mentioned above, they rest in the amount of expansion, awareness and habits that you have invested towards forming a different resting state that can either impulse your life or take you down a spiral of negativity, sadness and anxiety!

All the work that you have done or not done towards building a more reliable and strong routine will allow you to have more confidence in your resting state of your mind, a lot more reliable habits and of course a pool of neurotransmitters ready to ignite your motivation at any point in time.

It is in those difficult, challenging moments that you have to use your full power from within to allow yourself to come out successful, healthier and more motivated to guide your life towards a higher purpose!

Instead, when you let your inner world just be confused, stagnant and mediocre just because you’re “too busy” satisfying other people’s expectations then chances are your resting mental state will not have too much power, stamina and chemical allies to allow you to thrive and that’s one of the main reasons why people get more stuck in life after a challenge has been presented to them!

Adaptation, is one of the biggest key words that have impulse us towards time, through any season, in between turmoil and is the driver of how we allow our brains to develop wiser, stronger and more expansive neural connections. In addition to that, your adaptive responses will also create inner resilience in you that literally will twine a stronger net to fall back during changing times.

If after all these transitions that we recently lived, there are some silver lining messages, they should be the fact that the more you invest time to reflect, pause and question your own life and your decisions the better and more experienced you will become for any future challenge! Whether the puppeteers think they can control your mind or not, is their own karmic decisions, you should always try to focus more in your own inner world in order to make it so reliable, strong and aware that allows you to see the bigger picture in any given moment and take quick but conscious decisions to protect your own mind and inner peace!

High signal complexity (entropy) of the default mode network (DMN) appears to be crucial for cognitive function and the maintenance of mental health. Resting neuroimaging signals show that fluid access to variable neural states predicts complex behavioral performance and intellectual capacity. An almost equal likelihood occurrence of ripples of activations (representing microstates) represents high resting entropy. Although resting thoughts are fleeting, the high degrees of freedom grant the ability to produce almost any thought (1).

As imagined, the more prepared you’re in terms of challenging your mind towards facing and solving complex scenarios, training your mind and allowing yourself to pursue a higher ground, the easier it will be for you to face those entropy (chaos, uncertainty) scenarios that will be more constant during these periods of transition.

The world is being reshaped, one more time, and it should be now more than ever in your radar that your mental health, performance and bouncing ability to be on your feet again, will be dependent on how much you build your activations phases, how creative you allow yourself to design your own routines to build those “microstates” mentioned above to rely when needed and to instead of obsessively monitoring your thoughts, simply enhance your ability to switch them towards a more growth, positive and vibrant mindset to also match your vibrations (emotions) that will tune in with your higher-self connection to open your paths towards an abundance cycle instead of a crisis, victim experience!


1. Déli, E., & Kisvárday, Z. (2020). The thermodynamic brain and the evolution of intellect: the role of mental energy. Cognitive Neurodynamics, 1-14.

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