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How Can You Enhance Your Healing Power?

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

In a season where you should have realized that your health is the most precious thing that you possess, letting yourself be guided by your inner messages is the most important asset that you have!

Thinking that something external is going to give you the health that you're looking for should be already in your past, forgotten and left behind!

The new consciousness wave is aligned with your guiding systems that include your inner voice, intuition, signaling mechanisms and interoceptive skills that by now you should know what we're talking about!

Interoception is your ability to listen your body, to be attune and interpret the messages that your body is giving you! Whether it is taking a break, breathing, meditating, journaling, walking or simply allowing yourself to be in stillness or having more sleep! Your body is always speaking with you! But have you listened to it?

In spite of a huge shaking call that should have raised the attention for preventive health, investing more time in trying to find relaxing moments, rituals, bringing more balanced in our lives! Many individuals still resist the obvious path of knowing more about their inner mechanisms, identifying more when they need a simple break, having clarity in what they want and paying attention to their emotional thermometer that is right there giving them clues on how do they feel!

But the mainstream noise, propaganda and numbing addiction for digital distractions is also competing for the attention! Thus, who will it prevail? the voice, energy and consciousness of your soul or the chaos, distractions and incongruency of the "toxic influencers"?

As usual the ball is in your court! You're the one taking the choices, you're the one having the awareness, consciousness and love for yourself! No one else knows more about you than yourself!

The only thing you can start doing is walking the path that you have been trying to avoid for your whole life, being disciplined, having congruency, creating motivation and start with the most powerful force that will allow you to turn the engines on! Love is the most powerful energy that needs to start coming from you and start impregnating your inner self in order for you to be able to fall in love with yourself, approaching all your amazing internal features, being amazed and surprised by all the inexplicable changes that you can allow for energy to be first an electrical impulse (thought) and then be transformed into a chemical signature through the decodifying blueprint that you have within you named DNA!

Then this amazing molecule created and synthesized by your genetic code will in turn trigger, signal and collaborate with your receptors (antenna) that will allow the gates to be open into the atomic and microcellular world that will start to translate these signal into a cascade of instructions that will coordinate the initiation path of a metabolic pathway that will start to produce huge amounts of energy, second messengers and all the other intermediate molecules needed to complete the journey of producing a major effector sequence which is providing you with the correct protein needed, giving you energy, translating the chemical instructions into movement and actions, which will also in turn transform the chemical message to an electrical one in order to produce a different effect in your brain! All these kinds of processes and electrochemical exchange of information is constantly happening within you and you're the director of the orchestra with the power of your mind.

That's why whenever you start trying to outsource the blame towards something or someone external, that is just a learned survival behavior that has been encouraged since the beginning of societies and upgraded by more manipulative groups that have always wanted to make you think that you're not powerful enough of solving, designing and creating your own life!

During all the most recent events if you really have paid attention in a more critically constructive way, then for sure you have been able to witness all the contradictions, lies, manipulations and desperate biasing ways to try to lead people towards becoming easily accessible to being tracked, monitored or searchable taking away almost every human right that has been defended and instituted before!

What are all these chaotic and disruptive events provoking in the psyche of people?

I believe you also have been witnessed or are already yourself prey of the consequences of these low frequencies and toxic energies!

Anxiety, depression, deficit of attention, foggy brain, adrenal fatigue which of course are just a secondary effect of the impressive amounts of stress that people is being put up with!

Nevertheless, there's a solution that will allow you to recalibrate, balance and enhance all your internal healing assets and it is not as complicated as you will imagine.

Hence, let's start by giving you a bullet proof strategy to shield your mind and avoid as much as possible the draining effects of this season, that we are all living and at some points even suffering them:

  • As much as possible avoid news that are not related to the immediate mobility or attention that you need to solve a specific or any particular issue that you need the external feedback;

  • Design in your everyday routine a ritual that allows to start your days connected with you, listening to how you feel and of course giving you a simple treat that can be a meditation exercise, a physical routine or a small reading time of something that sets your mood towards a positive mindset!

  • Create a compromise with your body to have a nutritious set of meals as well as allowing you to space them out in order to leave your organs rest, process and absorb all the nutrients that you need! Remember that everything that you're consuming is also impacting the way you feel!

  • Through your working day, design breaks, take small pauses every hour of work! Your brain needs these pit stops (like a race car) to breathe, oxygenate more and detoxify from the stress hormones!

  • Prioritize the way you're approaching your work goals, keep in mind that your work load will always be there and hopefully there will always be something to work on the next day! Therefore, put first the urgent matters and focus on a single item! Remember that a very small percentage of people can really handle more than one thing at a time and the brain of every human works best of you allow the focus on single things!

  • Have a wide view of your day in terms of feeling more your inner signals, voices and intuition messages to also have a space to fully interact with your family, having some moments of play, leisure and joy!

  • At the end of your day, integrate a simple quick practice of 10 to 15 minutes to meditate, breathing exercises, taking a short walk trying to relax and detoxify your emotions to let go the toxic messages, emotions and interactions that you had with people that you detected had some negative influence with you or in your environment!

  • Being more proactive in the way you interact with your body, mind and spiritual realm is extremely important to sustain your long-term health, aiming to avoid using any kind of pharmaceutical aids permanently or living with some sort of disability!

In the end, the main idea of all of these reflections trying to own your creator role, activating your creative powers, committing with yourself to develop simple but disciplined ways of having the best time during this physical experience! Thinking also in the near and long future scenery that you want to experience and taking a more proactive role, instead of surviving, reacting and just putting off fires every time you develop a new illness or certain chronic disease!

We can't keep living the irresponsible kind of life that many were choosing because that is not just damaging your own health but it is also having an impact in the kind of health care that you will need from your family, the expenses that you will start to develop and the impact to the community or society that you're going to need from the healthcare system of your country as well as the victim role that you will live in terms of the productivity, happiness and emotions spread to the people around you! And not just to them but to all the people that is also in contact with you!

It's time to think in the broader picture which will give a more coherent, congruent and compassionate way of treating yourself, your closest environment, your family and the community were you're growing up!

Step up to your new life and turn on all the engines to see and materialize what you're capable of!

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