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How to Protect Your Attention and Heal?

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Do you believe you have control over your attention? How often do you find yourself being drifted away from what you want to do?

With the advent of new digitalized systems, technology and an extremely number of stimuli we often lose track of how many times our attention is being hijacked by these devices or electronic ways of stimuli! Those powerful systems, that date from over 20 years ago in our lives, are now paying off for the creators of them!

Of course, it is pretty obvious what is the purpose of them, if you are not so immersed in the programmed mindset of them! Their primary objective is to program your mind, know you better than yourself and give you exactly "what you need" at the "right time" to ease your craving dopamine cycles.

If we already knew that many of these phenomena were going to happen, probably we would have been more selective in what kind of information we would look for, however there's just a false expectation that you are "free", why? Because these extremely well-built architectures are improving day by day, creating an intertwined digital network that suddenly takes you away to the mainstream noise, sends you pop-up messages and eventually making you click in "the product", service or entertainment that they want to place for you! Even though you might think that you are choosing it!

This is not to scare you away of technology, as it now part of our lives, but this is just to make you aware, that you need to dedicate more time to yourself and knowing your inner architecture, in order to pay attention to some addictive behaviors or simply to harness your attention back to where you want it to be placed!

There are many underlying symptoms that will come out from these kind of behaviors, such as having very low levels of energy, becoming suddenly anxious, adopting other type of toxic habits such as binge eating, watching too much trash content, having extreme difficulties to control your mood and of course more internally disrupting your internal clocks (circadian rhythms), raising your blood sugar levels, developing insulin resistance and also altering your blood pressure to mention some of the most common physiological side effects.

We all have witnessed what happened through this couple of years, and now more than ever we saw the immense power of how the noisy news, a rare disease marketed to stress you, to make you think it was stronger than what it really was, and to implement a "convenient" vaccination scheme all around the world, was the underlying agenda!

While many digital changes were being implemented as fast as possible, economies were also being shaped to become completely digitalized, more controlled and tracked, and pretty soon even a brain chip is almost available, to just make you less human, more machine and a lot easier to be driven towards whatever these wealthy people want!

All the stress symptoms that are being caused now by the digital world, are not a random side effect, as many of these corporate companies tried to manipulate the way we ate by imbuing our senses with a huge number of commercial ads through the tv with junk food and sugar addiction to slowly take you to the levels of disease that their partners (pharma industries) needed for you to buy their "lifesaving" choices!

Every single step is just evidently drawn from the sole purpose of controlling more your biology, your senses and by default your attention!

However, there's a workaround strategy that you can just start to implement in your life and it is easier than many of these companies marketing the "magic pills" have made it appear. Relying on small steps to start changing the toxic habits that you have and implementing a safe protocol to detach from digital devices whenever you can will be now the healthier path to live a peaceful, tranquil and less noisy life!

Therefore, one of the main things that you can start doing is just creating a series of simple questions to allow you to become aware of what is happening inside of you? So, let's begin with some very simple curious questions that can start to turn on your most powerful brain structure, your prefrontal cortex, and reason more from a conscious standpoint anything that is being felt or any underlying messages!

  • Is this information really fulfilling a purpose?

  • Why I'm losing time watching this?

  • How I am feeling?

  • Is this the way I want to invest my time?

  • What would be the byproduct of paying attention and investing time from this content?

  • What is the purpose of this ad, commercial, link, person, event?

  • Can I simply dig a little deeper to know that this is real?

  • How does my body and brain work to heal from this?

  • Is this repetitive line of thought mine or is it taking me somewhere productively or to heal?

These questions will become very helpful once you find yourself in any kind of toxic loop thought or when you you're letting some emotions be triggered due to some external outcome, news or thing that you have listened.

It is also extremely important to recognize that you're not alone in these types of experiences, more and more people fall into these misguided messages, into these toxic environments when suddenly they realized they have feeling bad for days, weeks or even months without being conscious that all of those thoughts, emotions and feelings and just from the environment and not from themselves.

If you ever have used headphones to listen music and isolate from any kind of noisy environment, this is exactly what you're going to do! You will be more attune to the kind of thoughts, emotions and feelings that you are developing during a day and pay more attention to where have you been, with whom you have been talking or what have you been watching?

Another simple way of allowing all these chaotic states to wear off from you and practically changing your inner chemistry is simply doing exercise or physical activity. Exercise has proved over and over that can take you out from any kind of mental illness with the support of other therapies and without having to take any kind of medications.

Being more aware of the food you're consuming is something to place your attention as well, we know also by several evidence of research that processed food and sugary products will raise the threshold of dopamine for a while making you feel better, momentarily, but crashing your internal hormone balance and neurotransmitters taking you in a matter of the next three hours to a lower place than the one you were feeling before and feeding again the toxic cycle.

Many of these external devices and noisy environment is just a fake cage designed to shake your inner health and lure you into a world that has been created to make you powerless, unsafe and desperate but remember that no one can take away your perception that is the predecesor of your attention!

If you start using curiosity as your biggest help to turn on your awareness and start being more conscious, then you will be able to surpass all these fake obstacles and sustain your attention in the things that you want to learn, create and feel!

There are also certain cues in your physiology and biology that you can take advantage of such as:

  • Noticing how is your heart rhythm;

  • The level of energy that you're having;

  • How your mood has been shifting of being stable?

  • How rested do you feel when you wake up?

  • Have you had any problems with your libido?

  • What is your attitude towards seeing people again and what kind of people do you want to look for?

  • Do you feel with energy to read, journal or reflect about what is happening with you?

  • Are you afraid to look back to your life?

  • Are there any kind of past experiences that have been presenting to you while awake or in your sleep?

  • Isolate three to five type of repetitive messages that you have been having

I gladly and humbly invite you to try this new approach and do it day by day, without any kind of pressure, just be compassionate with yourself, allow you some grace and at any moment in time that you find yourself being driven by toxic thoughts and emotions. Stop, breathe, question yourself and become aware of your current state.

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